Old Dominion University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who is not dedicated to there studies and is not going to make the best out of the experience.


In no way would I discourage anyone to go to this fabulous university, however Old Dominion University has a certain student type that not every person would appreciate. For one, the population of Old Dominion seems to be heavily influenced with black men and women. I am black, therefore I do not have a problem with this yet some people might. Another reason this university would not be ideal for everyone is it is in the "ghetto" and that may not appeal to everyone. I will say this though, the parties on campus are fantastic.


This is a diverse school. Everyone is welcome!


The kind person who shouldn't attend ODU is one who isn't willing to study or be responsible for his or her life. Going to college is no simple task. It can be very expensive, and the work can be stressful and difficult. If someone isn't willing to study then he or she will struggle something terrible in class and most likely fail, wasting precious time, materials, and money. Also, attending college is a time when people are expected to become adults. If one decides to shirk responsibility and be imprudent, he or she will definitely regret it.


Everyone should attend ODU because it's so diverse that regardless of race, ethnicity, color, etc you will be able to fit in.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is a lazy one!


This school is very diverse, so that being said anyone could go to this school as long as they are studious. Anyone could adjust here because of the many different events, clubs and cultures that it has.


The type of individual that should attend Old Dominion University should be a person that has courage, heart,smart mind and is enthusiastic.


All kindds of people are welcome here.


It is hard to say what kind of person should not attend Old Dominion University. One who is from a small town with little diversity should look at other schools that are closer to their comfort zone because Old Dominion would be far from it. Those who do not like the city or having a lot going on, check out some smaller schools. If the student is not into school spirit or meeting many new, easy-going people then Old Dominion is not for them. Old Dominion offers so much, it is difficult to think of who should not attend.


The type of person that should attend this school is anyone willing to put in the effort to learn. There are many different types of people that go to school at Old Dominion University, so there is no specific type of person. Any one who wants to commute to school or live on campus should go here. It is very convient. This college has almost anything needed to succeed at school. Anyone who likes the people they went to high school with or don't mind cities should go here. Also, people who are not fortunate enough to move.


If you are a person that doesn't like wet weather. In the summer it can be very Humid and in the winter it gets pretty cold. If you don't like a lot of trees and if you dont like garage parking.


The type of person who should not attend Old Dominion University is someone who doesn't have strong beliefs in themselves and can't function alone. Just like on every campus, there are times when everyone is alone. Wether is studying for a final, doing a project, or writing an important essay. A future student should be true to their own beliefs since there are many temptations that some kids won't want to follow. If a student cannot think for themselves and just follows the crowd they find themselves with, Old Dominion University is not the school for them.


Anyone who is at all timid about neighboring violence, or community revitalization. Also, if you are not completely independent and self-reliant you should go to a more nurturing school.


People who do not like the city. Old Dominion is located along Hampton Blvd which is very busy. But everyone is very friendly so if they can see past the city life then they should be fine.


I don't think there is any type of person that shouldn't attend this school and I think that should be the same for any University. People just need to find the right University that fits them, such as their intended major. For example, the only reason why a person should not attend any type of University, or in this case, Old Dominion University, is if they cannot find the major they wanted to pursue within the University. That's my opinion.




A person who wants to be challenged to do their best while furthering their education.


The type of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who doesn't enjoy school. ODU is a place for students to get their academics done while enjoying what they do with their professors and classmates.


Anyone really could attend ODU, its a matter of adjusting. The campus has thousands of students, many of which are not the typical college profile, just out of high school starting college. There are students that are prior military, transfer, parents, graduate, ODU is like a bigger 4 year community college. Not all of the students are exactly academically focused either, social life, parties, the regular college gossip seems to be a bigger priority than education. If you are acdemically driven and need space to study I would say ODU is not the place for you.


someone who doesn't like urban settings.


closed-minded people that do not appreciation diversity


You shoudn't attend this school if you mind being in the middle of a busy city. If you're not used to your surrounding being constantly busy, then this isn't the right school for you. Constant traffic, and always somewhat noisey. Not a very quiet school to attend.


