Oregon State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


If you are interested in forestry, agriculture or environmental science.


If you are interested in forestry, agriculture or environmental science.


The kind of person who should attend OSU is someone who likes math, agriculture, and/or software engineering. In addition, being a leftist would really benefit you here. Finally, if you come here, join the Greek life! I didn't, and I really regret it still.


A person who loves squirrels, rain, and beautiful sunsets should go to the Oregon State University. OSU also has a multitude of amazing programs, clubs, professors, and activities to do around Corvallis and surrounding areas. Corvallis is a very friendly, eco-friendly place to live and is a good distance away from the Oregon coast, the mountains, and Portland (a fun, weird city). There is lots of hiking and beautiful nature around Oregon. Oregon State University has a lot to offer and has a place for everyone who wishes to become a part of it.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who enjoys a large university campus in a small college town environment. Someone who wishes to learn about a variety of topics while pursuing a degree in a field that one is passionate about. Someone that is not afraid to push their horizons and is eager to become a high fuctioning member of society.


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This school has all degrees but is very much known for its emphasis on science degrees, specifically engineering and forestry. If you are pursuing a career in any science related field, this is an excellent choice. This is also a school for active people and community leaders.


I think anyone that is interested in any kind of science or engineering should attend this school as it is very well known for these programs. It's a pretty conservative school but, at least from my experiences, everyone seems extremely kind and willing to help. It's a big college with a small-town feel and is big on agriculture. Definitely not for someone who is interested in a big town with tons to do.


Oregon State University is open to anyone who wants to further their education. It's a diverse school and a beautiful environment to be in.


Anyone who is interested in attending a school that is very green and loves science.


People with motivation, passion, future should attend Oregon State University, especially the ones who are seeking for a career in pharmacy or engineering. Oregon State University has one of the largest research facilities that students have the access to. If you love science and are passionate about it, you need to attend Oregon State University.


Someone who doesn't mind large lecture halls and not really talking to professors


A student should attend Oregon State if they want a well-rounded academic experience and don't mind not having too much to do outside of school.


There is no certain type of person who should attend this college. Everybody that I have meet so far has their own personality and is unique. As mentioned, the student body greatly accepts people of all personalities. Whether you have a passion for human rights or a love for the environment, you will fit in at Ithaca. Ithaca is generally a very liberal school but there are still students who are moderate or on the other side of the political spectrum.


A potential student should have some degree of self-discipline and time management. Coursework is challenging and tuition is fairly expensive, which directly relates to the quality of education that can be received from Oregon State.


A person should attend Oregon State University if they are looking for a safe, fun, and interactive community. Oregon State University is a four year college which means students need to live on or around campus and not in the city. OSU requires commitment from their students, but allows for so many possibilities not allowed at other schools for fun and for their degree.


This school is very diverse and there are many different walks of life here. I would say anybody looking for a good education ,that does not want to pay a lot, and has a strong work ethic.


Anybody interested in a well-rounded liberal education.


Oregon State University is for anyone who is passionate and dedicated. Someone willing to further their education and would like to have a great college experience. It is for a person that would like to live in a semi-small campus and city with outstanding teaching instructors. This school is a good match for anyone who would like to get involved in the community or with the school and almost every career has an organization for student involvement.


Oregon State University is best for a student that is interested in science or engineering. There is a very good engineering program with an amazing brand new facility. Oregon State University also offers great science facilities and a wide variety of classes. There are also a lot of opportunities for students who like to get involved with their environment. OSU has many clubs and organizations dedicated to creating a sustainable campus and there are also a lot of opportunities to get involved with farm animals.


I think anyone can fit in at OSU. The campus is diverse and open to it. Religion, race, politics and such don't really matter because even if some people don't agree with you, there are plenty of others that do! People here are open to learning about matters they don't agree with and won't judge you for it.


A person who is interested in partying would enjoy this school. Also, it's a good engineering school, which is why I came here before I decided I didn't want to be an engineer in my senior year. If you want to be an engineer, it's got some great programs, but just make sure that's what you want.


I think any kind of person could attend this school. But I think a person that might want to think twice is someone who loves being in the city. Corvallis is a small town and there is not that much night life.


Primarily students who wish to study business, engineering, or science (particularly science, as Oregon State is one of only a few land, sea, air, and space grant universities in the nation) and who can learn from a primarily theoretical approach to teaching rather than "hands on". They would also need to be erather open minded on many issues, as the school seems to focus on, and almost push many ideas out to students.


A liberal person, open to new ideas. Ready to engage in thought. Someone who likes mild seasons, but be prepared for allergy season. This college has a great agriculture programs, great for crop and soil science and pre-vet. A big engineering program.


This school is for people that like the fast pace life. The reason behind that is because this school works on a term by term basis; having tests 2 weeks into each term.


Career focused, outgoing, likes diverstiy as well as rain.


Social people who can organize thier time well.


A kind of person who should attend this school could come from any ethnic or cultural backround. Also could come from any status or class in society who is open to share and learn with other students in their school. A person who is willing and determined to succeed both in the class room and outside. A person who is open to new ideas and experiences.


Open minded people who want to learn and do well in life.


A person who likes football and basketball games, who's thinking about joining a frat or sorority house, looking for an affordable 4-year college, likes a larger campus, and wants a variety in majors.


If you're interested in learning and being involved in a socially active and academically diverse atmosphere - Oregon State is great for you! It's big enough to have hundreds of clubs and activities, technologically advanced and well-maintained facilities, and a diverse student population and yet small enough to get a personal learning experience with advisors, professors, and other students and make an impact on the community.


A person who attends Oregon State University should be one who appreciates a diverse student body, who has convictions about the environment. A person who attends this college should be prepared to work hard, in hands-on labs and technical classes, especially if the person wishes to recieve a BS. Corvallis is a small to medium town, but offers one an eccletic experience. It helps if the student enjoys activity, such as sports and intermural sports. If a person is willing to work hard, and feel the rewards for that hard work, this is an excellent school.


Students that want to pursue a love for learning. Most students interested in this school enjoy the many different offerings here including the extra curricular activities. Engineering, animal sciences, exercise science, and agriculture are all very popular choices and offer hands on experience.


Someone who is not afraid of a challange. They should be willing to put time in both in and out of the classroom. With such a big university you must go out of your way to get help, it won't just be handed to you (although it is there if you go looking for it).


Fun outgoing adventures people who want to be in a small town with a nice size school.


People who like sports and want to study either engineering, forestry, or agriculture. We also have a very large recreation center that happens to be a large gathering place for a lot of people. There is also a large greek life for people who are interested.


Anyone that wants to have a good college experience. Oregon State has the tools to create oportunities for individuals of any race, gender, etc. The campus is becoming more inclusive every day. At Oregon State anyone can fit into anything that they would like!!


I think the best way to describe OSU is that it has a "work hard, play hard" environment. People to whom this appeals will like OSU.


Any person that wants to gain knowledge and/or better their education. But this does not exclude people whom do not know what career path they should follow. Oregon State offers a wide array of classes for any sucessful job in the real world.