Oregon State University Top Questions

Describe the best and worst parts of the social scene on campus.


The best part is that there's usually always things to do on and off campus. There's lots of people hanging out around campus and having fun. The worst part is that people can be really reserved after the first few weeks of the year. It's hard to join new groups of friends if you don't meet people your first few weeks up here.


The worst part about the social scene on campus is being under 21. There's not a whole lot to do in Corvallis except go to bars; however, if you're under 21, you're left to either fend for yourself, go bowling, or maybe partake in some campus-run g-rated activities, which can be fun. The best part is after you turn 21 because then all of a sudden you see Corvallis as a new playground with shiny, new alcohol filled things to play with. Drinking aside, however, OSU itself seems to recognize the limitations of the city and really does try to put in an effort to host events for students of all ages.

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