Old Dominion University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself, that I should consider old dominion in my colleges because it is one of the best desicions I could have made for schools.


You are more powerful than you could have ever dreamed. The miracle of learning is not the facts and figures that fill the books you have yet to read, but in the experience gained amongst your teachers and fellow students. It is engaging in the act of learning with others that teaches you the most -- especially about the vital space between what is interesting and what is important. Many of your friends will drive themselves into a sleep-deprived, caffiene-fueled tizzy over exams focused on very interesting things... but you can enjoy life so much more if you invest in finding the connections, the relationships, the truly inportant stuff. Oh yeah, and have fun.


DO NOT GO TO COLLEGE YET!! You don't even know what you really want out of life yet. You think you know, yet if you give yourself a year or two, I'm sure you will have a better idea. Instead I urge you to work hard and save as much as you can for one year. Then, with those savings, travel to another continent and explore until those funds run out. Meditate upon that which you wish to CONTRIBUTE to the world. Do not think simply of a profession with which you can "keep busy". Once you have determined what it is you wish to contribute, evaluate all options towards the success of that goal. Completing two years of community college before transferring to a four year university may serve you just as well or even better than heading directly to the four year university. Do not get too attached to the people you know presently. You may limit yourself in terms of where you travel to and risk stunting your growth. Most importantly, spread Love.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I'd tell myself to keep pushing through and not get discouraged about my grades. I'd tell myself not to be stressed out over the fact that I didn't know what I wanted to major after high school and that I'd figure everything out when the time was right. That I should still apply to colleges even though I didn't have a set direction I wanted to go and even though I didn't think I would be accepted to the schools I wanted to attend because you'll never know unless you try. Apply wherever you want to, try whatever you want to, and do whatever you want to without holding back because you might surprise yourself, you might surpass your own expectations but if you don't try at all, you won't even meet your expectations.


NAlways do things ahead of schedule because something always goes wrong and trust yourself because you can do whatever you want.


I would tell myself to study very hard for my AP exam and to focus on all of my studies even more than I did. But I would also tell myself that even though things may seem hard now, things will get better. And the college life is really awesome!


I would tell myself that I shuld have done better in high school and applied for more scholarships


Reminiscing back to my senior year of high school, I remember I drove myself insane and ended up stressing over college way more than I now know I should have. If I could go back in time I would definitely reassure myself that everything would work out just fine. My biggest fear was making the wrong decision on where I was attending. I had only applied to three universities at the time and I had gotten accepted into all three. It was difficult because I felt the decision was life or death and if I ended up making the wrong choice I would regret it for the rest of my life. I would tell my high school self to stop losing sleep over making a decision, and whatever my heart decides on everything will turn out fine. As for the transition into college, I wish I would’ve known that I should’ve prepared to become very independent and also not be afraid of fitting in because people are extremely open and accepting in college. If I would’ve known this before coming to college I think I would’ve saved myself a lot of stress and sleepless nights.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior i would tell myself to get more involved in school activites so that i would be more comfortable joining college clubs and/or sororities. Also, getting involved and volunteering looks great for your future.


Knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, I would give myself plenty of advice. The first thing that I would tell myself is to follow my heart because I have made decisions that were not very rational or things that I neccesarily wanted to do. I also would tell myself to choose my friends wisely because I have lost a lot of friends that I was close to in high school due to realizing that we had different morals and beliefs on certain things. I believe that the high school senior Kayla had no idea what was going to happen in the future. As a senior, I imagined myself going to George Mason University and having the time of my life. When the time came to enroll, I did not receive enough financial aid to attend and ended up clueless and confused on what to do. From that, I learned to always have a backup plan. The more mature, adult me wishes that I could sit down with the high school senior me and let her know that although plans may change, everything will be alright.


My high school self. My the things I wish I could show you and tell you. How many times you spent crying over the missing .45 in your GPA. Your lack of confidence when walking into a room of your peers. How much I wish I could tell you that it didn't matter then, it doesn't matter now, and it won't matter in the future. Your happiness, although occasionally dependent on others opinions, was formed through your knowledge and interest in the world. You always wanted to do something that would help others and help youself to discover who you truly were. You believed that the name of your college would dictate your future, and when your denial from your first choice school came in you were crushed. I know, deep down, my highschool self, you knew it didn't matter. Your college name doesn't dictate who you are, the way you approach teh situation does. I'm happy to say your future self is doing well. She is currently helping children in teh Democratic of teh Congo recieve an education while living and studying in Spain. Always remember, you determine your life., no one else.


Do not take college forgranted. It is the biggest privilege you could ever be granted. There is a transition between high school and college and it isn't just an academic transition. Your personailty will change immensely and your opinions on life will change. What you thought was cool in high school will slowly become less exciting and what you never thought would be exciting will slowly become more exciting. It won't be easy being away from your family and you will think at first it will, but it won't. Also, make a lot of money before you go to college because you will be completely broke come Labor Day, I promise.


