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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and give my high school senior self some advice, there is one major thing I wouldn't hesitate to mention. The most important advice I would give myself would be that as appealing as getting out of my home town and moving away for college sounds, it wasn't going to help me figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life any faster than going to a local college would have. Instead of being in such a big rush to grow up and finally be on my own, I could have saved a lot of money and had the opportunity to take my time when deciding what I wanted to do with the rest of my life instead of being pressured to pick a major right away. A big university was definitely not the right fit for me, and I wish I would have thought about that a little bit more when trying to pick a college. I also would have applied to a couple more colleges, just to see what else was out there and what my other options could have been.


The best advice I can give you is nose to the grindstone. You quickly learn that the teachers in college have less invested in your education than your high school teachers. You will have professors say "You pay to be here, take it or leave it". Get into the book store for your books as soon as possible because it turns into a madhouse the closer it gets to the semester starting. Get your homework done as soon as its assigned because more often than not, the next class will have twice as much homework. Enjoy the days you can sit in a quiet library and day dream. Enjoy the people watching in the cafeteria. Enjoy this experience for what it is - another growing life change. You will be amazed at how quickly your transistion from teenager-without-a-care to adult-with-everything-in-order is. Life is short. Visit your Mom and Dad. Read the books. Do the work. And lastly walk to your diploma- becasue THAT my friend is the best feeling ever. Good Luck!


I would go back to my high school self and share some advice. That advice, would be to get out of my shell and be more outgoing with asserting myself with more people. I think I would also tell myself to save a little bit more money, because I ended up having my parent’s carry me more then I liked but had no choice if I wanted to stay in school. Other than this advice I could of had, I made it this far and I’m still in school, and I’m still on my feet. I’m happy that I could make it this far with the limited advice that I did have, which makes me feel smarter in a way. I can make it if I keep being smart and making smart decisions. Why should I go back, when I can go foward?


Dear Johanna, Your perserverance, hard work, and drive are going to be the most powerful tool in the years to come. The only thing that you will need to change is that you need to not waste your time studying in Colombia. You should not limit your dream of practicing medicine in the US. After you finish high school, go to the place where you feel you can reach your potential and start your career there. Do not waste time trying to figure out what you already know. Essentially, follow your dream without pause or distraction. Love, The future You


I am a first generation in my family to go to college so it was difficult to know how the process was, how to get scholarships, and all the choices that are available. In high school I wish that I could have told myself to ask more questions about the process of attending college rather than being too afraid to ask for help. I know that if I was to ask more questions and took more time in finding scholarships then I could have already been to my dream college. Although I am proud that I have my first year completed at a community college, I'm ready to go farther with my education at a place that specialized in my field of study.


The biggest advise I would give myself was to look for scholarships ahead of time. I would also tell myself to prepare for the hard work and the deadlines following my career in animation, listen to your art teacher because she has told you this all the time. Prepare to be away from home, but it will be okay because you will get used to it. Working for your own money is so much fun and very rewarding, you will be so surprised when you get your frist check. And when you keep working as hard as you are now, you will be amazed with the check that you get from your proffessional job. So learn alot now and enjoy being with your friends because when you go to college it will be a different type of ball game.


First things first, I would tell myself to not choose a college based on friends or be upset that friends are going to far away places. More often than not, you will make new friends and most people change once they reach college. Second, I would apply early to any college I think I might go to just in case. Third, apply for scholarships early and get ahead of the game by getting a summer job or side jobs so loans don't become unbearable. Fourth, I would add the college on a social networking site and live in the dorms to meet people before the school year starts. Transitioning into college isn't as bad as everyone makes it seem because everyone is in the same boat as you and are willing to meet new people at all hours of the day. Be yourself and make the best of it. They are and will be the best years of your life. Who knows, you might meet your life partner or amazing best friends. Keep your options open!


I have learned a lot in my college experience. You can excell at some courses, yet in others you struggle. In my own experience, I have learned what I want to do with my life, and to me that is the most valuable thing that has come out of being in college. It is very importand to keep going no matter how tough your life can get. Even though the education may seem tedious at times, a good education is a valuable assest for everyone to have. I would be at a dead end if I haven't kept going to school to better myself in the hope of getting a great career down the line somewhere. College is also a way to meet new people. I have learned how to be an Anthropologist at school, and I wish to continue studying that and criminal justice in order to obtain a degree in Forensics and Anthropology.


