Oral Roberts University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known just how challenging this school is. It is evident that there is alot of competitition between students and the classes are very difficult. I am going to get an excellent education, that is for sure.


I wish I had known how much it was going to cost besides tuition, I would have gotten a full time summer job to offset some of the cost. I was a freshman when I came to ORU so I mostlikely had the same experience as everyone else.


How unique and amazing this school is! I've met so many great people and professors. Never expected it to be this good really.


I wish I would have known how hard it was to be away from my family. Other students get to see their families every weekend but I only got to see mine during Christmas vacation. It is hard only being able to talk to your family on the phone. I do not know why the distance did not seem as far in my head.


I wish I had known more about the physical education program, which is very strenuous at this school. You are not allowed to enroll without being very active in P.E. I would have prepared more physically before coming to Oral Roberts because of the sheer amount of aerobic activity required of students every week. If students aren't physically able to handle the activity, which progresses quickly, they are liable to injure themselves, as I did with a stress fracture in my leg.


How much their tuition is.


Before i came to ORU I wish I had known just how much faith you need to have in order to be able to afford coming here. I also wish I knew just how much work was involved with my studies, and how difficult it would be balancing work, friends, and school. I also wish I knew how beautiful the campus was and how close God is with this school, because He's everywhere you go and you can really tell.


I wish that I had known more of the history of the Charismatic movement or just more of that theology in general because I am not Charismatic, but ORU is.


Before I arrived to the campus, I wish I had known how limited they are in regards to their private dorms. The dorms are considerably spacious, if you desire a roomate. However if you do not, like myself, they require an additional deposit, and the options are few and far between. These dorms, on the other hand, are not spacious, and there isn't any tranquility in the privacy of your private dorm because of the noise outside occuring on the floor. I require silence to be able to study.


i wish i had known about curfew and the punishments if missed. i wish i had known that the food was horrible and that i am only allowed to eat in the cafeteria a few select hours a day. i wish i had known that the city is very boring and there isnt much to do around here.


I can't really think of anything, sorry.


more about financial aid


Nothing. That is what school is for. to learn


I didn't come into the school blind so there's nothing really that I wish to have known before attending.


There's nothing additional that I wanted to know you will discover everything if you ask or check out the campus during college weekend.


Unless you have a car, there is really nothing to do and there is nowhere to go to hang out with a group of co-ed friends.


Before attending Oral Roberts University, the school was very helpful in assuring I always had current up-to-date information that would ensure a smooth transition into college. ORU was constantly sending emails, newsletters, personal letters, greeting cards, and any other resources they felt would continue to educate me and assure me that I wouldn't have any problems coming in. I can honestly say that I knew everything I needed to know. I knew what I was getting myself intom, as far as my major was concerned, and I knew just enough to keep me encouraged.


I wish I would have played more guitar in high school so I could be in a sweet band here.


I wish I would have known that I would miss my family a lot.


I wish I had known that the program I was in was such a rigorous program. I really enjoyed it, but I didn't know the exact criteria for being in the program until the middle of my first semester there. There could be better communication about majors, but my problem is more with the admissions department than anything else because I transferred in and didn't ask very many questions about my major to begin with.


I wish I had known more about myself and been a little more goal oriented. Now I am, but to have been that way earlier would have given me a better plan for my undergrad school years.


Nothing! I enjoyed learning everything I did! Everything I learned was for my own good!


Tactics to get off-campus living.


I wish I had known which major I truly wanted to study. I started out as an engineering major, but found that I had many more strengths in the area of marketing. Now I am catching up, even though it won't take long to do so.


That being gay was frowned upon. There might be a lot of homosexual guys; however, they are all closeted, scared of being looked down upon or asked to leave the University.


About all the rules and regulations and hoops one must go through just to make things happen for me


I wish I knew more about the overall cost of attending school here.


That not everything is going to be perfect just because its a christian school. They are human and have shortcomings just like everyone else.