If I ever went back to the past and interacted with myself dring my senior year of highschool, I will make sure I let myself know how to be organized. I'll explain to myself that organization is the key to getting your work done in any field. The senior year elliot would be prepared to blance out his schedule so that he could be successful. I will also give myself insight of how to study. I will influnece him with differen't studying techniques, such as studying every thirty minutes and taking a break each five minutes. It's imperative that I let the senior me get into the habit of studing well and right. It gives me a better chance to aquire the skills to get higher scores and also to learn a certain subject well. My main goal will be to let tell myself that I should be aware of the grading routines in college. I will expplain to myself that the highschool Gpa is differen't from college. At college C's are equal to D's in highschool. It's imperative that I work hard to only get good grades.


If I could go back in time and talk to the high school senior me, I would give myself some very simple, but life enhancing advice; live in the moment. Prior to college, I was in such a rush to grow up. However, here I am "all grown up," and it is not as glorious as I anticipated. If I could go back, I would cherish every moment with my parents, friends, and family because those times are now rare. I have consistently gotten homesick, and I have found myself looking at the past wishing I did not spend so much time trying to live in the future. I wasted a lot of time being unhappy and growing anxious of what was to come. This made the transition hard because when I first arrived on campus, I began to regret all the things I did not do. I would advise my senior self to just take one day at a time and not to sweat the small stuff. Also, growing up just means more responsibilities, and today is all that is truly promised because one never knows what tomorrow holds.


College will teach you so much about people. You will have some great teachers, and some bad. No matter what you teachers are like, they can make you better at whatever you are learning. Take criticism and critique with humility so that you can learn from it, but don't worry about someone's opinion of you. Your job is to focus on what you need to do to make yourself better, not to change their mind. Don't be afraid of that really intimidating teacher. Most of them really want to help you grow and learn. Absorb everything they say with a eager mind. Take care of your body: get enough sleep. You really will perform so much better academically if you sleep. Believe me. And don't be afraid to spend time having fun. You can't study all the time. Don't be afraid to just get to know new people. Be yourself, especially when you're afraid to be.


If I could go back I'd tell myself to apply for more scholarships in order to live on campus. Spending a lot of time commuting is not fun.


One should never make or not make a decision that they will regret later. As a college student there is lots of advice I would give my high school self. However, for me the biggest piece of advice would be to let go of all your bad habits now. When one goes to college it is the perfect opportunity to let go of every bad way or habit you may have picked up from friends or family. College is the time for one to find themselves. It allows one to experience things that change the way they think. Therefore, you must have the right mindset, one does not just transform over night it takes time but it is worth it. College is a great experience but one must find out who they really are and stick to it and never let anyone stand in the way of what they believe in or want to do. So to my old high school self always be yourself.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to buckle down and study hard. This time is full of fun and memorable experiences but the ultimate goal is to obtain my BSN. It would be better to finish school within the first 4 years out of high school then have to come back to school later in life to finish what I started 14 years before. I would tell myself to never settle and always strive for success; to surround myself with positive people who have the same goals.


Keep working hard it'll pay off.


I'd tell myself to make odu my first choice instead of my 3rd.


If I could go back in high school as a senior, I would've told myself to work on time management and study skills. In Highschool students have their parents over them making sure they are doing what they need to do, however, in college this is not the case. In college the student does everything on their own. With a better skill set of time management the student can get his/her homework done on time and still have time to enjoy the social aspects of college. It is a juggling act. I would also tell myself to learn how to study. In college the material and questions require more in depth thought versus reciprocating facts.


Personally, I would tell myself to work as much as I possibly could before college. Reason for this is because college is not what you call "cheap" and no one wants to be worried about studying for exams while also worrying about loan repayments. If I could I would also advise myself to never, ever be late for class!


I would advice myself to take school more seriously as a freshman. My freshman year I was more excited about being in High school rather than learning and aiming to get good grades and focusing on my future. As the years went on, I started to gain my focus back and realized I need to plan for my future instead of focusing on my friends and having fun. I took school more seriously as a junior but I would have advice myself to began taking my future and school seriously as a freshman in High school.


As a former high schooler I would advise my nervous/excited self to take a deep breath and absorb my new surroundings; engage in that first step and explore your campus because this is home for the next four years. Don't worry, if your major is not set in stone you will have time to make that all important decision. There's no need to overload your class schedule it's important to play to your strengths and don't take on more than you can handle. This is a life changing experience where you willcreate lasting memories and friendships; find your strengths, weaknesses and most importantly yourself, but never lose the main focus of acquiring that degree.


Go to a smaller school with smaller class sizes. Going from a classroom of 28-30 students to one of 100-300 students is extreme and the teachers that have class sizes that large have no empathy.


