Oregon State University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


OSU football is great in the fall and Baseball is also very popular. The OSU football program has improved greatly over the last few years and the stadium is really nice.




The most popular groups on campus are probably the larger clubs or student body organizations. There are student run groups in each dorm hall, and there is also ASOSU, the student union for OSU. Most students leave their doors open for the first few weeks, but after then, people tend to be in and out of their dorms and aren't really around enough to keep their doors open. The events on campus are pretty popular, especially athletic events. Sororities and fraternities are pretty important on campus because we have a large greek system, and because they have a lot of parties and social events. There are tons of places to hang out off campus, especially on Monroe. There's also movie theaters, restaurants, and more downtown.


Ultimate frisbee seems to be incredibly popular on campus. I'm not sure why but there are always people playing it and there are tournaments on the weekends, it gets pretty intense. Athletic events are really popular also. Since our school has so much school spirit, many students attend the athletic events throughout the year.


People are really into going to the gym and working out here, there you can also find several different recreational and non-competitive sports to play. People in the dorms are outgoing for the most part. Athletic events are fun to attend even if we don't always win! I have found it easier to meet people in classes rather than living in the dorms. Homecoming is one of the biggest traditions on campus each year. I think that people party a good amount here, but that is a part of college. Each dorm has place for students to meet and watch TV/movies or billiards and study rooms for people to meet and study.


There are many organizations on campus to join. Personally I am part of the Global Brigades club on campus. Global Brigades is a non-profit organization that sends college students around the world to help countries in varying fields. I was personally part of a medical, and also water brigade. During the summer of 2010 I had the privilege of travelling down to honduras to help set up mobile medical clinics, as well as build water systems for rural communities throughout the country. Another organization on campus that is very popular is student media. I have deep roots with this organization due to the fact it is related to my major. KBVR (tv/radio) is located on campus and is student ran. If you are interested in hosting a radio show, working on a tv show, or even creating your tv own tv show KBVR is your place to be. The last activity I will discuss is athletics. Oregon State Athletics gives students an amazing opportunity to get career experience while going to school. If you are an athlete and are unable to compete at the D-1 level does not mean you have to stop being involved in sports. I worked as a team manager for three years, while also working as an intern for the media services department within athletics. There are many opportunities every year to get involved within Oregon State Athletics that other universities just don't offer. These opportunities prepare you for your future career, as well as look amazing on a resume.


It's college, so the most popular activity is drinking. There's not a wide-range of things to do in Corvallis, so it typically falls back to alcohol. However, the choral/theater scene are big at OSU, particularly the more relaxed groups like the acapella groups Outspoken and Divine. But a lot of students mix and match activites like being part of the Greek system and playing a sport, either as an athlete through the school or intramural...or the lazy-man's version and just watch sports from the comfort of their couch. Either way, OSU is a very sports-oriented school.


I participated first hand in the Oregon State Marching Band. We had about 250 students participate in that. The OSU football team has less, but generates a large fan base. The rowing team does a great job in recruiting students so most people have either met with or heard of someone on the team. Athletic events are extremely popular at OSU. It's great because students get tickets for free, as long as you show your OSU ID. Everyone wears their black and orange and cheers to the music as our team scores or completes a play. The dating scene at OSU is hopping. There are always students going out for coffee, food, or to a party. I have gone on several dates since being at school. I met my closest friends by living in the dorm and participating in marching band. If I was awake at 2am in the morning, I would be studying or hanging out with friends if it was the weekend. Every weekend there is a party at OSU, mostly at the fraternities or sororities which are a huge part of campus. I do not participate in Greek Life, and I don't think I've missed out on anything. There isn't a ton of pressure to go out every weekend so the Saturdays that I stay in, I study, read, or hang out with my friends that do not party. There are other activities off campus like places to eat, work out, or socialize.


Hands down, the most popular student group would be Greek Life. It's definitely harder to make friends at my school if you don't join a house. I haven't quite found my niche as far as clubs go at my school. I work for the Oregon State Football Video Crew, so maybe if that counted I could consider myself a part of an awesome student group. I did do theatre my freshman year of college, and that was really fun, but I haven't had time to be a part of that since then, unfortunately. There are so many groups at our school, it could make your head spin. Athletics are a big deal at our school, at least football is. We have a large football program, and most students wait in line days before hand to make sure they get tickets to each game. This is great for me because I have a huge passion and love of football!


Corvallis offers a plethora of things to do. There are three golf courses within fifteen miles of the school, several movie theaters, bowling alleys, restaurants, bars, clubs, and coffee shops. There is usually some event going on, be it a guest speaker or reader or a concert or play, There are several parks, a river to fish in, and a mountain to simply explore. And the beach is only an hour away! Someone, somewhere, is always available to do something. Parties tend to happen most weekends, bars offer special nights at least once a week, and small concert venues can be found all along Monroe St. Frats and Sororities do play a part in school functions, but they are not at all necessary to even visit. There is a "snow in the quad" each spring, where a special ramp is set up and people can watch snowboarders and skiers showcase some moves. And last year, after Spring Finals, OK GO! put on a show. If drinking isn't interesting, it will be hard to be bored.


Fraternities and sororities take over campus. Sports are huge here, especially football games. Whenever the Beavers score, it sounds like a bomb is going off in town. People usually hang out alone unless you're involved with Greek life, so finding friends is definitely hard especially when so many people live in cheap apartments off-campus. There's a pretty amazing theater scene outside of the school, and the dating scene is non-existent. If you see couples on campus, they're usually married and/or have a baby. People definitely prefer drinking over smoking, and you cannot be called an Oregonian or an OSU student without being a complete stoner.


There is plenty to do on campus if you look for it. Its really easy to get to know people if you put forth effort and keep your door open!