Oregon State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


I have only been in attendence at Oregon State University for a short while, however, the majority of the student body I've noticed is rather friendly. Fairly often in the courses I've taken here some sort of group work has been involved. All of the people that I have been paired with thusfar have been considerate, friendly, and willing to do their part. It is a nice environment to be a part of.






In my department (Food Science and Technology) students were very, very laid back and mostly intended to work in the alcohol industry or dairy industry. Everyone was really helpful in classes and we were non-competitive with each other. Each department varies a lot though.


My class is a very socialable and out going group. We help one another when we can but there is most definatly an underlaying competivness. Personaly I find this competivness to be motivating but that is not the case for all. Some crush under the pressure. Personaly the added presure to succed like my peers helps motivate me to always be progressing.


My classmates are a diverse group of individuals who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure the greatness of others, specifically in speech communications.


Very engaging and willing to contribute to classes.


Students are all over the map at OSU. There is a good amount of diversity. To me, most of the students are from Oregon, Washington and California.




lively. My interaction with them is via blog posts. Students from all over the country and world. All interact via blogposts.


My classmates are well-minded, harworking individuals who strive to acieve their goal.


My classmates are generally helpful, easy-going, and open to friendships.


the class mates i've met while stayin here in the summer, have been welcoming, fun, interesting and make a good time. Everyone is friendly here in the summer and the locals are as well. I've met people who have even further inspired me in dreaming of a better society.


Students are friendly, coming from all different types of cultural backgrounds.


They are looking towards the future.


With so many kids in every class it is hard to really get to know anyone beyond their first name. In most of my classes you don't sit by the same poeple twice.


They are all very driven and determined to succeed.


There are few that are rude, there are many that are supportive.


At OSU, we have four cultural centers, as well as the Pride center for LGBT students and a women's center. There are many groups associated with each center, and there are also many religious groups on campus. In addition to all these groups, there are opportunities on campus for minorities to get involved, such as LSAMP, a group that promotes scholarships and conferences for minority groups. I don't think any kind of student would feel out of place at OSU, because there are just too many people and groups. There is actually something for everyone, whether it's a club, activity, sport, or something else! Most students around here just wear normal clothes to class. Jeans and a sweatshirt are common, but some students wear sweats. Walking around in Oregon's winter isn't the best weather to be wearing dressy clothes. I would say that different types of students interact on a classroom level, but not outside of there. Most students are willing to work with anyone in class, but there's a line of separation between friends outside of the classroom. Most of the students at OSU are from Oregon, but we also have a sizeable amount of students that are international students. Most students here at OSU are putting themselves through college, and not relying on their parents. I haven't encountered many students that are politically active, so I'm unsure of whether students are mostly left or right winged. Some students choose to talk about how much they'll make one day, but I find that people choose to talk more about what they want to do and why, rather than the financial aspect of it.


Honestly, I think there is a wide range of the type of people that are at OSU. With that being said, the people here are alot different than the type of people I am used to. I am from LA and the people in Oregon are somewhat different. First of all everyone is so much nicer. It's pretty crazy how much nicer Oregon people are. There are alot of people who are very eco friendly and want to save the planet. At the same time there are alot of athletes you see walking around campus. Most people wear casual clothes, jeans and a tshirt. There are those people who stick out because they look way to nice to be going to class. And there are also alot of people who wear sweatpants to class. I have yet to see anyone who wears pjs to class though. To be honest I feel out of place sometimes being from California and growing up as a beach girl. Really laid back beachy people might feel out of place as well. Although I do feel out of place at times, it's not that bad and I don't always feel like that. I have made some really great friends, and that's what matters the most.



I feel that Oregon State University provides their students with the oppertunity to learn not only from their professors, but also from their classmates; everyone comes from a different background or ethnic group.


There is a huge variety of students on campus. Different races, orientations, majors, and groups. People aren't here to judge others. There are many clubs and organizations that you can participate in that related to your major and interests. A pride center is a good place to get involved also in the LGBT community. Groups of students are made of different types of people. Oregon State provides opportunities for International students to study in the USA. The majority of students are in-state residents. Students wear typical clothes to class: jeans, sweatshirts, sweats, etc. People can really be comfortable and be themselves at this campus.


Most of the students that attent Oregon State are from Oregon. Recently though there has been an influx of students from Washington, as well as California. Oregon State has a very diverse student population, and with the new INTO building we are starting to see our oversees student population grow. Most students interact with other students in their given majors. If you don't like the rain, don't look at Oregon State. But if you like having the ocean close, and the mountains even closer this is the place for you. Many students enjoy outdoor activities, as well as experiencing all four seasons in full. Oregon State students I would say are mostly conservative due to their family backgrounds.


