Oral Roberts University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


We have a unique mission and goal for the students to reach and complete while here at school and after we graduate!


I brag about the fact that my school is a Christian environment. All of the student and professors there are on fire for God and just kind and welcoming. Oral Roberts University has the most beatuiful campus of any college I have ever seen. We also have great athletics. These are a few of the things that I brag about.


I usually brag about the peacful atmosphere and that the professors are incredibly supportive.


When I tell friends about Oral Roberts University, the thing I brag about most is the environment and camaraderie that inherently exists on campus. On any given night, I am guaranteed some form of random study break, whether its practicing parkour on campus with friends, watching a funny movie, or creating ridiculous meals like the Meat-Luster Pizza, I know that I'll get the break I need.


The teachers are amazing. They are willing to meet with you anytime to make sure that you are understanding the subject. They are not about themselves, they are all about helping out their students in any way possible. There have been many times that a teacher has gone out of their way to meet with me by staying after school or coming in early.


The education is excellence in all ways because it focuses on the mind, the spirit, and the body. It is all in all a whole education and you learn a lot more than typical state universities.


How exciting and wonderful the atmosphere is! It's like having one big family surrounding you at all times. Everyone looks out for everyone else, is accepting of differences and makes life that much more exciting.


I brag about how the Professors here genuinely care about their students and how in tune they are with the Holy Spirit. I love the fact that I could go to one of their offices and not only ask for help on an assignment or a paper, but I could also ask them to pray for me and they would. I brag about how much different and better it is to attend a Christian Univeristy, rather than a secular one. I also brag on how well ORU prepares its students for the real world.


I love the fellowship I found at Oral Roberts University and the personable community! The professors become more then a teacher, but also an advisor. I have never been in such a friendly environment!


I brag about the professors and staff here the most. They bring such a high quality of education, and they make classes interesting and applicable to life. Also, they truly care about the students here. They want to prepare you for success, and are so supportive and compassionate.


About how everyone is welling to help teachers others students everyone wants everyone to suceed. No one is trying to run over the next person to get ahead all are trying to suceed with the help of others. Life long friendship that will last for a LIFETIME.


The Campus atmosphere that ORU has.


The faith based living. Truly a Christian university,


My school has a very chill and open atmosphere. People are genuinely nice, want to get to know you, and help you. Even though it is a Christian University we don't shove God down your throat. There are so many different people and with that comes different opinions which is great. This campus is a great place because it is very freeing and yet controlled.


That we had a great basketball team, good cafeteria food that was all you can eat and that our professors are the nicest, most helping ones in the country.


I always, always, always brag about my friends. I have met so many amazing people, and the classes that I took were very small so you have to get to know your classmates very well. Over the summer I bragged about a trip that I planned with 6 of my friends from ORU, and then came home and bragged about how it went. There are so many high calibre people to meet at ORU - that is my favorite part about my school.


The small, personable class size (30-60) creates an atmoshphere in whick my professors are able to care about my personal and professional development. I also my business professor's accomplishments; One of my professors was the Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing for Sky Communication in the UK for 10 years.


This school is so awesome! God will bless your life more than you know! This school has offered me a variety of opportunities to accomplish my goals and continue striving towards my dream! We have an awesome athletic program! Our basketball team made it to the final four last year and our baseball team was ranked nationally! Most of all I brag on the presence of God on this campus! It is wonderful to be able to praise Him freely!


my school is based on enriching the mind, body and spirit


The friends I made are the greatest, and they are so talented! I can see them leading companies, making a lot of money and changing lives int he future! I also was place in internships that gave me amazing professional experience with my major. Also, my University demanded a lot, and I learned so much. Now, going into grad school, i was easily accepted and soem of the coursework seems easier than my undergrad course work.