Olivet College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person who should attend Olivet is someone who likes the small school feel and does not live far from it so that it is easy to go home on the weekends, because not very many people stick around.




What kind of person that should attend Olivet College is from a small high school, they would find the adjusment better than going to a bigger university, or maybe they are from a bigger school and are looking for a smaller school to attend. Everything is within walking distance so they would not have to worry about having to drive to their classroom and walk a mile to get there. Overall the peeople that come here are from a small towns around Olivet College.


The type of person that should attend this school should be someone looking for a small class size and looking for a close relationship with a professor. This school is perfect for anyone with those wants. The professors are extremely caring of everyone of thier students. Class sizes are almsot the same as high school class sizes, which is nice because you can get one on one help from the professors.


We have all types of people here on campus. I have never been around so many different types of people. There are gays, lesbians, liberals, conservatives, and any other type of person you can think of. We are a very diverse campus and everyone is welcome here.


Any student who values small classrooms, one-on-one interaction with a professor and a small town feel will appreciate spending their four years of college education at Olivet College. The small campus allows for students to really get to know their peers and professors while creating friendships that will last long after graduation. While located in a small town, it is less than thirty minutes away from Lansing, so students aren't left feeling as though they are cut off from civilization. Talk about the best of both worlds.


A person who gets along with all races.


To succeed and get a job after any one can attend. I believe you have to really like the small school setting and everyone knowing your and your business. You need to want to work hard and give it everything you have. Be willing to respond and be interactive.


I believe any person who believes that helping others achieve their goals, either in education, spiritual, or personal growth would just thrive at Olivet College. I am a nontraditional student and was uncertain about going back to college to further my career. Olivet has taught me that I am worthy and a part of a family. Olivet is a small college set in a small town. The town is quant and personal. If you are a person who likes small town living with big family and christian values then Olivet is your school.


Someone who likes a small atmosphere and can find things to do on their own


A social person who is motivated.


Someone who doesn't mind being around the same people all of the time, also, someone who gets along with almost everyone.


Anyone!! This school is perfect for the person who is very outgoing and it's perfect for the person whose shy and quiet, because Olivet will bring out the best of you. By the time you graduate you will have so much self confidence and self esteem than you had before you came to Olivet.