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What are your classes like?

Right now I am taking chem, math, 2 exercise and sports science classes, and comm. I love my comm class because it is interpersonal communication. If you hate public speaking definitely take comm 218. There is no public speaking in that class and it fulfills your speech class which I love. Comm is interesting, I've definitely learned alot about myself during that class. I also learned about how I come off to other people, which has been interesting. Chem is kinda boring, for me it is a review of what I learned in high school, only because my school had a really good academic program. I love love love my exercise and sports science classes. They are amazing and I have been learning so much. To me they are so interesting,,obviously considering I am pre physical therapy and athletic training. Math is just math. It's not incredibly boring but it's by no means interesting that's for sure. We are on the quarter system which I love because it is 3 10 week terms. If you don't like a class you don't have to be in it for that long. And it is hard to get really bored because those 10 weeks do go by pretty fast.

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The classes I took at Oregon State University my first term were great. I took a U-Engage class which are specifically designed just for freshmen. We had the president of OSU come and speak to us about achieving a successful future so that was great. My Shakespeare class always had new ways of interpreting the famous author's works. My French class integrated us for the fifty minutes I had it. Marching band gave me the opportunity to learn popular songs and meet 250 OSU students. Flute lessons give me one-on-one time with the flute professor so I can get better at the instrument I love. My history class was interesting and important. I can't wait for Winter term 2012 because I'm taking a political science class. Oregon State University offers unlimited amounts of classes for liberal arts majors, science majors, and engineers.

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Classes are separated into three categories: lecture, recitation, and labs. Some classes are only lectures, but more often there is either a recitation or lab, or both, to accompany the lecture. Lectures are minimally interactive, especially in larger classes (100-600). Recitations and labs are often run by TA's, and are more interactive because of the smaller class size (15-30 people).

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