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What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?

Oregon State University is compiled of students from diverse backgrounds. We pride ourselves on having a tolerant school for all ethnicities, life styles, and backgrounds. Of course there are the frat students, the jocks, the geeks, and the stoners, but what school doesn't have those? If we had no jocks, there would be no sports teams for the school. If we had no frat students, then there wouldn't be any fraternities. These stereotypes are simply categories of schools. Oregon State University is a place where people of all cultures and backgrounds can come and find a niche for themselves.

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Oregon State University has been stereotyped as engineering and agricultural school with the majority of students being future farmers. While we do cater to plenty of prospective farmers and engineers, we are also renown for our science, marine science and double degree program for future teachers. What you'll find here at OSU is a very eclectic gathering of various cultures and interesting characters. Not to mention a great party scene, or so they say: OSU has been known for being a big fan of Thirsty Thursdays by many of the fraternities and sororities.

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There are a few stereotypes at Oregon State, I guess. I'm pretty sure you will find stereotypes at any school in the US. I think determining whether the stereotype is accurate just depends. You can't say if it's accurate or not unless you actually get to know the person. Some people live up to their stereotype and some don't.

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