Olivet Nazarene University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


This school is designed for a wide varities of students in mind. It has a lot to offer artists of all sorts including musicians, but also career driven indivduals in the fields of science and all sorts of literatures. The business has been highly recommended amongst the plethora of other degrees and programs available. I see it as being a very well rounded school for all types of individuals.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who is religious and attends church regualry. Or someone that plans on going into the Ministry.


Conservative religious people.


A conservative christian who does not want to have their worldview challenged.


People who are very religious and want that small town feel for college


If you believe in God and thinks that God will help you through anything that you are willing to give your life up to him, but not even that. If you know that there is a God and that he does want to help then thoes people should come to Olivet Nazarene University.


A person who wants to know Christ on a more intimate level should come here. The school has a Christian community in which every day the students can focus on God. The type of person that should attend here should understand that the school has rules, but they are there to teach you responsibility or to structure your life. The person that attends here should come here with an open heart and open mind, because here you learn about the lives of others and the people you meet here you bond with creating a family outside your own.


A light hearted christian who would love to have a nice christian atmosphere in a college setting


Someone that can live within the many guidelines and rules of Olivet. One must attend chapel twice a week, not drink, smoke, or do drugs on campus, and be okay with the fact that the opposite sex is only allowed in the dorms twice a week.


A person interested in following a strict moral code who wants to work hard at what he or she wants to do for the rest of their lives.


A person who loves to love and loves to feel loved. It is incredibly friendly and community oriented. If you love being around people, and never going somewhere without seeing someone you know this is a great school. People here are high quality, high caliber beings. If you want to grow as a christian and as a person come to ONU. You will not regret your decision.


Somebody who really wants to focus on their schoolwork rather than partying. Someone who wants to have and celebrate deeper faith.


Someone who loves Jesus; someone who is interested in liberal arts studies, someone who is interested in meeting and befriending people of the same beliefs and values.


The person that enjoys small classroom settings, is very conservative, enjoys spending time in small fellowship, does not need to be active all the time should attend this school. The person that has no problem abiding by rules and enjoys being part of a conservative group should attend this school. There is not much to do on weekends and there is zero tolerance for cursing, alcohol, drugs, smoking, and other things of that matter. The person that enjoys a sheltered environment should attend this school, or the person with a strong goal to outreach and be the difference on campus.


A person who is religion driven and school work driven, no time for anythign else.


I believe a person who want to have an education with a Christian meaning, purpuse, and focus should attend Olivet. The learning environments are open and engaging, and the community life is great for students from all backgrounds of life.


One who is willing to work hard and try to understand the Nazarene religion


Those who want to succeed and grow closer to God.


Nazarenes. No one else fits in.


Someone studious with good moral values


Anyone and everyone