A person would not fully enjoy this school if they were not open to a great amount of diversity in one institution. One who does not work at their major and is lacking the will power to get things done would also not be the best choice to attend this school.


A person who just wants to party and socialize without wanting to achieve anything in life.


If you are a person looking for a school with a very big campus, ODU is not the place for you. Also if you plan on applying for pharmacy program it would be recomended that you find a school with a pharmacy program because ODU does not have one.


Anyone can attend. The school is very diverse. It has the nerdy type kids that love anime, cartoons, and games and it has the jocky fraternity types. Everyone can find their comfort zone here.


Lazy, Not motivated,


People who really want to be involved in campus life should not attend this school. It is different from most colleges in that it is located in the city and students must be extremely careful at night and on the weekends. People who are short in funds should also reconsider because campus housing is expensive and off campus is also.


I personally cannot think of a kind of person that should not attend this school. Old Dominion University is great and encompasses every aspect that a college should.


If you don't like being near/in a city. Do not attend Old dominion. It has close ties with the City of Norfolk


Students who are not used to being around many people or attending a school with many students and do not adapt well to change should not attend Old Dominion University. It is a large campus with many students, and it is not possible to avoid large classes throughout your time at the university. While some students can adapt to this, or may already be used to it, some cannot and they struggle and suffer through their time here, usually transferring or dropping out.


One who expects to party all the time and not do work.


Shy students or people who really want to be challenged


Everyone should attend this school. Whatever your niche, Old Dominion University has something to suit the personalities of everyone. Introverts come out of their shells through the various campus activities and organizations around. Extroverts have a fantastic time being a part of all the activities, and getting out there to help those introverts come out of heir shells. Those that fall in between are not left out either. Old Dominion is a very diverse school, and I've met many people that hail from various countries and cultures.


Very sheltered people should not attend this school. ODU is a school in the middle of Norfolk, which may seem scary, is a little on the dangerous side right off of campus, but has its beauty. ODU is great for all of the culture (many hole-in-the-wall shops/restaurants, not a big party school, big commuter school that's becoming more of a community).


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who is looking for alot of space outdoors. The city surrounding campus doesnt provide much room for outdoor activities. It might be hard for someone who isn't used to city life to adjust to the change.


A person who is looking for a diverse college.


A type of person that should not attend this school would be one who believes that everything should be given to him. He should not attend if he does not believe in working hard to acheive his best potential. A person who does not have good work ethics or is not open minded should not attend this school either.


A person who is closed minded and does not like diversity should't attend this school.


Someone who likes the beach, the city, and suburbs all in one local area. There is lots to do on and off campus like concerts, shopping, movies, dinner, etc. There are a lot of skaters around school, but majority of the student population is a mix of every type of person; diverse.


If you have a habit of chronic procrastination and letting your grades go in the middle of the semester then you shouldn't attend Old Dominion. While there are resources at the school that can help you if you get off track for a semester, this is college. You need to learn and exert time management skills if you want to succeed as the professors are sometimes so enthusiastic that they treat their class as the most important in the university and assign students workloads with that belief in mind. This is not a big party; this is ODU.


Somebody who is scared of city life. Also, somebody who wants a good education.


Some one who wants to go to a small college.


People that are not able to accept diversity, because Old Dominion is an extremely diverse school. It is not meant for people who do not take their education seriously, because the stress of the workload will catch up with you.


A person that is not prepared to do the work.


I don't think this question really applies to me because I think that anyone was attend this school. Before I came here I was scared and my teacher made me feel better. They can relate to what I was going through. And for those who aren't into being focused about school, there are tutors here for any subject that you could think of. The hardest part is asking someone where to find it.


There is not a type of person who really is not right for this school. Almost everyone would love to be there.


Lazy individuals who don't want to work for their degree.


Students who should not attend Old Dominion are the ones that do not have a mind set in becoming a successfull person in the future. One who attends ODU is in for vigorous work and should only consider attending if one plans on having the work load. The more effort one puts into their major the more results they will get out of it.