Olivet College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The one thing that is frustating is the quality of the school, technology wise. The buildings are beautiful and hold much wisdom in years. The technology and size of the classroom is sub-par. I would like more technological equipement for better learning. The classes could be bigger to allow more space for the students to work. Not many students, but sometimes you feel cramped.


Olivet is a sweet, small school, but it is suffering in these bad economic times. Scholarships are being cut back while tuition goes up. Programs that need more funding are not getting it and enough jobs are never available. Because they can not afford to hire new office employees, more and more responisbilities are piled onto the existing members. With so many responsibilities frustration and mistakes are bound to follow. I love my school, but it is hard enough to afford a small college while opportunities to pay for it dwindle.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that not all classes are offered every semester. The student needs to be prepared to know what classes they are going to take and when. The academic advisors and professors will work aith each student to make sure that they know what classes they are going to take and when. This cuts down on some of the confusion.


There are not too many things to do on campus. There are not places to go to or places to get food. I have to drive ten minutes or more just to get to a town with a grocery store.


Some of the students do not take classes seriously and this can be very fustrating. When I work really hard, but my grade does not always show it.


The lack of parking, housing and the lack of quality when it come to the food on campus.