Olivet Nazarene University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who are not open to having a relationship with God and do not enjoy being around people.


A person that has trouble following rules that are strictly enforced including dress code, alcohol, and guys being in girls dorms/girls being in guys dorms. A person that has trouble listening to religious points of view in class and in weekly chapel services.


People who are not willing to follow the rules enforced at a private Christian university should not attend this school. If you are a person who likes to party and not have a curfew then this school is not for you. This school is a little more expensive and it seems like an odd choice to pay all the extra money to come to a school like this when you are just going to complain about and break the rules.


Olivet is an extremely strict school when it comes to alcohol and drugs. If anyone, no matter who they are or what their statis is, is caught with either of these there are severe consequences. I would suggest that anyone who knows they are going to have a problem with that should probably think about going to another university. Although the university provides help for people who want to quit drinking or doing drugs there is a lot at stake. It only takes one mistake to end your education here.


I would say that anyone who has very adverse reactions to God and the Bible probably would not feel comfortable here, since it is a Christ centered campus. However, I have friends here who are atheists, so I guess it just depends on the person.


Non-religious people or atheists, people who like to party, drink, or do drugs, people who aren't committed to earning a degree, people who can't conform to rules and havign their actions be regulated, people who are unaccepting in their views of others, or people who are more focused about their social lives than anything else.


Non-Christians, as it is a Christian school, people who like to drink alcohol, promiscuous people


Someone that really wants to party and be extra crazy is not right for this school because there are a lot of rules and it is hard for some students to follow these rules.


A person who is perpared to be expected to integrate faith with learning. The university seeks, "the greatest scholarship and the deepest piety, believing the two are thoroughly compatible." (quotation from 1915 catalog)


A person who is a heavy partier or drinker would get in trouble here and suspended if caught. It is a Christian campus and there are many rules that are inforced. Anyone could attend the school, but some would not like obeying the rules.




People who are not focused should not come to olivet. It is not a party school.


Someone who is lazy, and plays video games non-stop. People who drink, smoke, do drugs. Since this school is a dry school.


Anyone who is openly GLBT(gay lesbian, bisexual or transgender) and people who like to party


people that don't agree with a christian way off life. it's a private christian school and they love to make it known.