Oregon Institute of Technology Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


If I were to go back and bring some knowledge with me that I know now, I dont think that I would. Everything that I did happened and I dont think that I would want to change that. Even though somethings were not the best, it turned out for the best. To have that experiance of failing and coming back from it just made me more wise and more knowledgeable . And to those random things that were the best, I would want them to suprise me again, I would not want to know what I know now.


One thing I wish I would have known is how intense the programs at OIT are so that I could have better prepared myself for the first few weeks of school.


Before school started, there is an event with tours and helpfull speakers and people to talk to. I learned all i wanted to know from this event.


How cold it gets in Klamath Falls. Other than that I knew pretty much all there was to know about the area and school before I came here.


I wish I had known that in comparison to other colleges this school is very difficult. The course work and requirements are challenging.


I wish I would have known about all the financial aid available. It would have helped to know more about financial aid so that I could have planned my finances better.


How great it was. OIT is the school in my home town and because of that I always overlooked it. Now I'm back home and attending an awsome school!


I wish I would have known that I would be only one of about three women in each of my classes.


The level of expectation is high and the student body is very competative. I have seen those who are indecisive or who generally were good students in high school , struggle because they don't realize how much they need to apply themselves to succeed. This could also be attributed to being young and undisciplined, at least until they complete their first semester. However, having an unsuccessful first semester can put you out of phase for some programs.


One of the things I wished I would have known before attending this school was how to study properly. I wish i would have known how I learned material best. It took me most of this past term to learn how I study. Its definately a key thing in succeeding at any college and it would have been very helpful to have known before taking anatomy and physiology.


I wish I had known about more college scholarships before attending school. Get as many as you can!


I wish I had known that scholarships like this one are not as effective a way of finding money for college as high school teachers and counselors suggest. You spend time on them that you could be using to earn money on the job, and then hope that you win. It's nearly a form of gambling, what with the time spent on them, and only some people are lucky enough to receive the prize.


I think alot of college students struggle with this, and also myself. I wish I had known what I wanted to be when I grow up.