I am gaining an amazing education that is very valuable to me. I have made a lot of friends that have similar life goals to mine. I have had many great professors that are extremely willing to help at almost any time and they genuinely care about my education as well as all other students at OIT. All staff at this school want all the students to succeed and have many job opportunities upon graduation or many graduate school opportunities. This school was very important for me attend because I grew up in Klamath Falls and I knew what this school could do for my future if I graduated from it. I knew what OIT promised in their letters and statements were 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} true and I wanted the small student to teacher ratio and the many hands-on learning experiences only a small college could provide. If I had the decision to make all over again, I would still choose OIT because of the amazing experience I have had so far.


There are many things that I have recieved from my college experience. I have recieved hands on education that many schools in Oregon do not have the privlege to get. These experiences put me at an advantage when I am going to apply at Oregon Institute of Technology. Outside of academics I have recieved many experiences in being part of Alpha Sigma Alpha, the only sorority on campus. They taught me what it was like to be in a organization and put me in many positive social situations that has allowed me to be more outgoing.


As of right now I have not gotten anything out of my college experience, but it is valuable for me to attend because I know education is the key to success and all I ever wanted in life was to succeed. Going to college and not going is the difference between making around $75000 a year versus making about $2200. College as always been a big deal in my family and I know how important it is to graduate not only for my family but for me. College is not for everyone and a few months ago I thought wasn't for me but then I soon realized that college is for whoever wants to better themselves and become somebody in life, and that person is me, and I know that that is not possible if I don't attend college. That is why its valuable for me to return to college.


Until attending OIT my only experience in higher education was attendance at the local community college. My cumulative experiences at the community college and the university have given me a stronger work ethic, greater ambition to achieve my career goals, and a deeper desire to remain current with events locally and throughout the world.


My college experience has began to prepare me for my career in ways I did not see imaginable. Since just the beginning of this school year I have seen myself grow immensely. I have become much more responsible, organized, and efficient with my time. I have also learned the key to being successful in college, stress management. My program is very intense and competitive and each week you must be at your best in order to continue so I have become adept at performing to the best of my abilities in any situation. I have also become a much more self-confident and outgoing person through my experiences in college. Speech class got me over my fear of speaking in public while completing challenging class after challenging class has given me tremendous confidence in my abilities as a student and as a person. I know that by the time I graduate I will be much different than I am today; however, that is a change which I am extremely excited to see and experience. College will mold me into the person I wish to be for both my career and the rest of my life.


As you are thinking about what collge to go to next year make sure you keep an open mind about all the decisions you make for college. Do not choose a school where other people think you should go. It is an important decision that is going to affect who you meet and where you go in life. It is also important to consider every finaincal aid possablity out there, becasue you do not want to be a year into school and already be swamped by piles of dept. But even if you are unsure where to go or what to do, it is ok, becasue everything you do will happen for a reason. If it is the wrong decision than you will learn form it, if it is the right decision you will be thankful for it. You don't need about find the perfect college or discover the perfect learning environment. Work on sculpting yourself first, and you will end up finding that wherever you go, you will be content.


High school sure is fun, and growing up takes time, but wise decisions such as saving money and giving each task you undertake one hundred percent will help you go far. Remember to write things down, a planner should become your best friend. Always be on time, your boss, and teachers never forget when you are late. Determination is on your side. You are just starting out on your own, mistakes happen, but use them as opportunities to learn and improve for the next time. Apply for college now, and don't put it off. You are smart and can take life to the next level right away by finding what you want to do and going after it. Don't waste your time, you will find you do not have enough to start with and it becomes less and less. Keep up the good work and you will be a success.


I would tell myself to make sure I start building study habits sooner instead of during the first term. I would also tell myself to apply for as many scholarships as possible because they are invaluable to a higher education.


I am studying Mechanical Engineering and I have thought long and hard about this, going to college and study engineering and all courses I need to get my Bachelor?s degree. With that degree and the education I will have, I plan on building my career and putting my engineering knowledge to work. The reason I decided on majoring in Engineering is to invent something that can be helpful to society. I started thinking about this when I was a young boy and all through High School. If I would have known then what I know now I could have prepared myself with all the things I needed instead of waiting til I got here. But I am glad to be doing it now. The simple truth is I want to work with my hands and my mind even if it involves a Mouse and a keyboard or a survey stick.


