Orange Coast College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about OCC is how it is inexpensive, so there is a lot of opportunity to take a variety of classes that interest you.


Honestly, the best thing about my college is the opportunities you are given. Most of the students ignore this fact and go to college not knowing what they wanna do, but OCC gives you so many options and opportunities to achieve your goals. If you know what you wanna do, then OCC can for sure help you. That is the best thing about my school,


The best thing about Orange Coast College is the instructors and fellow students. The instructors are all dedicated and love working with their students. Many instructors even take students on volunteer or educational trips. The instructors like to get personal with their students and learn from us as much as we learn from them. Most students try to engage in the school and when a group of involved students get together at OCC, amazing things happen. It's hard engaging students at any transfer school, but OCC students are always motivated and work towards their best.


What makes Orange Coast stand out among community colleges is how very hands-on and supportive all of the professors and staff are throughout campus. Never have I felt unwelcome in any building or section of campus. Professors at Orange Coast have a keen eye for spotting the students that really want to learn and excel to the best of their ability. Those same professors constantly go out of their way to help the students that are overtly interested in learning, while finding a why to make the rest of the student feel the same passion for excelling.


As an engineering major, OCC is the only college that offers all the neccessary classes I need to give me the competitive edge to transfer. Yes, I only need math, physics, and chemistry, but they are limited to one class, one time, and sometimes are even cancelled due to lack of students taking them. At OCC, they offer every class I need and then some, with many classes to choose from and many great teachers as well. Besides the academics, OCC is located by the best shopping and dining as well as the beach and freeways for easy commute.


The best thing about Orange Coast College is most defintely the professors that work there! There have been so many instances where I have joined a class where initially I had little interest due to general edcuation or time constraint purposes, but by the end of the semester I had become enamored with the subject mainly because of the professor and his/her efforts to get their students involved and to truly care for the material. I have made many lasting friendships with the professors at Orange Coast College.


What I like about my school is the open feel it has. Even though a lot of students are attending this year it doesn't seem too crowded.


The most important aspect of Orange Coast College, which has helped me tremendously in pursuing an education, is its counseling center. My transition from Junior College to a four-year institution has been a breeze thanks to Mr. Cuellar, a counselor at OCC. Although admission decisions have not yet been released, I am confident I will be accepted in atleast one of my top three school choices, thanks to the Transfer Admission Guarntee program, my counselor helped me to sign-up for and follow. And this is just one of the many ways OCC's counseling center has helped me.


The best thing about OCC is the constant urge you feel to transfer. My friends and I all know that OCC is the catalyst for our goals at a four year university. Without that constant pushing I wouldn't feel the need to progress my education. Thanks to the counselors and professors, it's easy to work your way up.


I like how there are so many opportunities at Orange Coast College. There is a great variety of classes to take. No matter what one's interests may be, there is definitely a class for each person to take. It is a community college, but there is so much more than one would expect a community college to have.