Olivet College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I think the best thing about Olivet College is you acutally get one on one time with your teachers, are class sizes are not to big and the campus is realtivly small.


What I consider the best thing about Olivet College is the fact that it is the right size, its not to small or to big. The class size is one of the other things that I consider the best thing, because you can get more attention if you are in a room of 25 people compared to 300 or 4000 at some other university. Another good thing is the greek life, if they want to they can going one and it could be one of the best experiences they have ever had, and it last for lifetime.


It is small, you really get to know professors. Most professors here really care about you as a student, professional adult and a person!


Each student can talk to their proffessor, and all the proffessors are experienced in the feild they are teaching. They share all the tips and tricks of the reall world industries.


Olivet College is a nice, small, private school. Olivet is home to about 1100 students and everyone is like one big family. The faculty and staff are always willing and ready to help with any problems that might occur. At Olivet , everyone is friendly and has an open-door policy so that everyone feels welcome.


The best thing about Olivet College is how the staff are all genuinely interested in helping students succeed. As a transfer student from a local community college, I had never been to a four-year university and was more than a little nervous about enrolling, but the admission's office, financial aid's office and guidance counselor made it a smooth transition. I felt as though each person who met with me really took the time to get to know me and understand my ambitions. My first day of class was similar. For professors and students alike, success is key.


There are small class sizes so each student can have the individual attention that they may desire and professors know the names of all of their students within the first couple of classes.


i think the best thing about my school is that it is small. your classes are small and your professors remember your names. your professors genuinely care about your learning and they want you to succeed in college. it is very easy to recieve one on one time with your proffessor or anyone else that you may need assistance from.


The best thing my school has to offer is the Insurance Program and major they have. Olivet College has one of the best insurance programs in the nation. If you graduate from Olivet College with an Insurance degree you are guaranteed to get a job. The Insurance Program at Olivet has a 100% job placement. Olivet College does an excellent job at teaching students about insurance. We have many people in the insurance business tell us about them and what to expect when we get into the business. I am majoring in Insurance and I love it!


The best thing about my school is the professors. They are very easy to get in touch with, and even more helpful. Teachers really push students so the reach their potentia, without pushing them too hard. Many professors email, and have office hours so they stay intouch with students. Also blackboard is an electronic site that teachers have been really good at updating so we can recieve homework assignments, and post very fast. Most teachers are also very open to different views and opinions while also challenging those opinions. They really are wonderful.


The small class sizes because you really get to know your professors and peers. It is easy to ask for help here.


It's a small college which means that you receive individual attention from professors and you get to know your classmates,. Because of this you get a lot of opportunities to collaborate on projects and the student activites are simple yet provide students with opportunities to get to know one another. Diversity is embraced and valued and for the most part people are open minded about differences or are being encouraged to do so. The Olivet College Compact emphasizes responsibility which we all strive for and there is a great deal of pride in being a student at Olivet College.


Its small and in turn it creates a closeness with your proffesors


The low student to faculty ratio. The smaller class sizes make the student feel like a student not just a number like at a larger college or university.