Before you come to school you need to mentally prepare yourself for college. There will be a lot of distractions and there will be a lot of emotations but you need to stay focused. You are there for school, tuition is not cheap therefore keep in mind that although all the partying may sound nice, but those people who are telling you to go out with them do not pay your tuition nor do they care about your grades. Before you come to college you need to push yourself, don't ever give up no matter how hard you think that your class is. There will be times where you feel overwhelmed and just wanna give up but don' give up because remember what you came to school for. Remember the big picture. Use your resources given to you by the school, they are there for a reason. Also keep in mind that your advisor is always there to talk to you, use her because she has your best interest in had ans she wants to see you do great as well. Before you go to school just make sure you are ready for it all.


Go to college; it will be the best decision you have made; it is worth the effort and time.


Do not worry! College may seem intimidating, but everyone else is in the same boat as you. Do not be afraid to put yourself out there. There are so many opportunities to meet different people, you'll find other students with common interests. Take advantage of the opportunities offered by your school and experience new things. You must also not forget why you are there, for an education. Take advantage of netwroking opportunities and other chances to further you experience and education.So many reasources colleges offer go unused by so many students. They are just waiting to be used by you. Never be afraid to ask for help or clarification. That is one of the simplest ways to discover new things: simply ask.


The advice I would give to myself is to do more research about the financial aspect of college. Since I am independent I would tell myself to apply to as many scholarships as possible and to get educated about student loans. I would also tell myself to be prepared for the workload for a health science major. Also, I would tell myself to consider other possible career options in the medical field besides Nursing. It's always good to have a back up plan and I wish I had more time to consider other options since I've been put #4 on a waiting list for Nursing school.


My first advice would be to apply for scholarships. Instead of being lazy and procrastinating, start looking and apply early. Also, find some type of motivation to get the essays that are required done on time. Second, get even more involved in school or community service. It will help you in the long run. Third, do not let "senior-itis" get to you. Start the school strong and finish strong.


If I could go back in time to myself senior year, I the advice I would give is that I am on the right track on applying for scholarship and doing a lot of after school activites. However, I would tell her to go to a early preview so I could get the classes I need, because classes fill up quick. Also remember to always spend your money wisely that you get back from school, because random things pop up that may need to get paid. I wish her the best of luck in her future and to never give up.


I would learn the correct way to study and learn what type of learner I am. Do not wait til the last minute to study or do any type of work. Always do work on time or early if you want to be successful in life.


Who wouldn't want to go into the past? If given the chance everyone would take the opportunity to advise their high school senior selves, including me. I would advise myself two things: apply for as many scholarships as possible and don't be afraid to be yourself. Most of the scholarships I find while searching are for high school seniors. I believe this is because most sponsors want to ensure that high school seniors are able to have their first year of college paid for. But after the first year, finding scholarships is difficult for a continuing college student. That's why I would tell myself to apply for as many possible, especially renewable ones, so that there will be money remaining to help pay for the next year. Another thing I would advise myself to do is to be myself and don't worry about what others think. I was considered weird in high school, and it made me feel self-conscious about being myself because my peers would tease or ostracize me. However, after attending college where there's a broad range of diversity, I found people who are similar to me and made me feel comfortable.


Well fisrt I would say to not be wrapped up in your boyfriend but instead persue your dream and go out of state and go to college. Second I would say don't get pregnant, (since I did). I love my child to death but I would have rather had her a little later when I could provide her the world on a silver platter. Also I would say things change do not get so stuck on one thing that it impossible to move on and do what needs to be done. Also I would say enjoy yourself in college do not be in such a rush to grow up, becuase once you're an adult there is no going back. And the most important thing I would say is listen to your parents, corny I know, but they want what is best for you and only want you to succeed in life.


Of course Im only 18, but I started College courses early. If i could go back and tell talk to myself i would tell myself...."Trust your instincts. Don't stay in jobs and relationships you don't like becasue you don't have to. Make ten year, five year, one year, six month, one month, one week and one day plans, but have fun becasue life is so short. Take your dreams seriously. Make a conscious decision to be happy. Society will do everything in its power to convince you that personal happiness is dependent on something outside of yourself; it isn't. It is dependent on the conscious choice to get up every day and decide to be happy. In turn, the ripple effect of this is a condition of life so improved as to be unrecognizable from your former deluded state of happiness being dependent on "whatever". Another thing, dont rush into any relationship, and dont hook up with the wrong partner in an attempt to complete oneself. NO ONE else completes you; you complete yourself and once you realize this, you are then capable of having healthy relationships with other more fully self-responsible humans."


