Olivet College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


That they have a really awesome criminal Justice program, and strongly encourage students who are thinking of pursuing that degree to attend Olivet College. The professors and teachers in that department, are very friendly and are willing to help any student with any problems or issues they may have.


It is fun place to be, if you the write people around here. Olivet College is a small college were you can get many things done. Everyone can be involved in the college activities. It is a college were it is what you make of it good or bad. It was what you do here that matters. Olivet College is place were I have been having good times and working on my degree. This college is what you make of it.


I love how small the college is. Not too small but classes are just perfect. You learn alot because the teacher can take the time to help everyone individually. You get a lot for your money and they teachers are determined to make sure you get a job after college. They are a lot of of oppurtunites for you.


Make sure to engage in the professors here. They will help you in ways that are probably beyond what most professors are expected to do, but you have to do your part by showing up to class and asking for the help. Engage yourself in activities. This is a small campus - get to know people!


The classes are small so you actually get to know your professors and they get to know you. If you have questions you are always more than welcome to visit them in their office.


When my friends tell me about their prestigious schools in the city, I shake my head and show them pictures of the beautiful Olivet College campus. They gasp at the towering trees and shaded fields. Picnic tables and benches litter the square so that one can sit in the fresh air and do their homework. From the colorful carpet of leaves in the fall to the glittering blanket of snow in the winter, the beautiful campus of Olivet college is the one to beat.


I tell my friends about the small town feel of the college. The college is very small , therefore the student/professor ratio is very small so there is a lot of one-on-one help when you need it.


When I brag about school, I usually say something about how I'm taking the maximum credit load, including two different foreign languages, while holding a part time job. It seems impossible, and sometimes it feels impossible, but if you manage your time well it can be rewarding. I will have to spend less on school if I graduate as quickly as possible, and that means challenging myself and taking on more than I anticipate that I can handle. You are capable of a lot more than you can imagine.


The teachers and the class sizes. I went to a communtiy college before I came to Olivet and I was completely unsatisfied with the experiences I had at the community college. Here at Olivet College, the teachers care about the student as a person and not just another number. If the student needs help, the faculty here are willing to help because they care and not just because they have to.


At first, I thought I wasn't going to like how small Olivet is. Now though, I love it! I have made so many close life long friends, and the faculty is so friendly. The finiancial aid office will help with any questions, and there are a lot of work study jobs offered.


Usually its about how much fun we've had at this party or that one


Olivet College is small. We have somewhere just over 1,000 students. The atmosphere is much like High School, but mor mature and professional. Everybody knows everybody and that goes for the professor to student ratio as well. It is a great atmosphere for learning and socializing.