Oral Roberts University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who takes their higher education seriously. If a person is not looking for change and just wants to live life the way they have been living, they should not attend here. They should not attend this school if they do not want their lives impacted by a group of genuine people or a Great God. The kind of person who should attend here is someone who is expecting big plans for their lives.


A person who is willing a change from God. This school isnt just about academics. Its about finding Gods purpose for your life and what you have to do to svae his people. To grow spirutally, mentally and emotionally. Its an amazing school I recommend for everybody. They believe in the whole person and the whole person is mind, soul and physical fitness. They go above and beyond with their students for studies, and personal life along with ohysical fitness. Its an amazing school to be if you want to experiance the real world in a professinal manner.


A person looking to attend a small closenit campus community should attend Oral Roberts. Their is a very diverse student population here at O.R.U. Students from 49 states and many countries attend here. I,m learning many new and wonderful things here. It is a joy to go to class and interact with my friends.


An individual who is looking to discipline himself and mature in the Word of God. Oral Roberts University (ORU) provides students of all ages a chance to improve socially, mentally, and spiritually. If a potential student is struggling to be prompt or having difficulty leaving the "party" life behind, then ORU is for them.


A student seeking to attend Oral Roberts University should be someone who is academically astute, physically disciplined and spiritually strong. ORU strives to educate the "whole person" by building students up mentally, spiritually and physically. Prospective ORU students are, for the most part, well rounded individuals. Ultimately, ORU is a Christian college and faith is at the core of this university so Christian faith and ideals should be the main priority of an applicant.


People that attend this school need to be dedicated Christians who are called to this school. They need to be completely focused on God, hard working, and independent. A student that comes here needs to be willing to fight to get through the hard times while staying in close contact with Jesus. They need to study hard, stay in close contact with their professors, and be willing to stand up for what they believe in.


Oral Roberts University students should be well-balanced when it comes to spiritually, mentally, and physically sound. He or she ought to be firm in their beliefs, and know who they are as individuals. Since ORU is a Christian University, he or she should be open-minded about the Christian lifestyle, and be willing to hear and accept all theological views about specific Biblical perspectives. ORU has a diverse student body with differing spiritual opinions. The prospective student should be willing to respect all other views and opinions, regardless of whether or not he/she agrees with them.


Only a person who believes in the word of God. Someone who lives by their life with honesty and integrity. This school has things like the "honor code" that we must sign before we move in on campus as well as curfew restrictions. These things may sound depressing to an incoming student but many students have found that this school holds you accountable to your actions. This causes students to maintain a high preformance academically.


ORU is the place for any student who wants to receive quality education, establish a network of support, build lifelong relationships and be challenged to love and serve God more.


Someone who loves educating the whole person body, mind, soul.


To be honest there are all types of people who join Oral Roberts, but some people do have to realize that you have to be prepared to accept responsibility in having integrity in all aspects of your life. Some people come because their parents made them, but end up realizing that they need to change their way of living in order to please God, themselves, and their parents. Its kind of hard to go to a Christian university and not get hooked on the lingo.


All students. Peopke of different races, backrounds. As well as all personalities and ideas


Someone seeking a Christian environment with a strong academic focus.


Anyone who wants to grow mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually.


A person who wants to learn and develop a relationship with Christ at the same time. A person who wants a whole-person education and wants to go deeper in their relationship with the Lord.


A person who is academical focused, spirtitually oriented, and socially accomodating.


A person that want s to be challenged in all areas of their lives. In the areas of body, spirit, and mind. It will challenge you to take care of your body, do well academically, and challenge you spiritually. If you want to discover about God, this is the right place to go. If you have not been raised in a Christian enviroment it may take a while to adjust, but it would be a great place to start. Also a person that wants to go to a diverse small school, this is the place for you.


Anyone search for an evangelical Christian community focusing on whole-person excellence in education...body, mind and spirit!


One that is flexible and positive.


someone that feels like God has called them here or someone who is wanting to study theology, evangelism, or ministry


Anyone. Honestly, this is one of the greatest schools on the face of the earth because it allows you to become who you are called to be. I believe it does a great job at preparing you for the future and the things you love and are called to do. It offers numerous degree programs and has outstanding classes, led by professors who have lived and worked in their field and are bringing their experiences and understanding to the students to help them get farther and do better than they did.


Someone who wants individual attention and relationship with faculty. Wants to be part of a community who seek to become well-rounded - socially, physically, spiritually, and educationally. Someone who feels that God is calling them to ORU and someone who wants to change the world for Christ.


A person that wants a great education for body, mind and spirit should attend this school. It is not only focused on one's intellectual aspects, but the whole person. The professors and advisors actually care about their students and will do anything they can for students to get the most out of their college experience. Anyone who is eager to learn and build relationships in a Christian community would extremely enjoy Oral Roberts University.


A good Christian searching for God


One who wants to discover their purpose and passion.