Be ready to have to study. In high school you can get away without studying, not so in college. Be ready to spend hours doing homework instead of hours playing games and whatching movies. There is still time to play, just not as much. Make good friends, even in your best subjects its good to have friends you can work with if you get stuck. Study constantly, its much easier if you study an hour a day than 7 hours on Sunday. It will be a shock going from high school to college, but with the right attitude and sme good friends you can make it though. Class sizes are the same as highschool, average of 30; So use that more personal environment to your advantage. Talk to your teachers if you need help, ask questions if you need to. Try to enjoy college as much as you can, it makes college much easier.


Get involved with various resources offered at your campus! Working as an office aide at the career services office has shown me just how much assistance we can offer to job seeking students and alumni. With the office located in the Learning Resources Center, I get to see a lot of students using the tutoring services and study areas offered by our Center for Learning and Teaching. These facilities appear to be very helpful!


I would tell myself to start by making and following a study schedule, rather than try to study haphazardly and hope that it is enough. I would also tell myself to start applying for more scholarships rather than try to rely on grants, because i have had to take out several loans and i would prefer to take out as few loans as possible.


My father especially has had a lasting influence on the person I have become. The only way to describe my father is to call him a genius. Since my birth, my father has felt the need to share all his knowledge with me, sometimes to my dismay. My father had told me in order to be an engineer, you must think like an engineer, you must eat, sleep and breathe engineering. At that moment a jolt went through me as if I had been struck by lightning. I I was determined to go to college and become an engineer. Being able to contribute to finding a solution to a current and significant problem while learning the fundamental concept behind the problem, is what I most desire in an occupation. I want to achieve these goals and college is my only hope. My father was in a crippling accident and that is even more reason for me to accomplish this dream. I want to show them how much I love them by giving back what they gave me.


As a senior in high school I was in the accelerated program at my junior college taking eleven units per semester. Homeschooling allowed me to begin that program at age fourteen and to be educated in a unique and exciting way. It gave me freedom to pursue goals and extracurricular activities that otherwise would not have been possible. The advice I would give myself now would be, ?Move faster, focus more, and accomplish more academically since you had that opportunity.? Attaining an AA degree, and AS degree and a pharmacy tech license were all valid achievements but it is only now, at age 23, that I finally have definite direction. I would tell myself to buckle down and discover what my true goal and passion was for the future. After working in two hospitals, while still taking various classes, I have decided to specialize in ultra-sound (sonography), and get a BS degree in that field. It took a year to figure out where and how to obtain this. My hospital finally referred me to OIT (Oregon Institute of Technology) where I have been accepted. The obstacle now is financing the dream that I wish was discovered sooner!


It is important to start looking at and saving for college immediately upon entering high school because you need that time to consider your options and determine what would be the best fit for the student including location, field of study, job avaliability upon graduating and extracurricular activities. To make the most of your experience it's important to take part in on-campus activities and get to know people that you see every day whether you have classes together or you live near them. Get to know the area your school is in to understand the atmosphere and where are good spots to hang out, relax, and get away from studying for a while. Most importantly, enjoy it while you can because life in college is so different from any other experience you will every have, you can meet people and make connections that will last forever.


I would recommend making a list of careers that your interested in and check various schools to see whether they are offered or not. After you narrow down your choices you should visit each of the remaining schools. Each school has a different atmosphere so make sure the college you choose works for your personality. When you finally get to college make sure you live in the dorms for at least the first year. Most college dorms have programs that help students meet and get to know one another, which helps enormously when you move away from home for the first time. Stay involved on campus but also make sure to keep up on your studies. It is almost a guarantee that at some point you will be overwhelmed with schoolwork, but if you try your best to do work ahead of time and stay organized you will get through the rough parts of school. When it comes time for exams/finals try not to cram. Look at the material and your notes a few days prior and/or study in groups. I would also recommend knowing your specific learning style before going to college.


Find out what you really want to do in life and go for it. Find the college that fits you right and will give you the best possible chances in the world. Work hard and don't give up when things start to get tough.


Dont worry about trying new things. This is a one in a lifetime experience so you want to make the most of it. Before you choose a college you should make sure that you have an in interest in the field you might go into but make sure you have a back up plan just in case things dont work out. Make the most of your younger years


The advice I would give to parents and students about finding the right college for them is to make sure the college has the field or fields of study you are most interested in. Second I would tell them to make sure the college is in an area of interest, because a person wont have a very good college experience if they are in an area they dont like. In order to make the most of your college experience you should involve yourself in some sort of on campus activities. This will not only help you meet new interesting people, it will also give you something to do beside going to parties and drinking. Also it helps to go to a college with a good athletic program and a lot of school spirit because it makes the environment around you that much more exciting, especially when you have a team that is contending for and winning national championships.


