Oregon Institute of Technology Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


This school is best known for it's outstanding job placement after graduation. If you are interested in any medical field profession (nursing, dental hygine, ultrasound) or an engineering profession, this college has one of the highest job placement percentages after graduation in the nation. This school takes acedmics very seriously and includes a wide variety of majors that aren't available anywhere else on the west coast.


Bachelors in Health administration


Engineering, Biology, Computer, and Medical field degrees.


We are a school focused on helping students succeed in finding a program that will provide them with a life long career. The teachers and staff help each student as an individual to follow the steps they need to reach their goals. The school is very green an enviromentally friendly. Oregon Institute of Technology is a place for students who want to learn, and get the most out of their education. There is a limited amount of distraction and the newest of equiptment for those going into the medical field, and electronics. The school just keeps getting better.


The school is best known for technology and it has the newest and most advanced equipment for learning and training.


Winning the National Basketball for the division 2008. The medical imaging technology programs available. Geothermal access and the ability to go off the grid soon. The study for alternative bio-fuels.


For there programs in the allied health field. They also have a top ranked mens basketball team. They are one of the leadign schools in ORegon to convert to all green energy.


OIT is best known for their excellent education, health profession programs, and engineering. The staff and faculty are committed to the success of the students. The collegiate sports are important to mention, too. The OIT men's basketball team is number one in the NAIA conference and are the national champions.


OIT offers education in healthcare and other high demanding fields that attract students from everywhere! OIT is best known for the job success after college. I believe about 90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the students that graduate from OIT find jobs in their career field within months of graduation. OIT is also one of the top schools known for their basketball team coached by Danny Miles.


The multiple campuses spread across Oregon and Washington that help integrate the school with businesses and offer diverse locations for people who are not able to travel and live at the Klamath Falls campus. The multiple campuses, especially the ones located around Portland, are also designed around providing continued education for people going back to school - offering primarily night classes and distance education (web) classes. OIT also integrates well with other colleges and has strong connections to community colleges as well as Portland State and OHSU.