Oral Roberts University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


"Pay attention to all of the details in and out of class. Make sure you score well on your high school tests because that will determine your financial status in regards to payment towards your tuition. I know you want to live your life outside of a classroom for a while, so do so. However don't take years to make a decision because a decision will never be made. If you have a passion, chase it until you've earned it. College life is much more lenient than high school life so don't abuse it because it will reflect on your grades. The most important thing in your life is success. It's a reason to be proud of youself. So give yourself that much. The decisions you make in college will determine the rest of your social, and professional life, so utilize every opportunity, never doubt youself, and reach for any and every goal you wish to set for youself. They were made for you to achieve."


Figure out what you want to do with your life specifically. Then you can find scholarships particular to your major or career. Find those scholarships. Find other scholarships. Save as much money as you can and don't buy an expensive car or motorcycle or something stupid like that. Look at more than one or two colleges.


As a high school student, I made most of the right decisions to prepare for college life. I bought a planner and wrote down all the events and work I had to do during the week so I would not forget it. During club meetings, I made a point to try to practice my social skills and meeting new people. The only thing I would ever need more advice on would be the necessity to learn to manage money from a wiser adult. Perhaps, this would allow me to prepare better for the cost of college.


Hey Lilie, now that you're graduating, what are your plans for the future? - Oh, probably just start a program at a community college. Have you thought about transferring to some university? - Not really. I'd love to one day, though. Have you talked to an advisor who could help explain the differences between different degrees and programs and what you need to do to achieve them? If you want to get a Bachelor's degree, it would be good to take classes that you know will get transferred, so you don't waste time and money. Many colleges have special programs to ease this process. -Really. I should think about this and make more definite plans. Another thing I suggest is look into different scholarship opportunities that your school is offering. As a senior, this is the best time to apply for scholarships. Talk to some teachers who know you well, and ask them to write letters of recommendation. You already have a high GPA working in your favor. Don?t be discouraged when you don?t win some scholarship, just keep applying. Also, check out www.campusdiscovery.com. They sometimes have great scholarship opportunities. Well, good luck! -Thanks.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would definitely have some suggestions and advice about things that I did not forsee back then. First of all, I was someone who had the most difficult time choosing a major. Now there can be many reasons for this, but for me the problem was that I actually couldn't decide on what career I wanted to be in. This is not the situation for everyone, but based upon my experience in college, I would say when you are choosing a major, you are not necessarily choosing a career. Choose something that you like and that interests you, and you will find a career that you can use that in. Second, college life is what you make it. I came to school expecting that I would automatically fit in, have tons of friends, and life would be great. But, I quickly found out that things don't always fall into place like that. So, I would tell myself to make an effort, to reach out to others, and that hard work is the most valuable thing you can put into your college experience.


Well I would tell myself to be focused more on coursework. Especially in the general education classes, because it is very easy to slack off. Be careful in choosing a major, and make sure it's something that you love and will love in the future.


Find a balance in your schedule. Do not stress so much about getting into college that you forget or fail to enjoy yourself in high school. Be able to look back at high school and know that the activities you joined were ones that you wanted to and not just those that would look good on your college application. The way you leave high school is the way you will enter college. If you nurture negative feelings and thoughts about wanting to get away from high school, those will be brought with you into college. Keep an open mind and be prepared to try new things. Remember that especially with roommates. They are a practical source of information and support, especially if they are older than you. Do not worry about whether you will be best friends with your roommate. So long as you can coexist, the semester will go well. Please do not pursue a major because your parents or friends want you to. If you do not take pleasure in what you are studying, do not waste your time on it. Remember that college has an immeasurable impact on your future. Make sure you love it.


i would tell myself to have things in mind to do during your spare time. at college i have had tons of free time. i wish i had known that my eating scehdule would be so different. i wold tell myself to save money. money is very rare around here but needed often. dont spend needlessly. learn to study. it is very important that you know how to study ocne you get to college. you will spend a lot of time doing it. know how to listen and take notes. teachers dont always wait for you to cathc up like they did in high school. you need to be able to stay up with the professors pace. know that you will meet very different people. giver everyone a chance.


To stay in there no matter what it may seem like, its going to be great . Continue to study hard and when you need help do not be afraid to ask because this is their job to teach you and to help you suceed in the dream of your future.