I would advice you to go to an area you like, that the college has vocational majors and small class sizes. Make sure they have good food choice, since thats what you will be eating alot. Get involved with activities and clubs. Go to events. Create study groups to get more out of your classes and meet people. Visit the campus, take a tour of the facilities. When visiting imagine yourself there. Talk to students that are around and ask them questions about how they like to school.


Visit the campuses, start looking early. Find out what you want to do. Try shadowing someone in that profession.


In my experience, I would say to let the student pick the campus that is right for them. I have been to a college where I felt out of place, being in such a big school, and when transferring, my parents denied me access to the family financial aid. They wanted me to go to a large University and get a degree where they felt I would have the most options in. However, this college was not the best fit for me, so I transferred. When I have my children, I will let them pick the college that is right for them and I will support them in whatever they choose to be. My parents didn't support my decision to study Biology and Pre-Med at such a small school, and in doing so, they hurt my feelings and made it harder to leave home. But I am going out to study what makes me happy, and that is biology. Go to a college where it feels like a home away from home. There, you will enjoy your years and get the most out of college, rather than just surviving the four years until graduation.


The best advice would be to do your research on the education you would like to receive. Find the college that will fit your needs in cost of living, education provided, and highest technological advances. Go to the campus and interview faculty and students.


Research the type of program you wish to pursue. Be careful about the school selection to find the match for the program you wish to pursue. Be sure and visit the college and the local community before enrolling to make sure that they are both a fit for your lifestyle and goals. This is a big change in your life and will be something you will always remember. Take your time, plan...consider..plan...and then enroll ! good luck


I would advise parents or students to find a college fairly close to home and to attend the first year at 3/4 time instead of full time. This allows the student to adjust to college life, get into the groove of studying and to see exactly what it will take to make it in college. Many of first year students have a difficult time finding a balance between social activities, school attendance, grades and acquiring those new unexpected study habits. Also many students end up dropping classes in the middle of the term because of one factor or another, which puts their financial aid in jeopardy. Living close to home allows the student to come home on breaks or weekends and get much needed rest and relaxation time with old friends and have mom and dad cook meals, do laundry, etc to give the student a break from the monthly grind.


Well first of all, you have to ask yourself what you want to do when u grow up. Alot of the students aren't sure what they want to to do, so they waste a year or two (maybe evne more) figuring out what they want and from my experience I wished I was more educated in high school. If you want a good experience on growing up, moving out would be a good idea. You learn to be more dependent and see how life would be on your own.


In order to find the right college you need to decide what majors or minors you are intrested in obtaining, or maybe be looking at. Then choosing the proper college for that fit. Also the right learning environment is ideal. Meaning the proper city as well as living arrangements are very important to making the most of and enjoying your college experience. Finding a college that offers the major you are intersted in as well as providing a enjoyable atmosphere are first steps in making the most of a college experience. After finding the right college take a look at the academics and campus activities as that is what college is all about. Without a great academic structure and community like setting it's difficult to be able to succeed. College is a time where maximizing learning is very important and if you can learn well you will succeed and college will just be a bump in the road on your way to a succesful life.


Start out by researching different colleges that would satisfy your needs and wants of a college. Visit different colleges, aking students thier opinions about it. The students will give you honest answers about professors and campus life. College is overwhelming at first; however, once settled in try learn as much as possible not taking anything for granted. College experience can be fun! You will meet great people who may end up being life-long friends. There are numerous activities to keep you grounded and keep you excited to be there. The education you learn will be with you forever.


Choose a school that is going to offer good class sizes based on how you learn best. Don't follow your High school friends, because whats good for them may not be good for you. Choose a school that specializes in your major or has high regards in that feild. When you arrive at college, make sure to attend the welcoming events so you get to know people. Don't be afraid to get involved! College is the time in your life when you get to discover what you want in life and not what your parents are telling you to do. College is a time for learning and growing; you can't grow if you don't put yourself out there! The only time you fail, is when you fail to try.


The advice that I would give parents and/ or students about finding the right college is to look deep inside themselves and see what fits their personality and desires and dreams. The student should look at the college that will satisfy their hunger to learn. Also look at the college that will offer the best edcation and the preparation for the world; always keeping in mind to find something they like to do.


