Oral Roberts University Top Questions

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The one thing that stands out about Oral Roberts University than other colleges around the country that I was considering was the power of God and the students who were just as eager as I was to spread the word of God.


The uniqueness of my school compared to others is the Christian environment. The atmosphere is just refreshing and free. Oral Roberts University is a great environment to learn and accomplish my field of study. The teachers are also miraculous. They know how students feel and unlike other college professors, they want to help excel as much as possible.


This is a Christian university. Many of the courses are taught with a Judeo-Christian emphasis. I feel so blessed to be at a school where I my faith is central. I am also required to get in shape physically. The program here is to enhance body, mind and spirit. Awesome!


We recently had a new president come on staff. He has turned so much around! He has promoted team work and unity among the student body providing us with a variety of cultural exposure, musical exposure, media exposure. He is very encouraging & cares genuinely about the students and makes necessary changes as we complete school surveys. The campus is very helpful to one another and friendly. Genuinely caring people go here!


Oral Roberts University, offers one a diverse campus filled with individuals that have come from all walks of life and that have come to fulfill the goal in being a Whole Person (body, soul, and mind)


The most unique aspect of my school is the Prayer Tower which is located in the center of the campus. As a Christian I truly believe that prayer or declaration is pivital in my life. I do not believe that the location of the Prayer Tower is a coincidence because the founder Oral Roberts himself prayed in existence this beautiful and successful institution. The Prayer Tower for me, is a reminder of how things become. Just think about it, it's located in the center and if you walk around it, you will see exactly what Oral Roberts prayed for.


The most unique thing about my university and the adversity we get from students from every country that comes here to fulfill what God has callesd them to be in life. While getting and education. My school is built on making the whole person filled Mind, Spirt, and Body and we suceed in that everyday we go to class.


I think the most unique thing about Oral Roberts University is the emphasis on educating the whole man; mind, body, and spirit. Mind meaning educating the man intellectually, body meaning treating your body as a temple ( exercising), and spirit meaning growing faithfully, developing that solid foundation of a realationship with Jesus Christ.


It is a Christian private school with good academics in the sciences as well as good athletics, sciences and athletics being hard to find in Christian schools


The professors go out of their way to make sure you know they are there for you and honestly care about your needs. The school focuses on building the whole person ad making it stronger; the body, mind and spirit.


It is a Christian school. It is a great atomosphere.


One of the most unique things about this school is the community. Never have I seen such a family built community among college age students. When I went to a community college previous to this one, there were groups of great friends, but this one one its like everyone knows everyone and the school isn't that small. I really love how everyone gets along and is willing to be that friend no matter who you are or what your going through. Everyone loves everyone. It's incredible.


It is very friendly, and it is a Chrisitian University that is not as up-tight and strict as a lot of the Chrisitian Colleges in the US. It is Charismatic, and is a lot of fun.