Old Dominion University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I love the campus and the people. The campus is constantly being improved and is absolutely gorgeous and most of the people around campus are very polite; holding doors, asking if you need help, etc.


I really love my school, because it has my major of Enlgish creative writing, and I want to be an author in th future. This school also provides many different oppurtunites for students to exvell academically and socially.


The best thing about Old Dominion University is that it feels like home. The moment I stepped on campus, I felt like I really belonged there. I did not get this feeling at any of the other colleges and universities I toured. Everyone is so welcoming and inviting at Old Dominion, and the campus hosts plenty of interactive activities to get the student body involved.


The size and location of the school is great. The sports team, im sure, will be fun to watch, especially football. Being close to the beach is also a plus.


The teachers...for the most part everyone is really friendly and accomadating as long as you do the work assigned


One of the greatest things about Old Dominion , and universities in general is the plethora of opportunities. There are many opportunities to get involved, learn, and simply take advantage of this experience. At Old Dominion, there are constanlty educational lectures as well as social events.Some of my favorite educational experiences include taking a world religions course and participating in an apprecenticeship with the Indusrial/Organizational Psychology Department. The Student Activities Council hosts many free events including movie nights, bowling events and laser tag.Because of these programs and others like it, I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at ODU!


While the school is known as somewhat of a commuter school, ODU has greatly improved the atmosphere of campus. Sports are experiencing great changes and there are so many organizations available, you just have to go out and find your place. ODU has the perfect balance of a small campus, where you can walk around and see someone you know, and such a large community, with a big student body and a place for everyone. ODU is transforming from a commuter school to one with a vibrant campus life.


how we show are school spirits and I say this because we go all out for own school and the students.




The best thing about Old Dominion University is its diversity. There are so many people from a wide variety of backgrounds. It's great to meet and learn from people who have a different lifestyle or culture than your own. ODU also fosters this diversity through its vast number of clubs and organizations that students can join.


I attend Old Dominion University in a distance learning format. I am extremely happy with this format because it allows me continue wworking a full-time job and remain close to my family. The tuition costs is also some of the best that I have seen. I feel like I am getting the best deal for my education.


The faculty at ODU goes far beyond what is required of them, if the student shows interest in the class. Take the time to engage your teacher about the class and you will take far more from the class.


The proximity of classes and how convenient it is. Being a freshman at ODU was the best time because the dorm rooms really allowed you to make friends easily.


The best thing about my school is the prestige and pride that comes with working towards/obtaining a degree from there


The education and experience you can recieve at ODU is a great value. There is so much opportunity for research and extra-curricular activies and there are greating sporting teams. You get all this for a very affordable price.


Old Domionion is now growing to become one of the leading Universities in Virginia.


This school is extremely diverse, enabling to create a network of friends from various countries. The diversity enables you to learn about different cultures.


Both the academics and facilities are top of the line. Of the classes I have taken so far, I have enjoyed them, learned many new concepts, and met some very knowledgeable professors. With all of the new buildings this campus is quite unique and attractive.


Lots of people commute to ODU. It can be a cost saver if you live in the area or are in the Navy. It is located near a large naval base. On-campus life is good, but it's nice to have the option to live somewhere else and have a car. Commuting allows exposure to campus life if you choose, but also freedom to live, work, and play where you want.


What I consider the best thing about my school is the fact that there are so many resources to help a student out with different problems like academic issues, social issues, advising and more.


The flexibility of times/days for taking courses.


They have very flexible schedules, and the professors are very friendly and love finding time for students.


The amazing academics, the outstanding research university, the spirit, the challenging opportunities and excellent education.


The independence! Old Dominion University treats you as a grown up. A far cry from my parents never ending lists of questions and constantly checking up on me. I enjoy the diversity of people, from the kid from a rich family from a foreign country down to the kid from the ghetto around the corner. This is like a breath of fresh air. Everyone here is interesting, with a unique life story and unbelievable ideas of new ways at working together to get things done. Loving college!!


The best thing about my school is the Webb Center. I love the Webb not only because it is the biggest "hang-out" spot on campus, but it also houses the cafeteria area. The Webb is the main area on campus that provides vaious food places like pizza hut, quiznos and much more, but offices like the Card Center and Game Lounge and Greek Life is in there. There are plenty of activities going on in there at different times and different days.


Diversity is the best thing about my school. There are so many different races, religions, cultures, and lifestyles expressed on campus, and I learn something new about the world every day through conversations with people different than myself. Being exposed to such diversity allows the students here to be open-minded and accepting of different ways of life.


