Oral Roberts University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Making decisions out of college is something that you've never done before. Here is a brief list of things to pay attention to to make sure you aren't wasting thousands of dollars and years of your life. Time is your most valuable resource. You will have the freedom to make your own destiny. Use this freedom to push yourself to do the most difficult things imaginable. Find the limits of your ability and then find ways to extend those limits. Do things you are good at, even if you think they are nerdy. Get to know your professors. Not only will they grade you, but they will be able to give you advice for the rest of your career. Do not let yourself just make grade. What matters is mastery of your subject. When you get out of school, no one will care if you got an 'A' in a class. They will care if you can do the job well.


If I had a piece of advice to give to my high school senior self, it would be to allow myself to think. I grew up in a very religious family and I really struggled finding myself and what I believed in. I have always been a very analytical thinker and I questioned everything. Unfortunatly, this was very discouraged and thought to be "wayward" thinking instead of righteous. Therefor, whenever I had a question or an alternative idea, I would always repress it because I assumed it was wrong to stray. Now that I am out of my home and in college, I am facing a faith crisis. I wish I would have given and been given grace to let myself develop into the kind of thinker I am-the kind of thinker I believe will help me excell in college if I give myself the liberty to do so. I wish I had the courage when I was younger to think. I do now though, and I intend to never stop thinking, and to never stop questioning until my questions are answered.


Knowing what I know now, I would advise myself to search very carefully for a college with a dedicated and supportive coach and athletic staff to aid me as I train for pole vaulting. Oral Roberts University completely fulfills this base requirement, and I am lucky to have found it. As a senior in high school, I was already practicing many effective habits that made the transition into college life relitively easy. From studying in school to training for track and field, many habits I had already formed became very useful.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice, it would be to have confidence in yourself. Have confidence in your dream and vision for your future. The biggest downfall to your success would be to compare yourself to other people- people who are running their own race with their own dreams and goals. Keeping that in mind, know that its ok to take risks. Risk that challange yourself to do what you otherwise wouldn't academically, physically, and spiritually. Know that the best and most rewarding thing is to face your own fears- don't shy away from the things that challenge your faith and intellect. Learn to distinguish that which is true and that which is false. Above all keep your vision alive! Don't get distracted by the unproductive activities but learn to have fun. Just stay focused! Again remember that the only comparison worth making is not with others but with all that you know you were created to be and to do.


I would tell my high school self “You’re enough”. I felt so much anxiety being a senior. All of my friends seemed to know where they were going and what they wanted to do. I felt left out, because I was uncertain about my future. The more inadequate I felt, the more I tried to overcompensate. I wasted a lot of time, effort, and money trying to keep up with everyone else. In the process, I lost my identity. I became accustomed to doing what would please others, and forgot about me. I really needed to hear someone say, “You’re enough.” You don’t have to do what the others do. Pace yourself. Find out who you are and fall in love with that person. Who has it all figured out at seventeen anyway? Sometimes we carry things from our childhoods that affect us greatly in life. Feeling inadequate was something I battled as a child. I had to learn that I am important and I matter. I was enough then just as much as I am today.


Coffee is expensive. Ramen is cheap. Distraction loves to invite Procastination over for some social media and their pal Netflix will keep saying "Next Episode" until it's 5am and your essay's still only long as your name. Youtube and its video suggestions are your enemy. I suggest to avoid it completely, lest you be drawn in by the movie trailers, kpop, and cat videos. You will soon be moving into a dorm, the entire contents of your closet do not need to come along for the ride. Save yourself the space in your suitcase and donate your extra clothes to Goodwill. Studying. Get to it. Dorm room walls are thinner than you think. Remember that the next time you get that innate feeling to sing along to your favorite song at the top of your lungs. Oklahoma is not like your home country-er, state, Texas. Winter is going to be very different, with snow and wind that will freeze you to the bone. My advice, don't leave your big jacket at home. Finally, memorize this and please do not let it happen again: open laptops and open cups lead to spills and costly damages.


If I learned anything from college life, it's stuns me now to realize how much I've grown and wished more to embrace each moment. I would say to not only embrace each moment of college, but be prepared as well. Make sure you are not only having fun, but balancing fun with studies. I've seen too many students throw away money by living carelessly throughout college. Sorround yourself with the best people and lose touch with pushing yourself to your best ability. They say you are your own worst critic. Well, it's true. It's all a crazy balance of life. But trusting and loving those who have experienced the same troubles as you helps.


