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Tell us about the sports scene on campus.

Athletics associated with Oregon State have had their ups and downs over the years. But once you put on that beaver orange you become part of Beaver Nation. Beaver Nation no matter win, or lose is always their to support their teams. Our football program has been through a lot since I began attending Oregon State in 2008, but our coach Mike Riley is a real class act. His program is ran almost like a family, and his players go on to be successful in life afterward. The athletic facilities are catching up with the rest of the PAC-12, but sometimes it is hard to keep up when you have Phil Knight in your back pocket like Oregon. One thing if you choose to come to Oregon State you will learn is that our Civil War rivalry is the most bitter, ruthless, battle in the nation. No matter the sport, no matter what record any given team has, all that matters at the end of a season is that you beat Oregon! Plus who could forget our amazing baseball team. I personally work at the baseball games operating a camera. Let me tell you nothing is better then taking a break from your course load and going and watching Pat Casey and the Oregon State Baseball team on a evening in the late spring.

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As with any college with good athletic teams, the sports scene here is a big deal. And it goes beyond just football, which ensures that the supportive sports scene is seen throughout the year. Baseball, gymnastics, volleyball, and basketball are just a few others that are big deals. It also helps, and yes I will name drop here, that the men's basketball head coach is Michelle Obama's brother, Craig Robinson. And even through teams' not so pretty years, there's still beaver pride for the most part, so that's nice.

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OSU has a lot of student atheletes, and we also have a lot of student support for our games (especially when it's against UO). Obviously, as with many colleges across the US, football is the largest part of our sports focus, but we also have a lot of support for our other sports.

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