Orange Coast College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Orange Coast College?


Someone closed minded.


A person who needs one on one instruction should not attend this school. You are totally on your own, but if you have questions your learning team members can assist you


The kind of student that feels they dont need to contribute. Many students show up with a High School mentality and even argue their test scores with professors. There are many who really want to be there, so if they arent one of those, please stay home.


I Think people who dont take school seriously shouldnt be at OCC. It is vey hard to get into classes now a days and when people take places in classes that they dont put effort into it takes opportunities away from those who want to do well and take courses at OCC.


Orange Coast College is a great transfer school to attend, but if one is looking for the college experience I do not recommend going here. From my experience, it isn't a very social school making it difficult to get out there and meet new people. It is also located in a more family oriented area as opposed to the typical college scene.


I sincerely believe there isn't a kind of person who shouldn't attend this remarkable college. This college is open to anyone who has the opportunity and desire to excel in life . Orange Coast College of Costa Mesa, CA is in existence to help one exceed their own expectations to surprise themselves and build confidence. This outstanding college does not discriminate or exclude anyone based on orientation, race, sex, and/or religion. This is proven by the diversity and disctinctiveness of the individuals who are fortunate enough to have experienced everything Orange Coast College has to offer.


Its a community college, i believe anyone can attend, Orange Coast College. We have some of the best teachers, Tom Garrisson (who wrote a book that is used all over the world as the main text book for oceanagraphy). Even for an individual that isnt ready for college courses. There are plenty of classes that can act as a steping stone to begin college. My steping stone was a Aircraft technition course offered at this school, it alowed me to adjust to the changes from high school, with out the pressure of being a college student.


I think anybody can attend school and that is why college is there for. It is there for people that messed up in high school and could make an improvement towards college. I mean during this recession right now I see plenty of people that lost their jobs are attending college.


Someone who is not focused and does not know what they want out of their college career.


Someone who wants to go to a four-year University and have the full college experience right away should not go to OCC. Although the academics and financial benefits are amazing at this school, there is definitely a lack of some of the other benefits you gain by going to a University. This includes dorm life, athletics, and other social aspects. Although OCC is a great school, someone wanting all of this right away would not want to go there.