Going back to my senior year if I could give myself advice I would without a doubt taking studying more seriously because in college studying is so important. I also never took testing, state testing and the ACT seriously. In my opinion if I could go back in time and learn how to take test and how to prepare myself to testing that would help me succeed in college. I would also advise myself to practice time management. Time Management is one of the most unknown things among all incoming college students and yet it is one of the most important things to know. Taking testing more seriously, learning how to study and how to manage my time would be the three things I would advise myself to do if I could go back to my senior year.


The advice I would give myself as a senior in high school is first of all, learn to organize your time. I would tell myself to learn how to wake up to my alarm set at 8:30 am and actually get up instead of turning it off and laying down again. And if still can't do that, I would tell myself to not pick classes earlier than 10:00 am! Secondly, the times I would attend history 1302, I would say, "Please do not listen to music with your headphones on. You would actually learn something in class and get an A instead of a D." And the last thing I would tell myself is, "Audition for a play. Don't let the classes overwhelm you and not have anytime to enjoy your new friends. College is packed full of fun and we both know what fun to stay away from." That is what I would say to my senior self.


If I knew what I know now I would do a lot of things differently. I would have tried harder to make better grades and I would have cared more overall. I would tell my past self to not be so lazy and do what you got to do to make a better future for yourself and future family and life style.


The advice i would give to myself is SLOW DOWN. Dump that beoyfriend you had because he was only holding you back. Listen to mom and dad when they say the world is in your hands but its yout choice to grab it. Be more serious about your studies and kee p pushing forward. Enjoy your senior year because you will miss it once your in college. Live it up and keep going strong. Its all worth it in the end if you just keep pushing yourself and staying focused. Dont let laziness get the best of you and lastly love yourself for who you are no matter what people say and stay strong because you are strong.


I would tell myself to not procrastinate in college. School is a lot less stressful if you get things done when they are assigned. Also take the whole semester seriously. Do not wait until halfway through the semester to start studying for test and taking good notes to try to bring up your grades. It is better to start of strong and stay up on all your work.


Look at the dress code, talk to alumni and current students, and visit the city around the campus.


Don't ever give up ! In all you get an understanding and press through each situation and circumstance that comes your way knowing that you have the victory to get through it. Build yourself up in courage and don't look to the right or left into other people accomplishments, but stay focused on your own path. Seriously, some things in life are just for a season while other things in life are there for a lifetime. Pick and choose your battles, not everything is worth fighting over and for. You are a very smart, intelligent and mighty warrior; your faith in God is best settled in the key word of trust. Trust in all that he is doing in and throughout your life and don't allow yourself to worry or get anxious abdout tomorrow, but in all things trust in God. Know that yes others are proud of you, but knowing more to be proud of yourself. There is so much that this world has to offer and there are so many things that are still left unaswered, know that God holds the key to every answer and seek him for the answer.


If I had the possibility to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school student, there are a couple of advices I would give to myself. First, I will make sure to stress enough the importance of hard work in school. I will let myself know that it is important to take, if possible, as many AP classes that I can. College is a challenging place. You have a lot of young people coming into this place with big dreams up their heads. It is an advantage to enter this institution as ready as one can be. Also, I will make sure that I get some fun. It is true taht college campuses offers a lot of activities to students but I think that one should get through high school while working hard but not forgeting to relax when it is needed. Also, I think that if someone spends too much time working in high school they might have the tendancy to ditch classes to have fun with friends during their first college year as a way to compensate for the fun they didn't get in high school.


My situation is a little different, as I am a non-traditional student. The advice I would of given myself as a high school student would be to not take anything for granted. School is a gift. It is very expensive and as I said should not be taken for granted. Although it is a joy to learn and is necessary for a career or certain professions, it is still a gift that should be treasured and viewed as such. To not value your education is a disservice to all, your family, your community, but mostly yourself. So, I would say, take every day and treasure it, every class and adore it and every moment of every day, rejoice in it.


