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What are some hot-button issues on campus?

I've been hearing a lot of jabber about gun-control lately, but to tell you the truth, I tend to tune people out when they start talking about it. Since I tune people out a lot, I would definitely file that topic under "hot-button issues" as of late. I'm really racking my brain here folks, but there was something not too long ago (2008-ish?) about a big cut to the foreign language department and Italian was getting cut. This was around the time that other colleges, like USC, were also cutting back large time on foreign languages. Students even carried a coffin around campus as a mock death of the Italian language program here.

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The largest problem I've seen on campus right now is that students are either happy or irritated that OSU is going to become a smoke-free campus next year. Currently, smokers are allowed as long as you stay 30 feet or more away from buildings. Many students smoke, but there are many more that are irritated by walking by the people smoking right outside of buildings.

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