Oregon State University Top Questions

When you step off campus what do you see?


Corvallis is a small town that has grown up around OSU. The city caters mostly to college students, however, there are parts of town that are not completely student affiliated. Monroe is a good place to hang out and get food.


I see local coffee shops, restaurants, houses, and some small shops. There is an amazing clothing store called Urban Laundry. I love their clothes and what's even better about it is that it is right next to Dutch Bros. If you've never heard of Dutch Bros, don't worry I didn't either until I came here. But it's basically like a Starbucks. Honestly I like Starbucks better but it's still really good. There are a bunch of pizza places you can go to..oh and Jimmy Johns..best.place.ever. They deliever Thursday through Sunday until 4AM!! That is a college students dream! Oh ya and delivers is either free or costs 25 cents. That is like the greatest thing ever and they have amazing sandwiches also.


Many local business, coffee shops, bars, and colleges houses for miles. Corvallis is a small town, with a booming local economy all due to the university. There are many nice locally owned restaurants, that feature many different backgrounds. Also there is an amazing nightlife located in Corvallis.


Depending on which street you end up on, you can see residential areas, restaurants, public office buildings (City Hall, for example), frat houses, sororities, lots of trees, and always a cop.

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