Okay, self. You need to start saving money right now. Seriously, you're working now start saving money. When you get to college you are gonna wanna have fun and spend money, but you won't have a job. So save the money you make now. Also, don't get too used to Mom's delicious cooking, everything seems mediocre by comparison. Lower your expectations for meals and you'll be fine for college. Its not bad, Mom's just beats everybody. Oh, the whole age difference thing isn't really THAT big of a deal in college. I know I was too shocked and baffled. They just don't care about how old everyone is. Its really neat. You're gonna miss your family. Sorry. But don't worry absence makes the heart grow fonder. When you go back for break its weird because you're home but all your stuff is at college and your little sister is going to take over your room, but its okay. Overall, you're going to love love love college so don't stress or worry cuz its bomb diggity. Good luck!


Go to School Sooner and do better Academically and Financially.


If you take any "college courses" in High School, make sure you pay the [relatively] small fee to get actual college credit for them! I made that mistake, not wanting to shovel out a measely $100 when in college the same credits cost 10+ times that. Aside from that, get as far away as you can from the notion in your brain that you know everything! You have NO IDEA how young you really are. Go into college with a fresh mental plate. Be willing to consider everything. Consider an idea seriously & with great thought before you accept or reject it. Aristotle said, "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." Just because you never considered it before doesn't mean it's wrong. And just because you've held dearly to something else doesn't mean it's right. Also, try your hardest to look beyond your little world. Look beyond the USA & learn about the greater world. Travel to some foreign countries if the opportunity arises. Make friends with international students so you can learn about their culture. Realize that the world is so much bigger than you.


I needed to start looking for colleges earlier. Check out more than one college. Apply to more than one college. Look up scholarships. Put as many hours of work in as you can and save the money up because you will need it. Don't start getting into the habit of late nights because they'll only get worse with college.


I would first tell myself that high school compared to college is a joke, and all the unnecessary stress and drama that was brought up in high school is not worth it. I would also encourage myself to get involved as much as possible in order to meet new people and have a network of friends that will last a lifetime. I would explain the dorm life and the pro's and con's of a roommate and public bathroom. I would advise myself to not go to college with old high school love affairs, but start college off on a new and fresh start. Knowing what i know now, i would clearly explain the amount of work that comes along with a great college experiance, and to never let fun time get in the way of school time, unless you want to see you're GPA drop in no time. Also with college comes debt and to save, save, save during high school, so that you have some spending money or you'll feel left out while you watch your friends able to afford things. Over all i would tell myself to cherish every minute of colllege.




I would have told myself to work harder in high school and make the most of every oppurtunity. I would have advised myself to be more active in school and also the community. I would have been more involved with clubs and different projects. It is important to explore different oppurtunities that you are given in high school. The year of your senior year is the best time to be a active member in the community and also be a great example to the younger kids to want to follow in your footsteps. I would have been more of a n example so that others would also take full advantage of being that age and having an impact.


Some of the advice I would give myself is to take studying more seriously. Being a nursing major brings many twists and turns, but if I would have learned this key concept in the begining I would have been victorious as my name says in all aspects of my life. Another thing I would tell my old high school senior self ,is to create a better foundation with Jesus Christ. Im going to be honest with you, coming into the university I was not as "Godly" as most people would say; but as i surrounded myself with individuals who are on fire for Jesus as I am now. My realationship with him would be so much stronger than it is. The last thing I would tell myself is NEVER QUIT TRACK, lets just say I have the thunder thighs, and wigglely arms to prove it . But on a serious note, that would have been a blessing to eventually get a full ride scholarship, that way my aunts wouldnt have to work three jobs in order to support my 30,000 dollar a year education. But notice I put the emphasis on mind, body, and spirit. PERFECT.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself four simple things; 1. get involved in community service 2. keep your grades up 3. don't let the freedom of college life get to your head and 4. apply for scholarships early. If you do those four things, college will be so much easier.


I would tell myself first of all, you feel grown up because your in college now, but one year from now you will look back and see yourself as a little girl just taking a few wobbly steps in the adult world. Yes, things are going to change when you go back home for breaks but its for the best. For first semester, try to get to bed by 2am and just because the cafeteria offers several great dessert choices every meal doesn't mean you eat dessert every meal. The guy you will end up with is a great guy, so be patient and wait for him. There are some things that are not worth the consequences. Sometimes the most courageous thing to do is to walk away. Some people will never like you so never sell yourself short just to be friends because in the end, you'll lose them and yourself in the process. Don't pour out your heart to every person because some won't take care of what you trust in them. Listen to your parents...they actually kinda know what they are talking about . And always remember you can do it!


Learn to study better earlier.


