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What do students complain about most?

Honestly, I don't hear much complaining from students at our school. There isn't too much to complain about here, aside from the cold weather (which I prefer). I guess if I had to choose something, most students would complain about our credit system. Sometimes, it's annoying that a class is only 3 credits when there is so much work required for it. I believe every class with the exception of PAC classes (physical activity classes-basically PE stuff), should be 4 credits. It seems like professors/the school administration doesn't understand how much work we put into each class. That would be my biggest complaint, and also the complaint that I hear from students the most.

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Students tend to complain about professors the most. The fact is that some professors teach and grade differently, for the same amount of credit. The easiest way to get the best professors is to talk to students before you take the class, or check online on or (Both sites are free)

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Recently there has been a sudden surge in the student population. Many students around campus are now having troubles commuting to, from, and also on campus. Also since there are many more students in Corvallis many students are running into the problem of finding places to live off campus.

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