Oral Roberts University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Outside of Tulsa, Oral Roberts does not have a good reputation. Unfortunately a expensive degree from this institution will not help you land a job in the secular world.


Nothing, but if I had to choose something it would be location. I wish we had a university like ORU in Houston, TX. I will be very far from home.


I am usually content with the food on campus, but there are times I wish I had more choices. There are 3 restaurants on campus and the cafeteria, plus a number of restaurants surrounding the campus. I just wish there were more choices within walking distance between classes.


The strict rules. There is a dress code that even applies in the cafeteria, which gets a little annoying. You are not allowed to live off campus unless you have a medical reason, and there is a 1:30 am cerfew in the dorms even on weekends. You have to go to chapel twice a week, which seems to get a little excessive.


I don't have a car and many things are accessible by car so I'm stuck on campus most of the time.


The worst thing about Oral Roberts University is the food. The cafeteria has very strange meals, and there are only a few other dining options on campus.


I believe that the worst thing about my school is the lack of financial aid and scholarships granted to the students. ORU has many positive attributes but fiscal compassion is not one of them. The university nearly always ranks among the tops schools in the country as it regards to the amount of financial debt obtained by its graduates.


The worst thing would be the cost. It is so expensive to go there and if you cannot find any kind of scholarships then you will leave with over $100,000 in debt from a 4 year career as a student.


The worst thing about my school is how much tuition is


The only thing I dislike about my University is the registration process. It's a very lengthy and unexplained process that requires you to walk all around campus to become registered for room and board, enrollment, and to ensure tuition fees have been fufilled. This process can take up to eight hours hours if you are unfamiliar with the campus. Or, the information asked for prior to the campus visit (i.e. transcrpits, or immunization records) have not been recieved by the University. The process is rather in an unorganized matter.


The worst thing about my school is the students who come and complain about all the rules.


The process of coming to ORU , and dealing with finanical aid is very stressful; it takes a great amount of time to settle things with finacial aid.


Location= Oklahoma


The worst thing about my school is that during the winters, it can get pretty cold.


The worst thing about this school for me is that it is far away from my home.


The worst part about my school is that alot of the school is old and falling apart it is the most frustrating thing about it especially the dorms.


The worst thing is actually one of the best reasons. This school has a curfew at 12:00 for girls and 12:30 for guys on the weekdays and a 1:00 for girls and 1:30 for guys on the weekends. This really wipes out most late night plans for anything. Like late night food runs and especially for any late social events. Its a good thing as well though. It keeps the student body disciplined. And keeps people out of trouble.


High cost


The worst thing about my school would be the crickets and the cockroaches in the rooms. It is so discusting! We have had squirrel problems too. They need to have more animal control.


My school has been in debt since it was opened and the facilities are terrible. A lot of the equipment is really out-dated and we need a lot of renovations on campus.


THe worst thing is probably the lack of alternative food choices on campus. THere's the cafeteria, chik fil a , deli, coffee shop, of smoothie place. It would be nice to have a place where I could get a burger, pizza, fries ,or even something lighter after 4 besides the cafeteria.


There are not enough monetary resources for adequate scholarships for returning students. There has been an increase of funds for incoming students, but those of us who are here already need help as well.


The religious thelogy can be very confusing for many Christians, but it is getting better. This school was founded on the bases of Pentecostalism or the Charismatic branch of Christianity, which is very confusing and/ or inaccurate with the true Bible. This can deter students away, but it definitely strengthens them and allows them to search the truth on their own.


The worst thing about my school would be the lack of choices as far as food activities and areas to do them in.


What I would consider the worst thing about my school is its almost like a "buble" hidden from the world, in the sense that as students we know that this world is not always going to treat us well. Its a Christian University which is the beauty, however as an ORU student we understand that everyone has different values and beliefs systems in today's workplace, so we reconigzeing that by honoring and respect thost differences and celebrate the diversity of one another.


The previous president, Richard Roberts, that gave the University a bad name due to a nationally publicized lawsuit dealing with his unrightful acts of stealing University funds for personal use and gain.


The worst part about Oral Roberts University is the cost factor. It is not a public university, therefore it is getting no government funding. This causes each student to pay a large amount of money to attend college. Even though it is well worth each penny, not everyone has enough pennies in their pocket.


I think that worst thing is that the separtments do not communicate with each other sometimes and makes it hard to get the correct answer sometimes.


Due to the fact that Oral Roberts University is a small, private school, tuition can get pretty expensive. There are not a whole lot of options as far as meal plans are concerned . The price of books, room and board and just as mentioned before, tuition over all, is probably the worse thing about this university.


The Rules aka HONOR CODE. No girls allowed in dorms ever. Not very fun.


Its too expensive, although it was my first choice and i really like the school, its getting more and more expensive to go there and its tough on our family.