Oregon State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing at OSU is the administration's tendency to push a far left agenda. They don't try to hide it anymore, and the president, Ed Rey (Ray?) sends out many emails reenforcing their commitment to social justice. They created a bias and diversity task force too. In fact, after the election, they hosted a "cry-in," allowed professors to rant about results in class, and declared themselves a sanctuary university. Don't get me wrong, I'm no racist or alt-right psychopath, but I've never seen a place that pushes their agenda on people like this (and I'm from Portland).


The worst thing about my school is the lack of great math professors and teachers. In order for us students to fully understand any concept of anything we have to have great teachers who know how to properly teach. I have taken math for years and the best teacher I have ever had were my tutors. They even were discussed by the fact that there aren't a lot of great teachers out there still.




I feel as though the college puts too much money into their athletics. Some of money that goes into it could be used towards a broader range of things, such as arts and academics, thus benefiting the student body.


The worst thing about Oregon state university is the parking services. Last year (2013-2014) there was a flat rate to pay for a parking pass. This year they tried to fix the problem by establishing zones. The zone parking only created confusion and did nothing to create more parking spaces. Students buy the permit but often do not find a spot on campus and park off campus. This results in interfering with the privacy outside a resident’s home. Not only do students not receive what they pay for but are invading the privacy of homes near campus.


Oregon State University seems to award financial aid primarily to in-state students. Although I have consistently received high marks, currently volunteer in my future career field, and have need for aid in paying my out-of-state tuition, I have received no aid. The financial aid department is too relaxed and very unhelpful. When asked for resources, the office directed me to Fastweb.


Most socializing takes place on weekends and involves heavy amounts of binge drinking. It's not uncommon to hear about people being hospitalized for alcohol poisoning. I simply wish the student culture was shifted more towards social drinking and less towards celebrating "black-out" culture.


At this point I think the worst part about Oregon State is all of the construction that is going on. It makes it harder to get around while walking to classes or even trying to drive off of campus. It has caused me to almost be late to appointments and classes because I did not know that it was going to be starting. Even though it is a nuisance right now I know that when it is over it will make the school a better place to be studying at.


With my experiences, I don't like the advising. But that could just be the people that I have encountered in my specific major. Otherwise, the people are great, the professors are kind and understanding, and it's a beautiful campus. The weather does tend to suck from time to time but I have been in Oregon my whole life so I'm used to it. The people that aren't used to the weather aren't a huge fan of it but it isn't too terrible.


Tuition cost is the worst thing about my school. I have to mess around with two other community colleges just to take the same classes i could take at my school. It seems to me that prices can be arbitrarily raised just to pay administration more than what teachers make. I suppose the way my school handles money is what i dislike the most.


Class sizes for freshman undergrad level classes, too large


The worst thing is how big the school is. There are nearly 25,000 students going there and the class sizes are huge. If you want smaller classes and one on one help then this is the wrong choice.


I find the lack of financial resources for Liberal Arts programs is the worst thing about my school.


The thing I least like about my school is the advising. I have never had a good adivising appointment and when I have had questions that were not answered by the website I was directed back to the major website to find them. There have been some cases where I have been told the wrong information and have not been able to contact anyone to get it all straightened out.


The worst thing about my school is the tuition, it is quite exepensive. I am from out of state, but only one state north and I feel that I should be given residency.


I think that the alcohol consumption is the worst thing about my school. Students here rarely mention any activity without alcohol involved. It is an obsession.


I think that the worst thing about my school is that there are so many people that go unknown. I believe campus wide we should have more activities that bring the campus together versus just having certain activities for certain groups throughout the year.


The classes are so large that one-on-one time with instructors/professors is nearly impossible. Also, attending a university is very expensive. It's difficult and often discouraging to have over $5,000 in loans at the end of one school year.


The worst thing about attending any university, not just Oregon State, is the freedom! That wonderful, elusive feeling is suddenly overpowering your will to study and attend class. It is so important to realize that with freedom, comes responsibility. You must stay focused on your goals and aspirations, for without those, you will slip by the wayside and be lost in a sea of bad grades and poor job prospects.


In the beginning courses there are a lot of students, so it is hard to get to know other people well.


Limited opportunities within the area. Although Corvallis is a lovely town, anyone wishing to pursue career opportunities in their field of study must head to Portland or Seattle.


The people here are not intellectual, they are boring. They party all the time, watch sports, play video games, talk about video games, and are generally uninterested in learning. This is a gross generalization, but it's how I feel most of the people here are. Some people may like this, but it's not for me. In addition, the classes are huge and there isn't a lot of teacher-student interaction. It's extreemely frustrating.


