Oregon State University Top Questions

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


I think that the stereotype isn't entirely accurate. People tend to think of OSU as either all nerdy, engineer students or partying frat/sorority kids. In reality, there's many people in between each of those stereotypes. There's just too many students, over 20,000 of us, to be clumped into one group. No one thing unites us, except the color orange.


Hm. Well, being in Western Oregon, you automatically have the stereotype that students are a lot more casual slash chill than most. When it's not raining, pretty much everyone is in shorts, t-shirts and flip flops. However, being a school that is heavily associated with athletics and greek life, you do spot the stereotypical jocks and frat guys - hulking around with an attitude. Do not be misled though, you'll be surprised at how respectful they can be. You also see the occasional "hipster" walking around with vibrant clothing and not a care in the world. Aside from those though, OSU is a fairly normal school. A lot more laid back than normal sure, but that's Oregon for you!


Yes. OSU students are very sheltered and only a selective group of people that probably grew up in Oregon could enjoy the school.


Not at all! I mean every campus has their nerds, and yea we do have our fair share of Animal Science majors, but we have a lot of really cool majors like Sports Medicine and a ton of engineering folks.

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