Olivet Nazarene University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Friendly and accepting.


Education with a Christian purpose.


Olivet Nazarene University is for close-minded conservative religious Americans.


My school is a place where the teachers are top of the line, the students are intelligent, I can learn as much as I put my mind to.


Olivet is a friendly university that promotes academic excellence, service to other people, and caring for others while culturing a true Christian community. among faculty, staff, and students.


Very concerned and accommadating to full time parents who work and have decided to go back to school.


Olivet Narazaene University is really an amazing school.


At Olivet, the education has a Christian purpose and the campus community is very open and excepting of individuals from all over the world.


It is a place where you meet people you'll be in contact with the rest of your life.


The total cost at Olivet is by far its worst trait. It is nearly 30,000 a year for tuition and room and board, which makes it very hard to come up with the money for all four years.


Disciplined values attained through enforced principles produces valuable members of society with an education they will never forget.


Olivet Nazarene University trys to offer the best in education, however their views tend to lean towards their own agenda, and people who disagree with these views are often outcasted, incriminated against, and belittled by the community at the school, including teachers and students.


A friendly, small Christian community.


My school is the best place to attend college because it has professors who genuinely care about your success both professionally and personally, and it is a school that offers a wide variety of activites to take part in which provides something for everyone.


Olivet Nazarene University is an outstanding liberal arts unversity with a great emphasis on Christian education, personal and spiritual development, and academic growth that is all built around a closely knit community of diverse students.


This school is hypocritical and not accepting of belifes that they do not share.