Dear Deliza, So you graduated number thirteen in your high school class and you think the days of making A's in school are over. You are stronger than you think. You have everything you need to succeed academically which is determination and perseverance. Here's one thing you don't have, experience in many things and that's what you are afraid of. Don't worry about that, you will learn this through your entire college career and there after just like everyone else. So make a-lot of friends and call mom every day, yes every day, and it would help a-lot if you got a summer job, college 'ain’t cheap! You're going to do great; I believe in you.


I wish I would have understood the importance of finding scholarships early and WHERE to find them! Much of what I know now, is that you have to apply what you do know & allow yourself to learn along the way. Financially I have pushed myself to find resources to help pay for my tuition so I am not crazy in debt after college, paying off loans. I have also learned the importance of asking lots of questions about college and plugging myself in to on campus events. I try to encourage my younger peers to apply for scholarships. There is much pain in the process of applying, however, when you finally receive financial rewards, you realize you have it in you to be resourceful if you just take baby steps to find answers. I also know the importance of taking initiative. Talking to my professors if I have questions or concerns on homework or college in general. I read a quote while I was in a community college several years ago that goes something like this: It's better to spend hours & hours searching for scholarships than it is to spend years paying it off.


The advice I would give myself as a high school senior would be to focus more on myself as a person than trying to focus more on others and there goals. College is more important than what some people think. Growing up with only one parent and having younger siblings to take care of can take a big toll on life. I always wanted what was best for others even if I had to put my own life on hold. It has resulted into me putting a pause on school and the pressure causing stress which ended in bad grades. I’ve learned that balancing the two will benefit me more in life then just focusing on one. I have one life to live and I want to accomplish as much as I can before my time is up. Never give up even when the days seem like they will never end. Always have a positive outlook on life. Positively is the key to successes.


Remember those kids in high school who didn't try at all and yet still managed to be ranked near the very top of the class? Well, I was one of those kids, and let me tell you, I was in for a rude awakening my first semester of college. So, if I could go back in time and give myself advice, my advice would focus around two words: Be Present. "Shoot, what does that mean?" Being present simply means that your mind is focused on the HERE and NOW. I don't care if that really cute girl from Chemistry 101 sent you a text wanting to know what you're doing tonight during your Anatomy class. If you're in Anatomy, focus on Anatomy and NOTHING ELSE; that cute girl can wait until later. Similarly, if you're hanging out with that cute girl later on that night, don't focus on the massive anatomy project that the professor just assigned to the class; instead, enjoy your time with the girl and HAVE FUN. No matter what, if your mind is elsewhere, you will NEVER do your best or reach your full potential.


Be proactive at all times in high school. Discover yourself and what you like to do. See all options and be open to new ideas. Be involved in your community and areas in which you love and see yourself in the future, for example, be a volunteer in a hospital if you want to be a doctor. Never underestimate your potential. Be involved within your high school and outside in the real world. Never give up on your dreams, goals, and aspirations. If you put your mind to it, all things are possible. Be ambitious and tenacious. Don't just get grades in school but learn; Not just in school but also elsewhere as well. Don't set limitations. Learn and think "outside the box". Manage your time well by taking care of the important things. It will be greatly needed in school and in life. Don't be scared of what is yet to come but prepare yourself for the future so you will have no doubts and fears of what will be. You are never a failure but a success. You will succeed if you give it your all!


Keep it UP !! Don't quite !! Study harder and pay attention, because they do know what they are talking about !! YOU CAN DO IT !!


I would tell myself that it is not how the tv and movies make it out to be. You have lots of fun, but it is alot of hard work. There were times I had to figure out hard lessons about myself and others. People back home wanted me to give them my attention, but the people at school wanted my attention as well. I would also say do not take anything for granted. You do not realize how much your family means to you until you leave them. I thought college was going to make me independent and it did. Even though I am independent I still need my family to comfort me when I am down. Get your priorities together. I placed some things more important than others, and the things that were not as important that I made imprtant came out well. The things that were important, but I placed them in not as important came out bad. It showed me that the signifiant things in my life need more time and effort, not half time and half effort.


As a junior in high school i realized that I would be graduating the following year. However, I didnt prepare myself very much for the hardships that would come once I became a senior. If I could go back in time and give myself some advice, it would lean specifically towards preparation. I would warn myself not only about the amount of work I may have just in one week but about the temptation to step outside of my character. As a senior in high school I though college was prtty much like my senior year. Nothing but school work and hanging with friends, That's not the case at all. Every day I have to make a sound decision to not go to the parties this weekend or pass on doing drugs or having sex with random people. I didnt do any of those things in high school but had I prepared myself for my senior year I wouldn't done most of the things I did do. I would tell myself to only do what you know is right and to never conformed to peoples thoughts or expectations of you because no one remembers the mediocre people.


