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Olivet Nazarene University is a christian school. Whenever I talked to people from Olivet or I visited it seemed like they truly cared about me and wanted me to be there. I felt other schools just thought of me as another student but Olivet truly wanted me. I also really loved the christian enviroment. It is unique to be able to talk with your professors about your faith and feel comfortable. Professors will also Olivet has many opportunites to get involved and there is something for everyone which is great.


The most unique thing about Olivet is that they really care about personal spritiual growth and want to see their students become real about their faith. Olivet has campus events planned every weekend for students to participate in which is very unique as well.


Olivet Nazarene University is unique in that it offers a variety of classes that are all religiously based in some way or another, and also provides students with a number of opportunities to participate in religious activities and also requires some religious activties to be attended including revival and chapel services.


In comparison to the other schools I considered, Olivet is very unique. The atmosphere here is very different than any other college I visited. Olivet is a Christian university; and as a strong believer in Jesus Christ, this aspect is very important to me. I loved walking around campus and feeling as though I belonged. On my first visit, I distinctly remember how many students smiled or said hi to my parents and I as we toured the campus. It is just a very warm and encouraging environment to live in.


We have cohorts in the office where we work, and they have schedules that fit into my busy life.


I didnt actually consider any other schools, I looked into Olivet and decided it was perfect for myself


This school is affiliated with a church (Nazarene) so it has strict policies on drugs and alcohol (not permitted) and does have a dress code. We have chapel 2x a week. Most classes are taught from a christian perspective. The school forms a tight community where it is easy to find a place in it. This school believes you belong there and they make every effort for you to feel that way. Great programs for people with various career aspirations.


Olivet is very people oriented. There is a very close knit atmosphere here. It is a small school, and nothing like a state school. If you're caught drinking, smoking, or doing drugs on campus, you're gone. So, make wise choices!


This school has a strong sense of community and working together for a common purpose. It was open about being centered around Christ in everything the school does. The professors work with the students and expect their students to go to class and perform at their best.


This one involves prayer and your specific major within every discussion.


It is a Nazarene school, there are very many rules to follow, chapel to attend, dress code to follow, small classes, amazing teachers who spend a lot of one on one time with you if you need it , helpful classmates in a small town a 1000 miles from home.


First off, I am a Nazarene and this school is Nazarene affilitated. I have a scholarship because of that, and I know that and scriptural teaching will follow what I believe. I also liked the fact that it was the largest and most active of the 7 Nazarene schools in the country. There are a lot of different social activities to get involved in, all centered around God, to build community.


Religiously minded and easy to be spiritual.


Definitely lives up the the mission statement: Education with a Christian Purpose.


Olivet is a very friendly, Christian environment. They really follow their motto of "education with a christian purpose." It's a dry campus so you don't have to worry about your roommate getting drunk or doing drugs which is really nice. There are many campuses that say they're dry but don't inforce it but Olivet is not one of them.


It is a university the emphasis on an eduction with a Christian purpose.


The campus is beautiful and there are personal relationships between students and faculty.


The music department is very personable, I feel at home and I feel like I am friends with all of the faculty, including the Chair of the music department. It's a small enough school so you can know a lot of people and get along with everyone and fit in really well, but it's not too small so that you know EVERYONE and you're half of the graduating class.


it is ridiculous.


Olivet Univeristy University is different because it is not just focused on education but also on our spirital lives. I love that and we have chapel two times a week which is great because it keeps us focused on God. The education is great and the profs do not just care about our grades but they care about is on a personal level


The campus is inviting and the professors are truly involved with students. There are picnics and dinners at houses of professors, and even the President of the college invites students to his house for special occasions. A great emphasis is placed on a student's spiritual well being as well. There is always someone who is willing to listen or be a helping hand.


Education with a christian purpose.


It is smaller than many state colleges


Close relationship with Professors and students. Amazing chapels and very interactive


It's a private university so its alot smaller than a state school, but the size is perfect ot me. It allows for a smaller teacher to student ratio which is great because it provides the teachers with more opportunities to get to know the students. The teachers really make an effort to help out students in and out of class.