Orange Coast College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone really. Literally.


Students who do not have enough money for a four year college or does not have any idea what kind of job they want in the future.


A person who wants to transfer to the many wonderful California Universities.


The kind of people who should attend this school, are individuals who; are not afraid to speak their mind, who are very social and outgoing, and who have a genuine passion for learning.


Orange Coast College is for serious students looking to transfer to a four-year college/university.


Orange Coast is a great school as far as community colleges go. Anyone who wants to save some money on their first few credits, or wants to just take a few classes and see what is out there should look into it.


For those who decide to attend Orange Coast College, whether it be to try to transfer to a four-year college or recieve an Associates Degree, one must always plan their schedule accordingly. Balancing the time needed for work, school, and transportation is a hassle. A student at Orange Coast College, defintely must be organized and punctual, yet also flexible, especially on the first day of the semester where students are dropped from their classes for tardiness. These qualities are a must now that classes are being cancelled on a daily basis, so the need to adjust is also neccessary.


Orange coast college is a college that opens its arms to all types of students and caters to all levels of education. For beginning college students Orange Coast is a college that allows for exploration in a wide variety of occupations. For professionals or returning students OCC is the perfect place to take supplement classes, or jumpstart careers. Besides astounding variety the incredible opportunity at Orange Coast also comes from its mecca of students that arrive from all walks in life who as a whole creates the perfect enviornment for networking and gaining perspectives from all types of people.


Anyone can and should attened OCC. There is a huge diversity in the students there as well as tons of fun and academic classes. I have met students there that are taking an art class for fun, students who are in trade programs and students who are just looking to get their general education done so that they can transfer to a four year university. It's a very accessable campus for anyone who wants to learn and grow.


A person should be smart and hardworking to attend this school. You'll get a lot of opportunities here, so you should take advantage of it.


I think that any individual who wants to challenge themselves and be challenged to search for their greatest self and manifest that self through their coursework would be a great addition to Orange Coast College.


The kind of person who should attend this school are those who want to feel a part of a greater community as well as be competitive in their studies and education.