Oregon State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The best part about my school is the flexibility of the classes and fast-track in which I can complete my program. It allows me to focus on the ultimate goal, which is career success.


Having facilities for hands-on work (brewery, creamery, bakery) and my professors being super accesible.


One of the best ecampus schools in the nation. Great coaching program to help ecampus students with first terms.


I tell them that the class sizes are small often allowing for class wide discussions of ideas, concepts, or upcoming research in the field. The slightly rural campus is also a benefit for people who are outdoor enthusiasts or enjoy being around nature but not far enough away from everything to be inconvenient.


What I brag about most to my friends about my school is that I can stay focused with my grades but I can always have a good time. College is about getting an education but is also about self dicovery. Oregon State University is generalized as a party school, which it most certainly is, but it is also a great place for a brilliant education and that is something I take pride in.


How open-minded, hands-on and willing to work with students the professors were.


I have so many classmates that the only possible way to describe them is by saying "diverse"!


I brag about how involved my school is. Almost everybody on campus is involved in extra activities outside of the classroom; tutoring, athletics, jobs, internships, etc.


Oregon State has one of the best teaching instructors and academic help centers. Oregon has a great engineering and pharmacy department, with many of opportunities for student involvement. There are many sports and physical activities available to students for free or a low fee. We have the best amiable student and staff. Oregon States has a many school events that are extremely fun! We have a lovely looking campus and wonderful six -floor library; which is an extraordinarily good place to study and get free academic help!


Even though we live in a college town it doesn't feel like it. The atmosphere is down to earth and there is something for everyone to do whether you like art or entertainment. There are numerous things accessible if you live on or near campus including a great downtown area with a weekly farmers market.


How beautiful the campus is and how much fun it is tto be there!


I am one of ten girls within the junior civil engineering class of approximately 120 students. Oregon State has an absolutely beautiful campus. Corvallis is so environmentally friendly; people ride their bikes or walk everywhere!


My major is in Radiation Health Physics. Oregon State University has a test reactor on site; This means if we want to investigate neutron activation of a hunk of cheese, we actually have the facilities here to accomplish that task, and do so safely.


I look out at my dorm window and see a beautiful college campus sprawled out in front of me. During the fall I may brag about how the Beavers have one of the top defenses in the Pac-10, and during the spring I may proclaim to my friends down south that my walks to class are framed by a stunning display of colors that would seem to belong not on a college campus, but rather on the canvas of a romantic era painter.


I tell my friends how spirited the people are here and how much orange and black you see when there are football games. Tailgaters are everywhere drinking and representing the ORANGE AND BLACK. They wear orange and black everything!! School pride and spirit is huge here.


I love to tell my friends about how good our Rec Center is. I honestly think that Dixon is the best work out facility I have ever seen.


Corvallis is in a beautiful area, and so far the weather has been fantastic, though I known this area is prone to rain. If I brag to my friends, it would be how our team is doing in football or baseball. Other than that, I don't have much time to brag about anything to anyone.


the baseball team


it's very accepting, fun, vibrant, open. campus is beautiful! lots of activities, clubs, events.