Old Dominion University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I love Old Dominion University. I am an online distance learner but I have visited the campus in Norfolk, VA and was welcomed with open arms as an ODU Monarch. The tuition is comparable, the professors are knowledgeable and compassionate, and the curriculum is challenging and thorough.


The best thing about this school is its diversity of students that come from all over the world. One thing I'd change are the types of clubs they have, I wish they had a film club for me to join (I want to do film when I grow up). There is TONS of school pride, every Friday is spirit day, there are always activities going on on campus, it's all really exciting. The school is a bit big, but right now, as a freshmen, my classes aren't in big auditoriums, I am in a class of about 20 people, so they can talk to everyone. Overall, I really like ODU.


I personally LOVE the school. When I first entered ODU as a freshman everyone was telling me there was so much to do and be involved in but I did not believe it. You have to explore if you want to get the most out of your college experience!


Old Dominion University is definitely a school that is unassuming. Most people who are familiar with the university think of it as either an escape from Northern VA or just a commuters school for those who live in the Hampton Roads area. However, living on campus provides an experience that is deeper than what it seems on the surface. There are so many activities held and plenty of student organizations that provide a multitude of ways to meet people and dive more into your interests while simultaneously exploring more about yourself. The best thing about ODU is that there is always a place where you feel like you belong, whether it is an organization, club, your fellow peers, or even just the people you live on the same floor with, there are always bonds to be formed and held together.


Overall, I think Old Dominion University is pretty great. I love how diverse this school is, and I've had some really good professors. (And some bad ones, but I think the good wins out.) The one thing I would like most to change about this school is the parking situation for commuters. My first year here, I could usually find a parking space without much trouble, but there were a few times where I had to check more than one parking garage. This year, however, they closed two parking lots completely and made one of the commuter garages a garage for people who live on-campus only. Now it's almost impossible to find a parking space unless you park on the edge of campus or show up at 8 in the morning. Overall, Old Dominion University is great! Except for when you're trying to park.


The best thing about Old Dominion University is the diversity. Like the real world, the students here come in contact with professors and classmates from all over the world. ODU is one of the larger schools, but it is not too big. Even the professors that have over 200 students per class take the time to help during their office hours. Everyone always hangs out in the Webb Center. It has the cafeteria and several other food options. Their is always a program going on that you would find interesting. School pride is very important here. We stand by our teams at all times and make ALL schools feel like a rival. ODU is the perfect mix of great fun and great academics.


I personally feel that Old Dominion University is the best school in Virginia. The school has an incredibly diverse student body, the perfect location, and an enormous amount of spirit. The school is large enough to feel like a big university and it is constantly expanding; however, it is also located between quiet family-oriented neighborhoods and the busy downtown so it has a comfortable feel to it despite its large size. The university has only had a football team for a few years but that has only increased our Monarch Pride; additionally, our mascot, Big Blue, won the Capitol One Mascot of the Year Challenge.Not only are athletics the talk of the town, Old Dominion is well-known for its various academic programs, as well as its dedicated faculty and staff who are all about student engagement and success.


Going to college costs a fortune and luckily for me, a student who is paying their entire tuition(no parent help), ODU is extremely helpful. If you are a student who needs financial aid, I would recommend getting you FAFSA in they day it is available, probably around January. You will have more chances to receive money for tuition. The commuter parking is one of the most frequent student complaints. I arrive at 830 am Mon-Fri and have a good parking spot, but after 9am-1pm parking can sometimes take ten minutes to find.


I absolutly love ODU! I love everything about it! I mean it's in the middle of the city and by water at the same time! Can't get any better than that! The professors to whatever they can to help; they genuinely want to see students do well but will make you work for it. Students here all come together and its awesome to see; we are all like one big happy family!


Starting answering! close to VA beach, food is terrible this year, love chick-fil-a, classes are to full, nobody know about odu or where its at, don't even know the administration, safety is a big concern, some school pride, love snow cuase everyone is scared of it and classes are cancelled.


My overall opinion of ODU is that at first it was an okay school with some crime but as the year went on the crime rate went up. My second year there has only been two reported incidents on campus. Other than the crime the frats are stupid here. The classes are alright and everything is not bad. Not the best school to go to if you are trying to get that overall "college experience."


The school is ghetto and surrounded by a violent crime ridden area. Email alerts are sent to students every week about a shootings or robberies close to the campus.


The best thing about ODU is that anything is possible whether it's a major, club, activity, sport...we have it all and if we don't, you can make one. For example, African American Studies Major was just introduced to ODU about a year ago, we just got a football team, and students with similar relgions, culture, race have their own clubs such as Fillipino American Student Association and Islamic Student Association. ODU is just minutes away from downtown Norfolk, so it's not too big but not small either. It's big enough so that you can get around and see people you normally see on a day to day bases but big enough so that you meet new people and try different things. When I tell people I go to ODU they're first reaction it "oh" I don't know if it's a bad or good oh. I think they feel that because we're not as well known as the other VA schools like UVA, VCU, VA Tech, GMU, JMU, etc. We're just "some" other school. But I have alot of pride for ODU and I will rep ODU forever I have much love for my school and I don't care what others may think because they don't know becuase they don't go there. Recently, I got a radio show at ODU- WODU Radio. I spend alot of time up there it's T.V/Radio so you can see what we're doing on ODU cable T.V. on campus/dorms or listen online at woduradio.com. I love it up there we've had awesome celebrities stop by. Just this year we've had Pleasure P, N.E.R.D, Chrisette Michele, Wale, Jadakiss, Electrik Red, Bruthas, Young Steff, and so many more! ODU is bringing football back and our first game is on September 5, 2009. I can't wait! Shoutouts to the football team- they're some talented and very nice and smart guys, I got to know alot of them. Once a month we have this thing at the student center called ODU After Dark. It's a weekend night we're there's fun and games, music, free food and activities. Some of the past recent themse have been casino night, carnival, wild west, halloween, etc. It's alot of fun and it's free to the students and almost the whole campus comes out. It's usually from 8-12midnight.