Olympic College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to take advantage of running start. College life is not scary it is awesome, from all types of people you meet and learn from, the friendships that are created and the positive impact that college has to offer. Do not pass it by. Life goes by too fast.


If i could talk to myself as a senior in highschool I would say something along the lines of, "You're going to college so pull your head out of your arse and get on top it!" I would give myself the information about a summer government ecology job that gives $5,000 dollars to kids who complete it and won't be eligible for it after they start college. I would explainn the different types of degrees because I never knew there were so many types. I thought there was a two year, four year, etc. I was wrong. Another great thing I would tell myself is two year degrees take much longer than two years. To save myself a bit of embarrisment and self consiousness I would tell myself to NEVER join Zumba to see what it is.


The advice I would give myself about college would be to listen to your gut and take the time to get to know yourself. College is a completely different experience from anything you have experience before and a lot of things including your environment, social life, academic life and even your own person will change. This is a time to truly discover yourself; Your passions, aspirations and goals may change and that's alright. Don't listen to anyone else's words on what you can achieve but your own. College will help you grow to become greater.


10 years ago, I was just 18 finishing my highschool just about to enter the Army National Guard and begin school at my local community college when I returned from Basic training. I was a young gung-ho lad, scared yet transfixed on the War in Iraq and Afghanistan, knowing that it was only a matter of time before my number was called for muster. I started school for a terrible reason, because I thought it was the only thing to do. I don't blame myself for not being focused on school, but I do regret it. News of my Basic training friends service overseas, the thrilling engagements, the hardships, the death of friends. It was no wonder I failed my second quarter without thought of conciquence, met my first love and got married and started a family. My number did get called soon after. I spent the first year and a half of our marriage at war. I would always look back and say "how stupid I was to fail in school", but looking back 10 years latter, now a successful student, husband and father. I would do it all over again if only a little more gracefully.


I would tell myself to get ready to buckle down and get serious. I didn't have to study much in high school, so I carried that over to my first year of college. My GPA dropped dramatically. I would tell myself the GPA drops MUCH easier and faster than it is raised! Don't make the mistake of letting it drop. Just because high school is easy doesn't mean college will be. College is designed to make you work and learn.


If I were to go back in time and give myself advice on the future I would have told myself that working towards a goal, whether something specific or just something general, has the most amazing effect on your attitude and spirit. Bettering yourself through school just makes you feel so proud of yourself and it really does show you that the possibilities are endless. I would have told myself not to give up my hobbies just because I had to become a working adult and that hard work pays off in the long run. I would have told myself that going to college exposes you to so many new and wonderful life experiences. New friends, smart teachers with information they are just dying to share, new ways of thinking about how life, the world, and people work, and most of all something to look forward to every day. I would have told myself that college is the perfect way to explore my options for what I want to do with my future and that I would love every minute of it, minus those finals!


"What does not kill you will only make you stronger". -Friedrich Nietzsche This popular quote describes an important truth: we learn from our mistakes. Use the mistakes you have made,and the sense of confusion about your future, to allow you to seek what you truely love to do in life. Do not worry about what others are thinking when you make choices you know are right. In order to grow and live the life you were meant to live, you must understand who you were created to be, not what you think others believe you to be. Walk on the path that has been set before you with an open mind, knowing all the while that doors and windows will open when you will not expect them too. You will learn much in the next two years and have many opportunities to grow. Through it all remember this: rejoice in who you are and strive to do the best in the areas where you are called. Be joyful, knowing that the journey is long and hard, but the destination is well worth it.


I would advise myself to be patient. I would tell myself to look at long term goals and not so much the short term goals. Some of the mistakes I have made were a result of neglecting to see the bigger picture. Instead of being impatient with living the "poor" life of a top ramen eating college student, I would tell myself to savor it, even the top ramen. Because ultimately you will either be eating top ramen at 19 or at 91 depending on the path you chose. I personally would rather eat it at 19. I also would want myself to enjoy the experience and the process of school and at the same time plan my future career goals. Using proper planning and self discipline a bright future is possible , and it all starts with having a college education. Delicate attention in the planning of your career will ensure a strong beginning leading towards a rewarding future of self-satisfying achievements. Upon completion of a degree, the world will be your oyster.


If i could go back and talk to myself i would have alot to say. I would tell my self to stop worrying about being pretty and popular and keep my head in my studys. I would tell my self girl this year is going to matter alot more in the future then you think. Apply to all kind of diffrent schools keep that g.p.a up and have fun but make sure your school comes first!


Often I wish I could go back in time and tell myself what to expect. I would say that college life requires more maturity than high school did. In college, a person has to plan their own life. Whereas in high school, their life is planned for them. I would tell myself to not be afraid to dream big. College allows a person to make their dreams a reality. If I want to be an artist or a nurse, I can go to school to get education to turn those dreams into a career. I would tell myself that I am much more capable than I thought. I would advise saving my money for school because college is so expensive. I would say that I need to be patient. That a degree isn't something that is earned quickly. It is a daily decision. I need to make an effort everyday to become a better person through my education and by spending time around those who want to become better people as well. I would advise not sweating the small things. Above all, I would say to try my best. For my best is all I can do.


"Hi Claire! How are you?" "I'm doing well Claire, I'm finishing high school next spring, so I'm really trying to enjoy my last year of freedom." "Freedom?" "Yes, because once I start college, everything gets so complicated! I'm not looking forward to all the work it takes. You must know how it is, you're there right now." "True, it is hard, and to do well in life, it does pay to do well in school. But the main point that measures your success is the amount of will and determination you have. The work is not hard if you know that every assignment accomplished is getting you closer to your goals and it becomes an enjoyable experience when you are taking classes that you have a true interest in as well as the ones necessary to your educational goals. The time to start cultivating that motivation, however, is right now. Always be one step ahead, plan well and in advance, take advantage of any opportunities that come your way, look into your interests, ask hundreds of questions, learn thoroughly, have fun, and make friends! That's how you get the most out of college life."


I would have organized my time better to study and progress so that I would have done better on the accuplacer test. I do like college but the higher you place on the test the shorter your time in college would have been and cheaper to afford school. I feel I did as much as I was capable but I could have worked more and saved for college myself. WIth the costs of gas and food and tuition I wished I could have found more employment . South Kitsap High school is too big and not favorable to preparing students .