Oregon State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


To my knowledge Oregon State University is big on the physical sciences. For instance, Linus Pauling graduated with a degree in chemical engineering; he is one of the most influential chemists in history, and thus Oregon State holds an incredible chemistry program. A lot of teachers, and graduate students are conducting research, as well.


Oregon State University is known for their strength in engineering and the ability for students to have a job in their desired field before they even graduate. My school is also known for their wrestling and baseball teams which have ranked nationally for several years. OSU is also known for their contributions to science from changing horomones in sheep during preganancy and showing a link between horomones and homosexuality.


Oregon State is known for its dedicated fans, Beaver fans are passionate and the whole town is full of them. The town of Corvallis is never quiet on a game night! Every restaurant every house dedicated to watching the game and wearing their Beaver apparel no matter the sport. There is no doubt about the passion behind Beaver Believers!


Oregon State University is well known for its engineering program, as well as its agricultural science department. I chose Oregon State because it has one of the best fisheries and wildlife programs in the U.S. I am very satisfied with my major and am excited for my future here. The research opportunites at OSU are also extensive, even for undergraduates.


Oregon State University started as an agricultural school. In the 1860s, Corvallis College (now OSU), was designated as an agricultural college legislatively. OSU is known as both an agricultural school and as a hard science/technical school. It offers programs like microbiology, nuclear engineering, ecology, forestry, public health, biochemistry, zoology, oceanography, food science and pharmacy are recognized nationally as top tier programs. However, the liberal arts programs at the univesity have increased significantly, and those programs are considered extremely vital to the school today. Finally, OSU has been classified as a top research instiution by the Carnegie Foundation.


Oregon State used to be a big agricultural school. It has gotten away from it a little bit but people still know it for that. OSU has many agricultural classes for its students. It has places for the students to go during class where they can see and work with the animals that they are learning about. It is also known for its great veterinary program. People with horses all over Oregon bring their horses to OSU when their usual veterinarians cannot figure out how to help them.


Oregon State is best known for a unique triad of education, social life, and school spirit. With one of the best Engineering programs in the country, the university prides itself in research and theory. Oregon State also has large greek population and culture that positively works with the school and community. Additionally, students pride themselves on being loyal football and Oregon State fans.




My favorite tradition is how everyone camps out in front of Reser before one of our football games. It's amazing to see how many fans we have, and how many students are proud to be a Beaver!


My favorite campus tradition is the Flat Tail Festival/Battle of the Bands. Annually, in the spring, OSU holds a Battle of the Bands competition on a Friday night. The show is free and it's a great way to learn about new, local, artists. After the winner of Battle of the Bands is determined, that band opens for more well known bands at the Flat Tail Festival. It's pretty awesome. If the weather is nice, it's a great atmosphere and thousands of students attend. It's outside in the quad area of the Memorial Union, and it really is just an amazing time. Dogs are welcome, there is a beer garden, and there are usually other activities to do while you're there.


The engineering programs here are amazing. Lots of strong internship opportunities.


My school is best known for its Science programs. It is funded a lot in research and offers amazing degrees for people interested in the science field.


My school is best known for our football team, The Beavers, our chemicial engineering programs, and our pre-veterinary programs.


My school is best known for their engineering program. A lot of people go to Oregon State University for the program. It is a very challenging program, but very popular among majors.


My school is best known for its engineering and science based majors. However, they are also known for having one of the best education programs called the Double Degree program. I plan to apply to be a part of this program, so I am able to graduate with two degrees in four years and can teach right out of college.


My school is best known for its excellent engineering program.


OSU is best known for its beautiful, tree filled, inviting and warm campus. It has a very well known Engineering department as well as a very highly rated Agricultural department. Don't be put off though, OSU has much more to offer. It also houses a two story rec facility, wave generator and a six story Library. The students, faculty and staff at OSU are also very dedicated to Green Living, and doing their part for the environment and our future.


Agriculture sciences, Engineering


Best known for engineering but earlier known for agriculture.


My school is best known for their argicultural program. They are nationally recongized. They have certain things that very few colleges across the nation have actually. We are also known for our baseball team because of their wide success.


Oregon State Beaver football team! We are also known for out outstanding engineering program. But we have a great campus life and there is plenty of opportunity to get involved in teams, clubs, and just getting outdoors and enjoying nature!


OSU is well known for there amazing Beaver Pride. Better than that they are known as a grant research school. We have both Sea, Air, Sun, and Earth grants. OSU is also well known for having one of the greenest campus's. No matter where you are on campus you can find recycling bins for everything. My favorit part about OSU is ther Social community, there is literally a club for almost anything you might think of doing.


Football, engineering, business, and human studies


Oregon State has many very succesful campus programs and our sports teams are among the elite in the nation. The greek systems are very well developed and an important part of our environment. Partying is very common, but there are many forms of social interaction that go on.


Football, engineering, research, gymnastics,


Business program, engineering program, and being conservative.


Athletics is a big thing at our school for all sports. The students show a lot of spirit for all sporting events and are very involved in school activities. We are also known for many of our departments and graduate schools, such as the College of Engineering, College of Pharmacy, Nutrition Department, Veterinary Program, Art Program and many more!!! There are so many choices and things to do at Oregon State University!


Oregon State University's students and faculty is known for research and invention. From the invention for particle board glue, to advancements in solar technology, to the making of the ?Working Hands? cream, OSU offers a lot. The alumni pride is high and is shown by great financial and supportive encouragement. Support within the school is well structured and known for the community feel. Oregon State University is also known for being the first university to create extension centers that informed the agricultural communities across the state of the latest research and development.


My school is best known for our football as well as Engineering program.


My school is best known for being a research school and popular for pharmacy and engineering students. We are also known for beating USC at football, almost going to the rosebowl, and winning the baseball championship two years in a row. Our school is located in a small college town.


Beaver Nation. National Champs in Baseball!!


The college of Engineering, our baseball team, football team, and a prominent greek system.


My school is known for its research and agricultural related studies.


My school has been accredited for many things. Our most famous academic departments, are our Engineering, and Science departments, in which make great strides in the fields every year(let alone every day). We are also well know for our athletics...Football as well as our Gymnastics, Wrestling, Softball and Basball have been extremely successful in the recent years. A few of our greatest claims to fame: We invented the hoola hoop. We beat Notre Dame inf the Fiesta Bowl. Corvallis, where Oregon State Univertsity is located, was voted one of the safest places to liv ein the nation.


Our most popular colleges are engineering and health sciences. A lot of research goes on at this school, especially that which pertains to engineering, the environment, forestry, geosciences, etc. We are a more conservative campus compared to other schools in the state.


pharmacy and engeneering