Orange Coast College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A place filled with every type of diversity.


Orange Coast College is a place where you will be challenged, motivated to be better, and find a great education right in yout backyard.


Orange Coast College is a diverse community made up of inidividuals with different skills and backgrounds, who share a common goal, which is to achieve an exceptional education that will assist them in establishing their ideal career.


My school is very laidback, the people are so nice and friendly, the professors are genuine and very helpful.


Orange Coast is a reputable two-year college with a great matriculation rate due to the rigorous programs and competent professors.


Orange Coast College is a diverse institution that offers a wide array and number of classes to the public at very affordable prices, even in the wake of the economic crisis.


Orange Coast College is a place where people who are looking for themselves hang out.


My school is breezy, calm, sunny, funny, and awesome.


My school is good quality, but classes get filled too quickly.