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What made me choose Oregon State is the community and atmosphere. Compared to the other couple of colleges I visited, at OSU I truly felt that sense of happiness and as cheesy as it sounds, family. Everyone was friendly and willing to help because they wanted to, not because you have to. They also had one of the best pre-pharmacy schools in the nation, one of very few. Combined with the amazing rec center, I knew it was the college for me.


When I was trying to decide which University I wanted to attened, Diversity was a big factor. I wanted to be open to new experiences, meet new people who came from different backgrounds and cultures because my hometown wasn't very diverse at all. When I visited the campus I was exposed to new people, and different cultures. The University has a lot of opertunities for Research, and even paid research assistant positions. The campus is easy to get around and its in a nice suburb setting. The University is part of the city, not separate from it.


Compared to the other schools that I've considered, Ithaca is the most LGBT-accepting school. Although it is not diverse in terms of ethnicity and race, students are incredibly friendly and very accepting of others who are different. This leads me to say that my college has a really warming and welcoming atmosphere that was clearly apparent when I first visited. The majority of students love simply reading a book or playing frisbee outdoors on a nice day. The professors all enjoy their jobs and love seeing students during office hours. All in all, Ithaca is gorges.


Something special about Oregon State University is that if you dedicate your time and actually do your studying, being successful and getting into the desire career is possible. I am pursuing a career in the Pharmacy area and have realized I am capable of being successful.


Location - small town, nice campus. Good for undecided majors.


Definitely consider what kind of school you want to go to before you choose Oregon State. It was an okay experience for someone like me, but I grew up in Oregon and knew fully what I was getting into. Most people have never even heard of OSU, and if they have... it's because of the football team. Corvallis is one of the most boring towns to put a college in, even though it is beautiful in the summer. The rest of the year consists of rain and grey skies. EVERY SINGLE DAY.


I love the school spirit that OSU has. Sports (especially Football) are huge here. Football season is one of my favorite times of the year because it's really cool to see the alumni come and hang out with current OSU students to cheer for the football team/school they love.


I am SO happy I chose OSU! Go Beavs! (super fun to go to a Pac 10 school too...)


Oregon State has one of the top engineering programs in the nation. Going to school in my resident state ensures me a greatly reduced tuition price when compared to out of state schools. My transfer program fed directly into the engineering program here. All of my friends transfered with me, so I had a study group set up before I started here.


Even though OSU is a large campus, there is a close knit feel to it. There is always some kind of club doing some kind of activity, that's free to join in on. When there are games the students get in for free, and that just truly shows how school spirited and close this large campus truly is. It's exciting to be around a bunch of people that don't know you yet but are willing to help you learn a new cheer, or a new game.


The programs are exceptional, the people are so nice and the campus is incredibly beautiful. I chose to attend OSU strictly because of the Biology programs and the fact that I can earn my Bachelor's, Master's and Ph.D degrees here without transferring to other graduate schools. We're very green orientated here as well.


It's a big school in a small town. Corvallis is a beautiful town, and while theres normally enough here to keep you busy, larger towns are only 40-90 minutes away. Theres a lot of out door opportunites here. Very few places in the nation are only 1-2 hours from the mountains and the Ocean.


There are a lot of things to do here at Oregon State University. There are plenty of bike paths and roads to walk on and it is beautiful here. The trees bloom perfectly and it feels very much like home. You could adapt to the weather easily. I would recommend anyone to attend Oregon State. There are so many things to do, regardless of your likes or dislikes.


It's a very nice community that is beautiful and a pleasure to live in.


Corvallis is placed in a small city and surrounded by gorgeous hills.


There are more majors available at OSU, and the facilities available far surpass that of any other schools in Oregon.


I liked the diversity and the many options for majors and career options.


The students at oregon state are very friendly and we are a close community. I would say that a majority of Students work very hard for their grades, but reward themselves with having a good time on the weekends.


What I loved about the OSU enviornment was its acceptance of all types of people. From very liberal to very conservative, the students stand up for what they believe and bring it to class.


It's filled with a lot of beautiful trees and the campus is pretty secluded so you can meet a lot of other college students while you are there. I like that the whole campus is all in one space so it is relatively easy to get to all your classes without being late.


It has a beautiful campus compared to other schools I applied for.


I wouldn't say my school is necessarily unique, because its like many universities; diverse, academically centered, and demanding. I would say its special because there is a great sense of pride that comes with being a Oregon State Beaver. No matter where a Oregon State graduate ends up in life, he/she will always be a "Beaver Believer." From west coast to east, our graduates are still humming the school song, whether they graduated in 1970 like my father, or in 2005 like my dearest friend. Here at Oregon State University the students truly do bleed black and orange.


this one had the original program i was going into, athletic training, and then i switched to resteraunt food management. one thing is that the city is very focused on the university making it feel more small town even though it's a 50,000 + population. the campus is always green and beautiful, there are so many resources availible to help sucess of any student, i wish i had figured that out sooner.


We are one of two schools in the nation to be a sun-grant, sea-grant, land-grant, and space-grant university.


Oregon State University is the largest school I considered, and is much less religious than a couple of the other schools I looked at. The campus is in a very rural area, and the school is the life and center of the town of Corvallis. There was a lot of class variety, but the English program was lacking. I found that the school was focused on engineering and didn't care much about the humanities.