Orange Coast College Top Questions

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There are so many classes offered it's not even funny. I love that students have more choices in what they want to do with their general education.


It has a much larger transfer rate, and was voted on of the best community college's in the nation.


Orange Coast College is unique in that it helps more students transfer to 4-year institutions than almost every other community college in the state. I knew that if I wanted to make my dreams come true, Orange Coast was going to help me achieve those dreams. No only are the professors and staff excellent in making the educational environment professional yet personal, they are more supportive in helping students find their passion than I would have expected from a community college. Even among 23,000+ students, I've never felt lost in the crowd.


Orange Coast College is unique because it has the second highest transfer rate in the state of California, as well as, the highest transfer rate in Orange County. I specifically chose Orange Coast College for that reason. Transferring within 2 years has always been my goal. It's very diffilcult for most students to do, but OCC has kept me motivated and on track to transfer by Spring 2011.


My school offers a wide varity of carrer choices for all most anybody ranging from arts to welding, by having so many different choices, you tend to see many people from all around Californina. Also there is a wide diversity of different cultures you tend to see, I see so many people with dreams of doing something successful in their lives to make it big.


The thing that is unique about this school is the atmosphere around the campus. Everyone is friendly and helpful. The staff at Orange Coast College really want to help you transfer to the school of your dreams to help you get where you want to go in the real world.


Orange Coast College has been recently remodeled and the campus looks beautiful. Even though this is a community college, compared to the other two college in it's district, this college is the most attractive to young high school graduates. The community has great shopping and dining hotspots and the classes offered are plenty and useful. The other two colleges in the district are small and aged, although great, they are more attractive to returning adults. This campus also has a to-die-for library, many food vendors, an amazing gym, and STARBUCKS (all quite uncommon for a community college).


Orange Coast College is what stood out most to me compared to all the other schools because when I'm in a class I feel like my teachers care about how I do and they take the time to help me when I don't understand something even out of class. My professors make me feel that I am important and that even if their is something hard that I cannot grasp right away whether its a math problem or an essay topic they are there to help me. The professors here is what makes this school unique.