That highschool to college is a hard transition, but it is duable.


I would just say to not succumb to guy pressure. Go in with an open mind and expect to make mistakes. Things may not go your way and you may stumble and fall but don't get yourself down. Use those situations as foundations for good and remember that school work is more important than friends and boyfriends and that they should understand that. Most of all, be yourself and try to dab into everything your campus has to offer at least one. Oh and when choosing a major don't stress out. Take your time and pick one that you'll enjoy for the rest of your life. Don't choose a major because of its high income alone.


The advice I would give to myself as a highschool senior would be to have stayed in a math class my senior year and challenged myself more so I would be prepared for the hard work involved in college. I would also tell myself that all the money I earned as a senior should be saved and used for college tuition or as spending money for things like laundry and laundry detergent. But having said that I have learned a lot through my experience and the transition and don't take it for granted. It has helped me become the person I am today. I have realized the goals, wants, and needs I have for myself for now and the future. I have more determination to be the best I can be because of the transition I went through.


I would tell my younger self to go ahead and take that year off before jumping into school because the real world experience and knowledge gained is priceless. That way you would've made fewer mistakes, saved more money for school, and made a better choice for schooling rather than just jumping in because everyone else did. But overall younger self even though it didn't happen that way, things are not that bad so just keep on living.


Study hard and apply yourself when you get to college. Participate in everything you can, particularly related to your major. Get involved in the groups, organizations that are a part of your field. Take the time to socialize and have fun.


I would tell myself to take advantage of every opportunity which presents itself that is postive. I would also tell myself to not only really strive hard to meet lots of people but to truly cherish those relationships and friendships. College is the opportunity to make life-long friends that will have a big impact on you for the rest of your life and you should make sure to develop many close relationships. Lastly, I would tell myself to be more proactive in looking for scholarships and really prove to others that you deserve scholarships and that you are a solid student as well as a solid person.


Apply to Oral Roberts University as soon as possible and start working towards going there. It'll be the best decision you can make for yourself at this point in time.


Don't be afraid. College isn't as scary as it seems. Yes, you're moving out and living on your own, but with that you will get to know who you really are. Just one thing; never lose faith. When all else fails and everything seems to not be working out, God is carrying you through it all. School is tough, but keep focus and push through to the end. One day you will graduate and just imagine the great accomplishment you will have made. Don't be afraid to take risks because when you look back at life you don't want any regrets, however, with saying that, don't "go off the deep end". Take the risks but make sure to think through it and pray about it. God will bless your life. Keep your focus and strive to be the best.


Try something new! Do not be afraid of leaving home and traveling to a far away place. The world is exciting and is begging to be discovered. There is so much to see and experience. Do not waist your college years because you cannot get them back. Most of all live as if there is no tomorrow, but plan as if there will be.


In order to find the right college, don't take the school's online information as your final reason for going. Go visit the school during their college weekend retreats for prospective students and just on a regular old tuesday so that you get a taste of what the school is about on any day of the week. To make the most of your college experience, get out and make friends; don't ever stay in your room all the time.


College shouldn't just be attended simply for academic purposes or for the purpose of getting ahead and making a higher salary. Furthering your education should be a desire to do something that drives you and to continue educating yourself about something you feel a passion for. A college shouldn't be chosen soley on it's location, tuition costs, or their elite athletic programs. Your choice of college should be one that will give you the skills you desire to continue on a certain career path. Many feel obligated to choose a school for its name or its low tuition costs. There are plenty of scholarship opportunities that go unused every year. It is imperative that your college choice reflects your beliefs and standards in order for you to feel comfortable and welcome. Like high school, college is only a short four years and you will find that it flys by fast. Get involved in community outreach. Get involved with clubs at school. Don't ever waste time because before you know it, its gone. Don't feel obligated to find your mate your first year because you may find they only hinder, not help you.


I would say to definitely follow your heart and instincts when it comes to choosing a college. There are so very many options out there and what college to attend is one of the hardest decisions you will ever make, but the college should be a place where you will fit in and learn the most. Take a trip and make a visit to some of colleges that you are looking at, being in the environment really gives you an idea of what life will be like there. Ultimately, go with your gut and don't be afraid to make a decision you didn't think you would. I ended up at one of my last choices for schools and I couldn't be any happier. Good luck!


Make sure it is a perfect fit for you!


Visit their college weekends- it really gives you the best feel of what the universoty snd its students are like!