If I could go back in time and talk to myself during my senior year I would tell myself to network and do more community service. Networking in college is a very big deal because you never know when you might need a person in the long run for a job, a letter of recommendation, or business ideas. Community service is equally important too because not only does it look good on your resume but it shows the character of person that you are on the inside. With community service hours it shows your peers as well as adults that you are not thinking about self but that you are putting other people ahead of you for the betterment of the community.


I really wish i strived for greatness in high school. I strive for the best now but i wish i would have developed the habits that I have now in high school.


I would definitely give myself advice on spending more time doing scholarships and looking for grants. Also, get more involved in campus activites in order to network and build a strong foundation as a student and future employer of the degree which is being seeked. It is also imperative to save and spend extra money such as refund checks or money given by parents. In the long run it will save the burden of having to figure out how to get funds for books, food, and other emergencies that may pop up. Most important piece of advice would include taking full advantage of tutoring services, advisors, and professors' office hours, because those are the people and services that are going to guide you in the right direction towards earning your degree.


If i had the chance to go back in time and talk to my high school self about adjusting to college i woould say to stay focused on the school work, and be well organized. Try to balance out enjoying college life, and being on your own as much as you can as well.


Make better grades


I would tell my high school senior self to focus more on school, but not so much that I miss out of activities. Grades are everything, but your senior year is meant to be fun. Don't ever forget that. I'd also tell myself to realize that the friends I made in high school are not the only friends I will ever have. I would better prepare myself for the loss of old, and often long, friendships. I think overall I would tell my high school self to let loose a little bit and understand that things are not always in your control, no matter how hard you try to keep them in your grasp.


Study more


The advice I would give myself would be: Pay more attention, study more


I would tell myself to take school more seriously, take advantage of the help and opportunities that were presented to me about college, and prepare myself for independence. I should have developed a study habit while I was in high school. It would have made it much easier for me to study now. In addition, I should've asked my guidance counselor for more help instead of trying to figure things out for myself. I could have been aware about more scholarships and grants that could help me pay for the rest of school. Furthermore, I should have learned how to be more independent instead of always looking up to my mom for support.


If I could go back and give myself some advice about college there are a few things I would say. First of all, college is extremely expensive. When people say to take advantage of scholarships, definitely listen to them. Scholarships are free money that you could win to put towards the high costs of tuition and housing for college. Another thing my dad always wanted me to do but I never gave it thought was to spend the first and maybe second year of college at a local community college in order to save up a little money. Kids do not really think about how much money matters until they are on their own, having to spend their own money. Senior year of high school, all you hear about is how everything you do in college is on you. In high school I would always wait until the last minute to do any sort of project or to study for a test. I wish I could change those old ways because my freshman year of college would have gone much smoother if I did not still procrastinate. Nothing in college is a joke, it is the beginnning of your future.


If I were able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would have a lot of advice to give myself as a student preparing for college. A major topic would be about increasing my GPA to atleast a 3.5 so I can graduate as an honor student in high school. Also, I would tell myself to apply to more colleges and do more research on in-state schools like the programs they offer for the major and minor I want to pursue. In addition, I would encourage myself to apply for a lot more scholarships for college. Lastly, I would advise myself to practice better organization and lessen my procrastination habits.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would warn myself that attaining an education is one of the most difficult things to do. I would encourage myself to stick with it for the pay-offs are far greater than the struggles. I would do my best convince myself to work hard and never quit, even when that seems to be the ony thing on my mind. I would warn myself not to wait and try to get an education after I had a family and a full-time job. I would do my best to encourage myself to get educated right out of high school.


Knowing what I know now I would've probably came straight to ODU or went to a community college for two years and transferred. Being so young, and not knowing much about school, I accepted the first place I got accepted to and it was a private school that literally destroyed my financial aid. Had I been taught these things in high school I probably couldve made the wiser decision. So if I had the ability to go back in time to meet myself, I definitely would've given the advice to come to ODU.


Knowing what I know now, the advice I would give to myself is to know what you want for your future. Have your plan mapped out so you won't delay yourself in knowing what you want to do and where you want to go. Of course, you will have time in college to figure that out, and you'll also have advisors and counselors to help you in the long run to lead you on the right path. Think about the things you are great at doing or what really interest you so that you can get paid for what you enjoy instead of just working to make a living. Make sure you apply for scholarships in order to avoid those student loans - its free money, even thought you have to work hard for it, but this also proves that you are truly dedicated in becoming the successful person you want to be. You deserve it with all of the good grades you made. Try not to wait until last minute to apply for college because you'll be a little bit behind in the process of class registration and everything else, as well as financial aid. Good luck!


Being in college, you would think it's hard and expensive. Well, it can be hard if you don't study and put enough effort in going to class all the time and doing the work. Just missing a few days or missing a test can mess up the whole semester. If its still tough, they give you chances to pick up your grade. Sometimes, college can also be really expensive, but they have loans and scholarships you can apply for and you can be set till you graduate! Just by putting a lot of effort can bring a lot of good.