Olivet College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A private liberal arts college with small classes and a lot of professor and student time.


It is small.


Olivet is very friendly, accomadating, and willing to work with every student on an individual basis.


Olivet is a warm energetic school that most students can come to and learn special skills that can help them in the career they choose.


A small liberal arts college where the proffessors know you personally.


Small and quiet.


My school is athletic, small but just right, academically sound, well known in the community, well rounded students, class sizes are small but the professors make it work.


Olivet, is small, but full of bright, warming people who love to have fun.


there isnt a lot to do on campus unless you like to party or do homework


Olivet College is extremely small school with nothing to do but where everyone is really nice and the staff are really caring.


Education for individual and social responsibility. There is the expectation that we will excell in our learning beyond the class room and there are opportunities for personal development. Service is a major feature, each year a day is taken off classes and dedicated to some kind of service activity which you get to choose. Concern for the environment is a major area of service. And respect for all people is important here such that people are allowed to be real. Responsibility to contributing to the learning of other students also is important and something that students get to practice often.


Olivet College is a perfect institution to earn a degree while learing more about yourself as an individual.