Some of the classes are huge and it's hard to get in depth during class because so many kids have so many questions that take up all of the class time.


It's enormous, and sometimes had to find things.


For me, this university (and it may be the same with others as well) is highly geared toward the typical college student- if you are a non-traditional student,: older than average, married, children, etc., it can feel like you don't fit in very well.


I think the dorms are the worst its hard to live with people you dont know.


Oregon, as you might know, is a very rainy state. That doesn't mean it's pouring rain every day, but the winter here has 80-100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} cloud cover just about every day. The lack of direct sunlight can certainly affect your mental wellness if you don't take steps to counteract it.


I find it hard to find nice, affordalbe housing close to campus. The engineering program is difficult but to be expected. I don't like how much it costs for tuition and books.


I think that the worst thing about school is the core curriculum, those classes you have to take and have no interest in. It is also one of the best. The core requirements allow you to have a more diverse education, see the world from a different perspective and be exposed to other disciplines. If you keep an open mind they even can help you in your major. I have never been an environmentalists but I took an environmental philosophy class and it helped me to see ways that corporations can realistically help the regions with the resources they use.


I am not taking a single class in my major this term due to the fact that I had to register late. There is even talk of cutting classes in the future. I don't like the fact that at such a large university it is so difficult to get into classes that I NEED to take.


The fact that a student's tuition doesn't necessarily go toward their field of study. One-fourth of students are engineers, yet over one-half of all student funds go toward supporting the engineering department. On the other hand, half of the students are liberal arts majors, yet their individual colleges receive less than one-fourth of student funds, causing many essential programs to be cut, or downsized...in turn forcing many liberal arts students to have to wait several terms to get into a class they need for a major or minor.


the weekends aren't to fun, if only there were moer events on campus during that time more students would stay on campus.


Alcohol causes you to loosen up at a party and allows you to do things you normally wouldn't do. This is a bad thing because it can cause you to do things that you will regret doing. You'll wake up and won't even know what happened.


Lack of late night food venues, efficient parking spots.


The worst thing about my school is that the town it is located in is very small and at times there is little to do.


too much partying going on.


I believe the worst thing about my school is the large emphasis on the greek life. The people that are invloved in the greek system at my school act as though they have all the power. If you are not part of a fraternity or sorority it becomes much more difficult to meet people and I just find that diffuclt. It is harder to form a social neetwork of people if you are not in someway attached to that system, and that really bothers me.


The worst thing about Oregon State University is the cost of textbooks. Thankfully, many of the professors in the College of Forestry do not require students to buy all the textbooks suggested for each term. In fact, some professors of whom have written the literature themselves, offer digital copies of the required readings at no charge. In the future, I think that digital material should be more widely available so as to cut student costs and and keep the publishers and bookstores from taking advantage of students. In addition, digital material would decrease campus reliance on paper products.


The worst thing about school is the drinking. About 3 days a week you will find the majority of students at a partry.


I think that OSU is often written off as a "party school," but I think people forget that the relationships they make there are founded in so many things other than partying. People do get out of control, and I think that there are students who may give the university a bad name, but a lot of the students are focused and just want to enjoy their time at school. However, the town of Corvallis is small so sometimes students may feel limited and that can be an issue sometimes.


It costs too much for out-of-state students like me.


The worst thing about my school is that there is bad lighting at night, which makes it unsafe for students to walk around after sunset. Also, the financial aid department does not offer enough opportunities for scholarships and grants because I come from a low income family and get good grades, but I don't receive much help. The only offer loans.


Many people find Corvallis to be a boring town. I however don't find this to be an issue. Also, I haven't had the best experiences working with advisors at OSU but I don't know many people that have had better luck with that at other schools. And some of the TA's don't speak english very well which can make learning difficult.




College drinking, partying. Why? That's obvious.


When the wind is right you smell the dariy farm and it stinks.


The worst thing about OSU is the large general education classes. Many of these classes have 400 students in them so it is hard to get to know your professors or get help if you ever need it. However, the TAs in most of the classes are a great resource if people ask them.


Once in a while there's a smell that drifts through the campus from the farms on the west side of the town and it smells like cow poop. Other than that the campus is outstanding.


The lack of parking for students on and off campus.


The worst thing about my school is that the dorms do not offer the best living situations. The roommate matching network is not the greatest and the food for the dormitories aren't the best. They need more varitey and they charge too much money per meal.