Oral Roberts University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Oral Roberts University is best known for being a premier Christian university offering a wide array of degrees for perspective students. It is primarliy known for Oral Roberts, a world renowned evangelist for the Christian faith. For me personally, the school is best known for its track and field program, lead by Coach Joe Dial. The ORU track and field program is known for producing high caliber pole vaulters as well as other athletes. As I am a pole vaulter, I am excited to be able to work with one of the best pole vault programs in the country.


My school is best known for it's involvement with minitry. We raise over $150,000 each year donating to charities around the world. I love that. We are not willing to give but excited to give. We are also known for our tight community. Everyone here is family and we are always there for each other.


Oral roberts university is best known for their great acadmics. We are huge on mind, body, and spirit. The number one goal of the university is to well-equip students for a job that they want, help grow them spiritually, and also keep them physically fit.


It's spirit-filled enviroment and God-centered foundation


Oral Roberts is best known for its great Christian enviornment. Most schools are known for partying and students loosing all their morals and values once they move away from their parents house. However; the greatest thing I like about ORU is that we are encouraged to obtain and build our Christian morals and values. I am involved in a praise and worship band playing piano and bass. It allows me to stay grounded in who I really am without any distractions pulling me away from my focus.


My school is known most for its Christian atmosphere!


It is most known for our founder Pastor Oral Roberts, although it is probably best known for being a great Christian University.


Atmosphere. Architecture.


Our school is known for our excellence in their basketball and baseball programs, but more importantly for the education of the whole person. Our school emphasizes the importance of not only be academically sound, but as well as physically and spiritually capable. ORU wants to ensure that after we graduate, we are sent out into the world disciplined in the three most important areas of our life. They are one of few schools that require you to take a physical education class as well as attending chapel weekly. ORU sends whole people into the world.


Friendly and genuine people.


The founder of this school is known worldwide. Oral Roberts was a preacher who went across the globe professing God's word and healing the sick in the process


My school is best known for its religious views. Oral Roberts Universtiy is a community outreach center. After the students graduate they go out into the working world and help people.


Our school is a university who focuses on the whole person. The advocate excellence in spirit, mind, and body. We have a physical education program, two chapels per week, and academic classes that help us to become the best we can be as a university.


It is best known for its focus on the whole person - spirit, mind, and body.


Being an evangelical word of faith Christian school, and for having financial problems.


The development of the whole man; spirit, mind and body. Also very well known for high employment rates after graduation because of hard working, honest, and dedicated students. Known to have professors that genuinely care for the development of each student and often develops mentor type relationships with them. Known to have a very tight, family-like atmosphere and a very loyal alumni population. Known for sending students out into everyman's world. Graduates are spread out accross the globe and involved in any given field. Graduates are considered to be very strong, compitent leaders. Students leave very well rounded.


Its dedicationa dn teaching of the Lord and his followers.


Our founder, Oral Roberts. And being the only Christian university of its kind in the world.