Old Dominion University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school is parking. There is practically no free parking and the parking passed are very expensive.


The most frustrating thing about my school and this seems a bit shallow is that our football team is not too great. We are Division 1 school and in Conference USA, but there are many times when I question that. I am a huge football fan and I love going to football games, but sometimes it is a little too difficult to watch the game when your team is being smoked by 20 points in the first quarter.


The most fustrating thing about my school is the size. I like that its a big school because you meet different people but unfortunately, I tend to get lost on campus sometimes. I know where all the big, important areas are, but if I asked to go pick something up, I would need directions.


The most frustrating part of my school is the food. As a vegetarian there aren't many satisfying, healthy vegetarian options. Some days they have really good, fresh vegetarian entrees and other times they only have vegetarian-friendly sides, which is very frustrating.


What I consider to be the most frustrating thing about Old Dominion University (ODU) is how housing is distributed. Freshman who apply for housing are guaranteed it while everyone else, including me, has to quickly apply by a specific deadline for a very limited amount of space. ODU usually has a large influx of freshmen due to it having one of the lowest interest rates in Virginia, causing less housing to be available for all returning students. This reduces the cost of returning to ODU; however, it forces us to commute, and not everyone can have efficient transportation to classes.


The most frustrating thing about my school is getting adjusted. I have been with my family for all of my 18 years on this earth. Leaving them and being on my own is very hard.


I am most frustrated with my inability to complete a full-time schedule due to my full-time employment. I realize that tis is not something that Old Dominion University can change; however, it is a frustration none the less.


The most frustrating thing I would have to say is when classes are available. Some classes are only offered in the fall and others are only offered in the spring and it makes it really difficult to be able to graduate early or get ahead when you're limited on when you can take certain classes. The other frustrating thing is the availability of Starbucks. There's two on campus with long lines and they aren't open all the time on the weekend, so late nights on weekends are difficult to say the least.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the proffesors.




Only being here for one semester I really have not encountered many frustrating events, but the one minor thing that is slightly frustrating is the cost and commitment to certain meal plans based upon your housing.


That I have to graduate and leave it.


The same as above, the parking was often pretty ridiculous, and it would force students to get to school an hour or so before their class.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the amount of financial aid given to students. Its not enough.


Parking proceudres!


The most frustrating thing about my school is the fact I have to commute so far. I must drive almost an hour, one way for school and sometimes must deal with terrible traffic. The classes, professors and the school work itself are easy. At this time, there is no way for me to live closer to the campus. I simply wish I didn't have such a long commute.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the continuous bland cafeteria food.


the most frustrating thing is parking and on campus housing.


The crime and surrounding ghetto neighborhood.


Without a doubt, the most frustrating thing about Old Dominion University is the lack of parking available for students. Last year, they made it to where freshman were ineligible to have their cars here. Not only is that extremely frustrating, it is also very inconvenient.


It is extremely difficult to get any help from the Registrar and Financial Aid offices. They take their time and pass you on to other people, and if you do not physically go to their offices almost daily, then you will spend the better part of the semester dealing with an issue.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the amount of papers you have to do.


Applying for classes. The days before school starts making sure everything is right.


Financial aid and the fact that I can't recieve actually help and not just more loans I have to pay off because my parent make too much money.


Since my school is close to water level, when it rains the campus floods idiculously.


For me, the most frustrating thing at my school is seeing students that don't care about their education. Too many students fail to realize their potential and they put forth too little effort. Unfortunately, many of these students don't realize how important it is that they're in college; mommy and daddy paid for them to be here and they think it's play time.


The housing process is not the best. It is not hard for the freshman to be put into housing, but it is a mad house for the upperclassmen. It was hard for students who had four people trying to live together to all be in one dorm. this was because ramdom people would already be placed in a room leaving only three rooms open.


There is nothing that particularly frustrates me about my school.


Although it is hard for me to find something that frustrates me about my school, I would have to say that the process of housing is a little frustrating. It is based on a point system this year that was really complicated and that left a lot of people who wanted certain housing with their last choice. Otherwise, not very much at all frustrates me about my school.


the weather


While applying for housing, it can get extremely hectic, and the meals that we recieve are not as delectable as they should be due to the amount students are paying for meal plans.


The neighborhoods nearby the school are not the safest of neighborhoods to be walking around in. Also administartors in Financial Aid and Registrar are not the most helpful or friendly people to deal with.




I need to find a job on campus because i don't have a car at school but i can never find one. There are some available but they are hard to get because i go home on breaks. It is hard for me to find a way to make money while living at school i end up relying on my savings.


Not enough things to do on the weekends.


The time financial aid gives for a student to come up with monies for the semester...& the high cost of textbooks.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the lack of parking. As a commuter, I don't appreciate when the school blocks off three of the five levels of the parking garage for an open house or an event at the convocation center. I pay a lot of money for my parking permit and I still have hard time parking.


Teachers only lecture. Need to teach more.


Parking and housing.


The area is not the best; there's a good amount of crime, gangs, etc. because it is not a closed campus.


The most frustrating thing about school is the availability of certain classes per semester. Also, the location is difficult from running from one end of campus to the other in a matter of minutes.


The most frustrating thing is how rude the staff are and how they don't do the job they are supposed to be doing. I will be transferring soon because I am so sick of how this school wastes money on programs like football and doesn't even focus on anything for the arts. The school should say ODU : School of Engineering and Technology.


When it rains here, the streets flood and it takes forever to navigate around the campus and roads to travel back home.


housing and construction everywhere


The lack of housing to students.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the fact that all of the dining areas close so early. Some people dont get out of class til late and want something to eat where they can use their meal plan , but everything is closed.


The most frustrating thing would be the money to attend this college !


The fact that there is not enough housing and also that there is not enough parking as well.


The Housing Process is horrible. There is nowhere to park and they accepted too many freshmen.


Part of it located in somewhat bad area. Also construction still not finished can be loud.