First I would tell my High School self to think about tomorrow and the future instead of always today. Also to always believe in yourself and stay positive. The only thing in my life I regret is not trying harder in High School to get a scholarship. I’m reminded of my mistake every time tuition is due. With me being premature and having a level two brain bleed I’ve always been behind academically. That always frustrated me and being in remediation took confidence in myself away. I’m now months away from graduating with my two year degree. The transition into college was not easy and took me some time . With a lot of hard work , praise and determination I have done something I’ve always thought would be impossible. I am now in a Medical Admin program trying to further my education due to limited access into Radiography. With my new learned confidence I didn’t stop trying but it only made me want to try harder. These life lessons you learn along the way are so valuable and important. I’m thankful that in the future I can give back to the community and my family !


The best advice I could give my younger self about college, would be to always do your best. Just because there isn't someone saying "Hey, you need to do all of the homework" still do all the homework. When you feel a class is pointless because you're not interested, don't let that make you lazy and unprepared. All of these grades will matter when you finally decide what you are passionate about. Always work your hardest because it WILL pay off and it WILL be worth it, but always try to the best of your ability.


After being thrown into a sea of college students and swimming for my life, I can happily say that I have not only adjusted to but absolutly love college life. Looking back at my transition, I wish someone had told me how to adjust to this new world. If I could travel back and talk to myself, there is many things I would say. The first thing I would tell myself is to calm down. It is very hard to make new friends and manage a new schedule when you are constantly stressed and scarred. Another thing I would tell myself is to be confident. Upon first entering college, it may seem like everyone already knows where they belong, but do not be intimidated. They are just as nervous as you are. If you step out with confidence, people will be drawn to you. Another thing I would say to myself is to have fun. Although studying and homework are exceedingly important to college life, is is necessary to have fun and relax too. Try to find the balance between your studies and your social lifke. College is a fun and exicing new world, so jump in and swim.


As a dual enrolled student earning my Associate's before my high school diploma, I recognized early on the difference college can have on one's life later on and the sheer improvements in lifestyle that are achievable through it. I walked into my first college classroom jittery and unnerved knowing everything I did from that moment on determined what life I was choosing to live. Adaptability was key in adjusting to new surroundings, teaching styles, and higher academics. Being given control over my own education and future gave me a new perspective in knowing everything in life depended on my work ethic and desire to accomplish my goals in the manner I see fit. College served as an eye opener to the flaws in the way I lived my life until that first day in class. Through those early days I realized I needed to reach a level of maturity and responsibility that one needs to function productively in society to achieve my higher education and life goals. In my college experience so far, I feel I have become a more well rounded individual capable of adapting to the rigors one may encounter along their journey through life.


My experience at college has been priceless. Every part of me has benefited from attending school, and I know that I will continue to grow similarly throughout my education. The most valuable thing I have gotten out of my college experience has been a broader, more empathetic worldview. In the small town that I grew up in, our worries were focused on ourselves. Here at ORU, we have a motto: "Go into every man's world." Through my classes and through weekly chapels, I have been encouraged to step outside of myself and to truly care for other people. Once I was just worried about getting a good job; now I am concerned about how my actions and career will impact others. The reason that my education is so valuable to me is that it has empowered me to become someone better, and not just for myself. Instead of staying a victim to circumstance, I am becoming a victor, and I want to educate others so that they can do the same. If I had not attended college, my worldview would be selfish and small, but now I feel empowered to make a difference, and that is precious to me.


Through my college experievce I didnt just gain an extra education but also how to deal with real life problems. For example, when I started school I found out that i would be attenting monday through friday for five hours a day. That equals to twenty hours a week which was like a part time job. At the time i was working full time so I had to change my schedule. That was hard for me since it meant that I had to work nights and weekends. In addition, I had to learn how to manage my time better since I had to balance my other activities like going to the gym and church. Now with a full schedule i learned how to buy time for when I have other obligations to do or I needed to make an appointment. Nonetheless, my school has helped me learned the skills I need for field which is HVAC-R. If I looked back two years ago, I wouldn't know how refrigeration works, atmospheric burners, superheat, and subcooling. If i wasn't in school I would be another teenage bum living with their parents.


