Olivet Nazarene University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is the poor of wifi connection. Sometimes it is difficult to do work because the University wifi is not working properly.


The tutition is very expensive.


There are some very strict rules that are over the top. This is the biggest complaint I have. We are adults and at times it seems as if we aren't treated like it. There are curfews, restrictions on who is allowed in the dorms and apartments at certain times, and unless you are over 23 or married you are required to live in campus housing. These rules can be very frustrating.


The worst thing is pushing yourself to just DO the homework, but it's worth it in the end if you just perservere.


The worst thing about my school is the way that luches do not roll over from week to week. You lose money if all the luches you have are not used. You pay for these lunches up front, but if you do not use them all then you lose them and the money you spent goes to waste.


The worst thing about my school is that they force you to live on campus or in their housing. A student could save a couple thousand dollars a year if they could live wherever they wanted. Also the weather in this area sucks! It's gray and overcast, snowing/raining/sleeting/wind-blowing for 6 months straight!


I am hispanic and this school is small. There is not much racial diversity and peopletend to cling to their groups of ethnic backgrounds. People may sometimes feel insecure of unaccepted by others because of their ethnic differences, but especially their religious differences as well. For example, the school is very conservative and things such as chapel and being fined for cursing are strictly enforced so some students gain a wrong sense of my religious faith when I associate myself with Chrsitianity. Also, it is sometimes hard to be non-denominational becasue the students are strongly Nazarene and strictly conservative.


Olivet was rather strict when it came to interaction between the sexes and the amount of time you could spend together in the dorms or apartments together. I was glad I never had to walk in on my roommate doing anything, however at the same time we were often treated like junior high students who were unresponsible and unable to make our own decisions.


The food takes getting used to.


It costs way too much to go here.


They are really closed minded on the issue of religion. They see it as their way and no one else's.


It just has some rules that sometimes get in the way of feeling independent which I a lot of people are looking for in a university.


The worst thing about Olivet is probably just the surrounding environment. There is a limited selection of activities to do outside of campus so the students learn to adapt and find ways to have fun on campus.