Oregon State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Oregon State University is a friendly, exciting, eco-friendly, scholarly, and fun place to study, live, and attend school.


My school is flexible and offers practical experience that prepares me for my career.


Oregon State Univeristy has a beautiful campus that reflects the best parts of Oregon. The campus has several trails that students can use for hiking, biking, running or walking. During the fall the tree covered campus gains the look of a movie set for a romantic fall novel. But not only is the campus beautiful during all four seasons the academics are some of the best a studetn can get in the US. The professors strive and commit to the excellence of all of their students.


Oregon State University is an academically challenging school focused on providing applicable degrees for young adults to take into the world.


It is a small, friendly place with professors that care about the education and career potential of their students.


A large university, with a small campus feel that cares about its traiditions, students, and community.


Oregon State University is a united network of students, faculty and alumni that strive for the best in themselves and others.


Oregon State University is Orange and Black, we are united.


OSU has an antique look to all of the buildings. Most of the building are made of red brick, so OSU feels rustic and old, which is sort of accurate. OSU is almost 150 years old, so we have a lot of history associated with the campus.


OSU reminds me of Hogwarts. Seriously there is a building on campus my and my friends swear was used in the filming of Harry Potter. But all of the building are brick buildings..I love brick. I think the buildings look amazing. They are older and not very modern, but that's one of the things I love about the campus. I think the campus is gorgeous. Just the right about of green and trees without making it seem like a forest which is good. The buildings are amazing..in my opinion and most of the people here. Most people walk to class. Although there are alot of students at OSU and the campus is a big campus, it's not huge. I have a friend at another school and it takes him 25 minutes to walk to class. My farthest walk is about 12 minutes. I have some classes that are right behind my dorm and it takes me 2 minutes to get there from my room. There are people who bike around campus, although it is not as popular as I thought. When it is not raining or wet on the ground I ride my longboard to class and so do many other people. The majority of people walk to class though.


Oregon State University is made up of a diverse group of people, from numerous backgrounds; but as students we are all on even footing and most people are very accepting of each other and willing to listen to others perspectives.


Oregon State University is a friendly well rounded school.


Oregon State University would look like a beautiful, scholarly place to someone who's never seen it. Just stepping on the university grounds instantly makes a person want to learn. The brick buildings hold character and history, promising a great education. The autumn season at OSU is beautiful. The leaves change to red, orange, and yellow, and mark the end of one season, but the beginning of new knowledge. I absolutely love the campus. I feel incredibly intelligent as I walk to class in my peacoat and boots. Oregon State is a great place to go to college.


OSU College of Pharmacy is a practical choice for students who want to graduate not just with a piece of paper, but also with a rewarding respected professional title and career.


Oregon State is an amazing school, it's professors are unique and effective, the campus is unbelievably beautiful, and, as a student, I feel part of an educational family.


This school has very die hard Beaver fans and proud professors who love doing what they do.


Oregon State University is growing to become a more Eco-friendly and diverse university.




Oregon State University is an accepting school and rallys together when it needs to


A nurturing, friendly environment rich in knowledge and acadaemia.


Oregon State University is a student-orientated university that goes above and beyond to meet the needs of a diverse variety of students, learning styles and interests; you really feels as if your needs and success matter at this school.


My school is a large school placed in a rural area devoted to promoting a small school feel to all students in every major.


OSU has a strong background of scientific research and engineering, and is one of two universities in the nation that is a Land, Sea, Space, and Sun Grant institution.


Oregon State University is a fun, energetic, and hard-working school. It is dedicated to keeping it's students focused, but also knows how to give them a chance to have fun, in the form of: athletics, arts, activities, or fun off-campus.


A stimulating and exciting learning environment.


School that is willing to help people with their career goals, sports oriented, and a school that cherishes sustainable resources.


A school that suffices in academia and offers a wonderful array of activities to a socially alive student body.


I would describe my school as perfect; we all have a lot of pride in our school, especially since it is very academically focused and yet fun with social and athletical events.


Oregon State University, with its welcoming and diverse environment, provides the tools for you to succeed and excel in your area of study, while also providing a wide variety of extra-curricular activities to experience the ultimate college experience.


Oregon State University is one of the best universities in the nation and I am so fortunate that I am going here. I love everything about the school, the atmosphere, the small historical campus, tight-knit community and amazing sporting events!


Oregon State University is one of the most friendly schools you will ever visit. No matter what the weather is like, cause in oregon it can change on a dime, students and faculty are always willing to help each other . This is why I chose OSU to be my home.


Spirited, GO BEAVS!!


Everyone here seems to love the school and there is a very wide variety of ethnicities, personalities, and styles on campus.


OSU is an incredibly friendly, amazing school to attend.


My school is an amazing learning community which provides an exciting lifestlye and a fantastic place to be educated for your career.


Oregon State has a mixture of academically-focused students and partying students with too-large classes but a good campus atmosphere.


Oregon State is a beautiful, friendly school that allows anyone who wants to make a name for themselves do so.


An agricultural based school with an emphasis on the sciences, with a small town feel, safe campus and friendly and outgoing students and sfaff and faculty.


Oregon State University is a great school, dedicated to helping all of its students gain experience and knowledge for their futures and strives to improve the Corvallis community through multiple fundraisers and events.


It is a highly spirited and down to earth pac-10 school.


Red brick buildings stand tall against a vast blue sky, giving a sense of hope and dignity to all of those who walk the halls which inspire a need for students to learn more at OSU.




Oregon State University is the perfect place for me to grow into my adult self because it has the most opportunities for me career wise and the vibe of the campus is relaxed and focused all at the same time which is exactly how I am.


It's a fun, exciting, stimulating, and beautiful place.


An exciting, social scene with emphasis on meeting new people, academics, and life eperience.


Oregon State University is one of only several universities in the country with land, sea, and air grants.


A large university with a diverse, socially aware, environmentally conscious, and friendly student population.


It is a great university in an amazing college town.


Large school that offers degree programs for many people in a great setting.


A university where the groups of people who go here can be divided into 4 groups: Hicks, Hippies, Greeks and Punks. A diverse research and academic school that doubles as a party school. Has something to offer to everyone, regardless of what they are looking for.