The school pride that we have because we are a kinda small school compared to others and our mascot just won the capital one mascot challenge and we are on our way to national recognition.


The best thing about my school is the committment of the teachers and staff. The teachers are really dedicated to the subjects they teach and to the students. All of the teachers I have encountered have gone out of their way to help me succeed. At this school, the students know that if they ever have a problem there is always a teacher or advisor who would be more than happy to help them. The teachers are what make Old Dominion University the college that it is.


The responcibility the teachers put on the students to do the work and hold them accountable for it. It shows the school is credible through the people they graduate.


I think that Old Dominion University has a great amount of diversity and spirit. I do not think that anyone feels left out on campus or during school activities. It is a great school to go to if you like to explore different things and meet new people.


The individual classes are undoubtedly the best part about my school, as they allow in-depth learning experiances which force students to open themselves up to greatness.


The diversity everyone feels welcome. There are tons of free events going on all the time for students which is a great thing about the school.


The school has a very active extracurricular scene. This is very important to me, because I enjoy doing many different things aside from just academics. There are many sports clubs, arts clubs, and so many student organizations about every sort of topic imaginable, and I think it is terrific that there is quite literally something for everyone on campus.


The best thing is the academics. It is a very academically-focused school.


The best thing about my school is the diverse atmosphere. There is something for everyone who attends school here.


Old Dominion University is very focused on the success of their students. Professors are accessible and helpful, and tutoring is available any time it is needed. If you're willing to work for success ODU is willing to help you succeed.


The students...its easy to get along with any and everyone on campus. Everyone is friendly and down to earth. Makes college life all the better and decreases stress


I will, again, say that the best thing about my school are the professors. Putting a student in an environment where they feel comfortably challenged, and motivated to do well, in my opinion, will increase the students academic performance. Old Dominion has an excellent team of helpful staff members, who are passionate about what they are teaching. If the professor is excited about the class, then the students will be as well. I feel completely comfortable with asking questions about things I don't understand. I know that whenever I need help, a professor will always be there.


I think the best thing about ODU is the amount of club, club and varisty sports to be a apart of, as well as the soroities and fraternities. There is a place or group for everyone and anyone to be a part of. ODU is very diverse and I believe that is a great quality.


Old Dominion is expanding very quickly, I believe that the school has a great future and many promising programs coming in and/or being developed.


Old Dominion University has a very helpful staff that is always there for their students. I have never once had a question that has gone unanswered. With the staff being so generous and helpful it made my transition from high school to college life a whole lot more simple and easy.


I love that there is always something to do at Old Dominion. The school provides a variety of events that are all about getting to know people and just having a good time. Its so important to get out there and meet peope duiring college and ODU gives students a way to do that. Wheteher its going to a party, attending a campus fair, or listening to a guest speaker, there's always something to do on campus that will help you make new connections and learn new things.


The best thing about my school are our learning facilities, as well as the technology they provide for us in our classrooms. Our classrooms and student centers are all up to date, and very modern, which allows the students to feel like we really are at college., somewhere else other than home.


I consider my academic department, Human Movement Sciences, the best thing at my university. The classes I have taken so far opened my eyes to a future with many possibilities. The professors are so knowledgeable and are extremely helpful inside and outside the classroom. As a transfer student, I am impressed with the professor's willingness to make sure the students grasp every concept and aid in each student's success.


I think the best thing about Old Dominion University is the obvious sense of community. When walking around campus, it's easy to see that many students are close with one another. In this, diversity is a major factor because the university accepts so many people of different ethnic backgrounds, which deters students from ethnocentrism. The university accomodates incoming freshman and transfer students by helping them adapt to these surroundings and feel like they are at a home away from home.


The professors. The professors are engaging. They dont just stand there and lecture, the make us learn from our peers and it help us gain insight and appreciate more than one point of view. They not only give us the knowledge that we need, but they keep us interested whther it's through writing blogs, team projects, or in-class assignments. Their teaching methods enable us to think outside of the box and develop our own ideas and speaking voice.


The diversity is probably the best thing about Old Dominion University. Living in an area like this, we are alotted the opportunity to embrace several different cultures and ethnicities on a regular basis.


The best thing about my school is its growth. In the last few years I have seen ODU grow from a very dull campus of commuter students to a school with spirit (and even a football team now). There is definitely a growing sense of community on campus and I love it more and more each day. The friends I've made here are people just like me (always had to work for what they got, nothing was handed to them), and I know I've made life-long friends.


The area it is in and the people


The best thing about my school would have to be the social atmosphere. I feel that my school enphasises socail networking. People actually take the time to meet fellow peers and get to knw them. Old Dominion University is a real friendly environment.