I saved a lot of money and managed to take all my GE classes. This isn't a typicaly community college. A majority of the professors enjoy teaching. Transfer programs are available. Pasadena City College promotes transferring to a four year university and has the highest rate of transfer.


Out of my college I have gotten courage and confidence to persue my career and do the best that i can in life.


College is a wonderful experience! It allows us young adults to have a little bit of responsibility. We chose when we want our classes. We also get to chose who we want as a teacher. We get more freedom than highschool and we each get an individual learning experience. The advisors are wonderful at helping you when you need their assistance. I am always eager for the new semester to start because going to college is the best choice I have ever made in my life. Through college I have learned that life will be full of decisions and we have to pick what fits for us. College has given me a small look into what the rest of life is going to be like. I believe that how you view your college experience will reflect on how you view the rest of your life. And I believe that since I enjoy college so much and I have learned many things that the rest of my life will be just as amazing!


Different people have different college expriences. I am attending a community college, Rose State College in Midwest City, Oklahoma. They use the phrase, "Stay close. Go far." This statement is very true. I thoroughly enjoy being able to attend classes at this college. I am a young, single mother and I have to work in order to make ends meet. By attending this college, I am able to do just that. I work a full-time job and am able to attend school full-time as well. This school offers many different ways to get your degree. I have participated in online courses as well as on campus learning; both have worked tremendously. The advisors work with you and your schedule to get exactly what is best for you. Attending college has been an extremely valuable opportunity. By attending, I am ensuring a better future for my son and I. Also, I am showing my son that no matter what challenges in life are thrown your way, attending college is always an option and is never out of the question.


I've gained more skills for the career I really want and I've grown in my relationship with God.


My college experience thus far has genuinely opened my eyes to the power and benefits of knowledge. During my years in high school I valued education, however, it appeared that other things flaunted by my peers were more valuable because the individuals participating in these activities gained the most respect. Like my peers, I gradually began to believe that power could be gained by engaging in things such as sports, entertainment, popularity, etc. Although I was a good student, education did not seem nearly as advantageous and beneficial as many of the things promoted in high school. However, once I attended college and gained knowledge from a first-rate university like ORU my perspective quickly changed. My mind is constantly being stimulated from classroom discussions to research projects to even various conversations with friends. I now realize that a strong mind is more valuable than any other asset and that is should not be wasted.




I have gotten a lot of valuable information from my college. I have developed a better work ethic. It is not as easy as high school was and so I had to learn how to manage my time better and know my priorities. I have also developed a love for learning. Now that I have finally found out what I would like to do in life learning is so much easier. I enjoy going to my classes and labs to learn what I can to help me out in my future career. Overall college has been a great opportunity for me and I hope that I will be able to finish out my educational experience by receiving scholarships to help pay for it. I thank you very much for taking the time to consider my application and I looking forward hearing from you in the future.


Over the last couple of years I have grown and learned a lot as a college student and I am still learning. Although it has been stressful at times, I find that those stressful moments are what make college a wonderful experience because you learn from those moments. Out of my experience in college, I have learned to be more responsible and on top of everything. I feel that college is the one place where I have gotten to meet so many different individuals and become apart of so many things such as volunteer work, different activities and I have also joined some organizations as well. Those types of things have helped me get further as far as my social skills and networking as well. College is most definitely valuable to attend because it involves a lot of responsibility and that helps you become more responsible. It is also very valuable because it is an opportunity to learn and get an education which is something that was not an option for us at one point in time. It is an opportunity that should be taken advantage of because it is valuable and that it should not be taken for granted.


Attending ORU has really tested my faith when it comes to affording to come here. It's helped me learn that I need to prioritize and always keep God first in everything that I do. However, attending this school has also provided me with many opportunities that I could never imagine including making tons of friends on and off campus, and meeting so many professors that really do care about you and your studies/wellbeing. I never thought that a school could mean so much to me before I began attending ORU. ORU is such a valuable school because God is at the forefront of everything that they do. On campus there are daily times for prayer, special areas that you can go to just to spend time with God in prayer, and going to this school really helps you connect with God emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Overall, this school is completely amazing- beautiful, in its physical characterists as well as it's ability to teach people from all different areas of life.