Go where you will enjoy getting an education the most, and where you will be motivated to complete your degree. Take into account scenery, location to fun activities and perhaps family/friends- when a student is in an enviroment they love getting and education will seem more appealing to them.


Really make sure you KNOW about the school before you go there. This doesn't mean just visiting for a college weekend when everything is planned, actually talk to students and talk to students of all classifications (sophomore, senior), as well as Alumni. Look at what kinds of jobs alumni are being hired in. Find out the atmosphere on school, and if it connects with how you really are - not just how you THINK you are.


Find a college that fits you and that will give a an experience that you will remember all you life. Also find a school that you will be able to learn, grow, and be involved in.


The advice that I would give to parents and/or students trying to find the right college and make the most of their college experience is, to the student, don't be afraid to look for what you want in a college in every way. It is your education and you are the one is going to have to live and work on that campus, so do not just settle for something or just anything. I would also tell students to look hard for scholarships because, its not easy not having enough money in college. To parents I would say to make sure that your child makes the decision for themself and it never feels like that you are forcing them to go to a certain college. These are the things I have learned since my experinence with choosing a college. I hope that someone can put this advice to good use.


Start early when looking for the right college but do not get stressed out. Consider the possibilities and choose the one that fits you best. When in college, remember you are there to learn. Also, develop meaningful relationships and do not take your peers for granted.


Know what you want to achieve before attending. It is not only beneficial; it allows you the freedom to take electives outside your major of choice because you have yourself already oriented.


Make sure you understand you ultimate goal in life. If you know what excatly you need, then choose a school that will satisfy those needs and make sure you include a schoo that will include some kind of discipline. Because if you are at a school that doesn't care what you do outside of the classroom, you are likely to enjoy your freedom entirely too much. And waste quite a bit of money.


Be open to new ideas. Find something you like and stick with it. Don't sacrifice your happiness for "success".


Follow your heart and seek the college/university that has the same dreams and vision as you do


Do not slack off so much that you end up repeating classes and getting behind on credits. Do what you have to in order to go to your schoool of choice. Save up before you go and have a car if your school is in an area with little public transportation and few things to do on campus.


The advice that I would give parents and/or students about finding the right college and making the most of the college experience is to do your homework. When looking for a college to attend, make sure that the college specializes and accentuates the subject matter you desire to study. For instance, Julliard in New York is known for their wonderful creative arts and music program. Harvard, located in New England, has their own law school and is one of the top universities in America. Visit the campuses of the colleges and universities that you see having great potential in making you fully prepared for the vocation you desire to step into. If you do not know the major or field you want to study entering college, then go to an all-round school known for it's great reputation. You can always transfer to another school when you decide what to specialize in. It is important to value every moment of the college experience, for it goes by faster thank you would think! Get connected with your professors, build relationships with focused individuals, and make sure you take a well-deserved break from time to time!


Work hard, meet lots of new people, cultivate the right friendships and relationships, and enjoy college life, but stay away from the booze dude. ;)


I would just say, make sure the community is healthy because one rotten eeg spoils everything, and many kids first out on their own slip into bad choices because of their friends.


Look for a college that challenges its students to be the best they can be and one that makes the students feel welcome and comfortable. Also, look for a college that will give you the most for what you are paying.


Pick a place where students are challenged and have fun. There are campuses where students don't get drunk all the time. I would suggest visiting the campus and seeing it for themselves. When you visit a campus you can see the way students interact and treat each other. Be aware of the food the school serves to the student. Check whether the professors have PHDs and how if they know any of their students names. Talk with the students and look at the number of students who made the school their first choice. Look at what the school values: is it religion, law, service? The schools values become the students values. Choose a school that matches your values and cares about the students. It shows in the living conditions and the size of the classrooms. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Choose a school that values the students voice. Price is always important to look at. Check for scholarships and apply early because they drop application fees and may give scholarships for applying early. Don't forget to look at location and the amount of breaks that are given each semester. Check if they have a dead week!


I would say that the biggest part in finding the right college is to go on campus and visit. Take tours and do college weekends because that will give you a better feel for a school than any research or statistic someone else can come up with. The research and other stuff is very useful (like this survey, for example) but there is something about actually setting foot on a campus and walking to paths that helps you make a decision. As for getting involved in and making the most of your time, do every freshman/incoming student orientation program and activity. The only way to get to know people and find where you belong is to test the waters. Don't write off anyone you meet if they don't make a good first impression - they may end up being your best friend later on. College is seriously the best experience of your life, and people need to remember that.