The best advice I can give is to pick the college that best suits you. Don't pick a school just because your friends or boyfriend is going there. Also, visit many college campuses and get a feel for what it would be like to go to school there. Even if you think you will for sure get into the college you want, apply to others just to keep your options open. College is harder than high school, so taking academic success course might help with the transition. There is a lot of work with college, but try to leave some time to have fun and relax. It's important to relieve the stress once in awhile. Also, get involved. Getting involved helps to meet many new people and could eventually be friends for life. The best thing to say is work hard and have some fun at it. This is the road mthat leads you to the beginning of the rest of your life.


Visit each campus that is in interest to you and meet some of the staff and students.


Don't submit to the status quo of sex, drugs/liquor, and partying. Hld on to your values, study, go to class, relax and you do great.


I did not start college untill I was thirty years old. Before starting college I traveled around the country and worked several different jobs. I thought I wanted to be a carpenter, but after eight years in the field I realized I did not want to be a sixty year old carpenter coming home tired and sore every night. Now had I gone to college right after high school I would most likely have a job right now, but chances are I would not like it. Very few of my friends that went to college straight out of high school are happy with there careers. So if I were a parent or student looking for the right college I would ask myself, "Have I experinced much in life yet". If the answer is no than maybe you should not start college right away but rather go see what life is all about. you might think you want to be an accountant, when really inside of you there is a desire to be a movie stunt man that you never were aware of.


To find a school that will work for the student. Class sizes are always important to know. The graduation rate. Make sure it is a field that the student wants to study and what is the success rate of the students after graduation.


Parents and students should make every effort to visit colleges they are intersted in. They should reach out to their network of friends and family to get recommendations or insights into different colleges. Students should ensure that the college they attend has academic programs that meet their needs. Other resources, such as tutoring and counseling, are also important factors to consider. Some schools help parents keep up with what's happening on campus with newsletters designed specifically for parents. Students can make the most of their college experience by being open to new experiences and new ideas. Both parents and students should remember that grades aren't everything and college can be about more than just book learning.


I would advise them to visit the campus and interact with instructors, students and faculty. I would also encourage them to stay overnight to get a feel for the community and campus atmosphere. I would especially research the programs offered and the emploability of graduates and interview current students and graduates of your chosen path.


If you're on the west coast, This is the school!!!


As both a current non-traditional student and parent of a teenager about to enter college, I have done quite a bit of preparation and research into colleges. I believe it is of great importance to know your student/self. The student needs to evaluate what their goals, strengths and weaknesses, and comfort zones are. Once the student understands these, they should search for the college that best suits their educational goals along with the environment they would be most comfortable to develop in. The college experience is one that will test your abilities, stretch your knowledge, and provide many alternative learning experiences; all of which will allow you to grow and develop into a well rounded adult. However, there can be many distractions and temptations on a students first experience away from home. It is important they know themselves and how they will react in such situations, so as not to stray from their initial goals. While majors may change, college should be a unique experience where friendship and knowledge are gained on a students pathway to a successful and fulfulling career.


My advice to parents and/or students trying to find the right college is to go to informational meeting and take campus tours. You can get a lot out of viewing how the college runs and what types of people are there. Talking to current students will give you insight on the quality of the instructors and opinion of the school. Also, make sure that the school you choose has a variety of programs you have interest in because many freshman can change their major as many as 20 times. Once you are at the college of your choice, get involved with different people and activities. Join clubs and study groups so you have a positive college experience and have support groups when times get tough. People are more successful when they have positive support groups and friends they can trust. Last but not least, study hard to get good grades and make time for leisure so you do not get overwhelmed.


I believe OIT is the best college located in Oregon and well known for its highest success rate of job placement after graduation. I would suggest to parents to visit the college, talk to current students and explore the opportunities your child would have by attending OIT. This college is one that can really help make a difference in ones life. However, you get out of it what you put in to it. I believe you have to be dedicated and self disciplined to succeed at OIT. You can find support among students, instructors, and tutors but you have to be willing to put forth the time and effort to get the extra help. I highly recommend you have a major selected when you apply for college. Having a plan and personal goals will help you through the tough times of college. You will also want to confirm your goals by interviewing people in your future career field. I believe you will succeed at OIT if you have defined goals with an ambitious attitude.


First, take a year off after high school. Durring that year move out of house, get a job and experience life a little bit. If you can, do some traveling. This will help give the student some perspective on the world. With this new found knowldege of life, the student will have a better idea of what they wish to do with their life and their college career. With a better understanding of what they want out of college, they will be able to choose a college that will best fit their plan. This may be two years at a community college and then move on to a four year university or maybe they will go straight to a Universtiy. Any way they do it at least they have a better idea of what they want and will most offten do better in school and not wast money by failing classes.