College has not just been about furthering my education and knowledge of my chosen field of study; College has taught me to be myself, and to take pride in the person I have become. I have learned to stand up for what I believe, and to be sure of who I am. I have learned that the value of a University comes not from the lesson plans, the homework assignments, or the lecture notes, but from the teachers, classmates, and roommates. College is not just about the futhering of my material knowledge, but also from the social and spiritual knowledge aquired. This experience has heightened my maturity and impelled me to become the woman I was purposed to be.


I have met great and friendly people who are willing to study hard and dream about the future. It has been a great experience overall to go to Oral Roberts University. I have learned to hold my own opinions in the face of opposing ones, and to be more accepting of other people's perspectives.


Going to college at Oral Roberts University has changed my life in many ways. They have helped me to develop a healthy life style, maintain my spiritual life, and become a well-rounded individual. They focus on what it means to be a "Whole Person", which I believe will assist each individual in becoming a greater person and making a bigger impact on this world.


From my college experience I have learned to better balance my time. I have learned to keep the main thing the main thing while still keeping in mind that all I can do is my best. When I know I have achieved my personal best I am satisfied.


I am currently a student at The College of New Jersey, where I am pursuing a Bachelor?s Degree in Biology. After graduation, I plan to enroll in graduate school in order to get my Ph.D. in the field of neuroscience. In my two and a half years in college thus far, through courses such as Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology, and my participation in a campus organization called the Biology Club, I have gained knowledge and skills that will allow me to make a positive contribution in the field of neuroscience. In my science courses, for example, I have gained skills such as the ability to create a hypothesis, make observations, execute an experiment, generate conclusions from analyzing data, and the ability to present a topic to an audience. I have improved the latter by delivering PowerPoint presentations in my General Biology and Invertebrate Zoology courses. It has been valuable for me to attend college because it has helped me to become an independent thinker: which will allow me to turn ideas, into hopefully the medical breakthroughs of tomorrow.


Before I pursued a college education, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. But since I got my focus on what purpose God had for my life, I began to seek out information about furthering my education. It has been the best decision I have made in my life, thus far. Choosing to better myself, and pursue my dream of working with music challenges me, and I am so grateful that I didn't give up, didn't sell myself short, and made the decision to go to school.


I have found a sense of direction. Attending ORU has given me the chance to try different departments, like music , teaching and now I have a goal and a purpose. The profs have really given me some great insight to where I can be in the furture. This college is a good fit for me. I have had nothing but good experiences here compared to the college that I was attending.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, there are many things I would tell myself. First I would tell myself to make it a priority to apply for as many scholarships as possible. I would tell myself to not be discouraged and to be persistant in applying for scholarships. I would convey the importance of doing this by saying that I have heard that I will likely get 1 out of every 18 scholarships I apply for. Second, I would tell myself to mentally prepare for the academic rigor I will experience at a University so that when I get to school I would not be easily discouraged. Attending a University is certainly different than High School. I would also tell myself to register for classses and take care of my financial aid early so that I am prepared for the first day of school without any last minute stress. Additionally, I would insist that I order my books online for my classes because doing so can save me hundreds of dollars. I would say all these things to myself so that I can be well prepared for attending school.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would just encourage myself that preparation time is not wasted time. I would fill out more scholarship applications and prepare more in the area of finances. As far as my decision of which college to attend I believe I made the right choice. I am very happy about Oral Roberts University. I know I would not have acceled academically and spiritually as fast as I have here at ORU. College life is great and the transition was smooth physically. However; I would have prepared more financially.


You have done an excellent job in your high school academic career, but do not expect college to be as easy as these four years have been. The faculty at ORU are there to help you grow and mature. They will stretch you until you think you will break, but in the end you will see that you did not break... You grew. You may not care about your gen-eds in the beginning, but remember that they still produce grades which produce Accumulative GPAs. Even if you could care less about the subject, still try your absolute hardest to ace the class because once you start getting low GPAs, it is extremely difficult to raise your Accumulative GPA once you are in your major classes. Also, just be you. Do not be an introvert who only spends time with a very few close friends. Expand your horizon and be social. The people you meet will most likely be your friends for a lifetime and even if you never talk to them again after graduation... At least you had a "family" of people that cared about you when you needed someone to help take some of the college stress away.