Oregon State University has a diverse campus, despite being located in a small Oregon town. The administration successfully integrated the campus, making it feel like a small metropolitan city instead of mainly one race. Most students wear work-out clothes to class, but I believe in dressing nicely. The professors wear nice clothes, so why don't we? The financial backgrounds of students is not apparent, making most people feel equal. The Asian students tend to stick with each other, but that is not a generalization. There is a dorm called the International Dorm, so of course there will be more international students there, but it's not limited to just them. The politics of OSU are leaning more to the right, but it's Oregon. The campus is almost evenly split between the two political parties. Oregon State has a diverse campus, but that's exactly how a college should be.


Funny you should ask...the students at our school generally all look the same. I guess that's the one thing that really frustrates me about our school. On a normal morning while on my way to class, it is very uncommon that I will see a student not in their pajamas. A messy bun, a sweatshirt equipped with sorority letters (maybe a Northface jacket if they're feeling a little gutsy), leggings, and Ugg boots. Every girl on campus is outfitted in this exact arrangement of clothes each day. The guys on campus? What do they wear you say? Oh, it's a little more interesting...but not much...bed head and/or "baller hat," a hoodie, basketball shorts or sweatpants and the Nike Freestyles, in various colors. It's things like this about the school that I wish I could change. It seems that students at Oregon State University have lost sight of individualism and self expression. Trust me, I'm not one of those people who is just trying to be different and butt heads with the mainstream, but I take pride in appearing professional, or put together in some way. I feel like everyone should. It's almost like the new thing in college is to see who can look like they woke up most recently.


From my experience, the school is welcoming to and accepting of all types of people whose core interest is learning. Few people seem to ever talk about backgrounds. The predominant feeling that people are at OSU to learn and to get a degree and to see what college life is really like. Few people pay much heed to the outfits of others, as they will range from sweats for someone en route to the gym, ties and slacks for Graduate students, and, more often than anything else, jeans and tee-shirts on everyone else. People tend to stay within their major clicks, or friends from dorms, classes, or made in previous years. It's highly unlikely that anyone could go to Oregon State and not make a single friend during that time. Divisive issues are generally left unspoken of, so, again, the uniting factor is that everyone is either a student or professor.


My classmates at OSU are indesribable, they are outgoing, funny, nice, charasmatic and genuinly caring people.


My classmates are good, bad, annoying, friendly, and everything in between; there is a group of friends that has always been waiting for you.


My classmates vary in ethnicity, socio- economic class, religious views, and political views. However, almost everyone is friendly and helpful.


My classmates are from different countries, states, cultures, traditions, religions; but there is always an atmosphere of acceptance and respect.


My classmates are intellegent, fun, caring, enthusiastic, and for the most part optimistic.


My classmates take on a variety of characters and personalities, while most are extemely friendly, they varying from outgoing athletes, to introverted brainiacs.


They can be too hard headed sometimes and compete with the teacher when it comes to knowledge, and most of the time the students are wrong, but don't give up on fighting.


There are lots of non-religious people, which can be refreshing. It's very lefty and democratic although almost no diversity. Being 74% white can become old, and they do not have a high tolerance level. I think anyone from California would feel extremely out of place, as well as the entire east coast. People from the midwest and in-state students usually attend OSU. It's very easy to get in, so most people make it their safety school. This means not very much school spirit, and lots of slackers that didn't do work in high school because Oregon school systems are a joke.


The best way to describe my class mates is pure joyment.


Many college students I see are aimless and unsure of themselves. Some are wasting their time. Others aren't even sure of what they want yet and are only going to school because they felt like that is what they were supposed to do. The second camp is full of assertive, driven students who know exactly what they want and are reaching out for it with both hands. They will not let anyone tell them that their dreams are beyond their reach or that they aren't good enough. This group presses forward, not unafraid, but unwavering despite all obstacles.


An energetic and enthusiastic group of like minded individuals with a common goal, willing to listen to contrary points of view and help arrive at a solution that helped the group as a whole.


My classmates are open minded college students, they are fun to do things with and have common interests with me. If you are in college and 80% of your classmates are not like you at all. You may consider a different major or area of college. I knew I was in the right place when I got here and many of the student?s behaviors matched mine. In general if students around me had totally different basic habits, such as hating computers and loving the outdoors when I didn?t, I would wonder if I was in the right major.


My classmates are determined and hardworking, always putting school first, but they also know how to have fun.




My classmates are individually different, but in a way, all the same; they are all eager to learn in hopes of pursuing their major.


My classmates are all (for the most part) mature, and focused on their studies.


My classmates those that are freshmen are immature and loud but those that I am friends with and talk with are amazing, diverse and over all entertaining.


A diverse group of individuals, all of them just looking for their passion in life.


A lot of classes here are lectures so everyone either keeps to themselves or with a friend. People are more talkative in labs when its a smaller classroom size group.


Motivated and goal orietented


Everyone is engaged and focused on learning the material to the best of their abilities.


My classmates are adventurous and classy, and although some may party a little too much, they know how to get their class work done and really crack down on projects and homework when they are due.


Young idealistic, discovering who they are.