Oregon State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I feel as though this school is pretty open to all kinds of people and OSU has a little bit of everything for everyone, but sometimes this school can feel overwhelming for someone looking for a small college. Also, people who are looking for a Liberal-Arts college should consider looking elsewhere such as UofO.


There are such a diverse variety of majors, people, and departments at Oregon State. There is something for just about everyone, but people who enjoy the large rush of the city may be a little disappointed considering Corvallis is a pretty rural close knit town. Also on the opposite end of the spectrum for those who are not thrilled about taking full advantage of campus life might find Oregon State a little overrated since the funniest part of everything is the close-knit town and fans.


Students who do not want to have a strong connection to their environment and prefer to help only human beings should not attend this university because Oregon is mostly a physics and biology-based college.


The type of person who shouldn't attend OSU is someone who is afraid of being social and getting to know many diverse types of people because the campus is so big and there are so many different events and opportunities that are available. Also, the school is not for someone who can't step out of their comfort zone, OSU has many clubs and internships for everyone, even undergraduates.


If a student is not one that likes social life that is heavily focused on sororities and fraterities, it might not be the best choice. It will be necessary to find groups that compliment your field, because the focus on "Greek" culture can leave some students feeling alienated. Also, if it bothers you that there is a great emphasis on the "hard sciences" or technology, it might not be the best school. With that said, the College of Liberal Arts has grown and this should help offet feelings that some students have. Ecampus is available as well.


Those who are not encouraged to attend Oregon State are closed-minded, dependent, needy, unfocused, and value a social life opposed to academics.


Someone who likes small town life. It is a big school and you are just one of many so it is hard to make that adustment.


People who are not motivated enough to stay in college should not attend Oregon State University because you would be wasting approximately 21,000+ dollars a year. If you plan on dropping out of college, I recommend you going to a community college.


Someone who wants a small classroom environment with interaction between students and professors


A person who is unsure of their abilities should not attend Oregon State. It is a great University, but the classes are challenging and a student should not just expect to coast through the classes. If you come to Oregon State, you should come serious to learn, study, and be very interested in your field of study. I would say confidence is a key to being ready, if you are not confident in yourself and what you can do, it will hinder you so much in what you will do.


Any and all kinds of persons should come to Oregon State Univeristy. It is a very well diversified campus and the opportunities and resources that are there for all types of people; purple big, curly haired, gay, etc. are phenomenal. There is truly something for everyone here and that is what made me happy that I chose the school that I did. I wouldn't change it for the word. One requirement of someone wanting to attend OSU is to be very well goal driven. It's a cut throat world out therer that we need to be prepared for.


I dont think this school makes it possible for any person not to attend, the school accepts all different types of people and allows for many with different desires to come and pursue their dreams.


This university has so much to offer that no one should be excluded. However, it caters to the science and engineering pursuants of tomorrow. It has one of the best engineering programs in the nation with a wide variety of disciplines. Therefore, anyone interested in liberal arts I would recommend choose a different school. Anyone who wants a very small school or unusually large school should look elsewhere as well. O.S.U. is about 24,000 students strong.


Someone who doesn't have a goal from their education can get caught up in all there is to do here and discover that they're on their fifth year of college and still have at least two more before obtaining a degree. Even if you change your major multiple times, have a goal.


Oregon State University has a wide variety of programs to choose from, I believe that this school is for everyone. There is always something and someone that people can connect to, which makes the experience that much greater.


The jump from high school to college is big. Students who expect their professors to motivate them to do their work will not be successful at Oregon State University. You need to be self motivated to be successful at this university. There are plenty of opportunities out there to help you with your studies but you have to be the person to take advantage of them. Although it may be easy to get into OSU, it requires a lot of time and energy to maintain a descent GPA. This is not a school for people who want their hands held.


Don't come to college just because you are supposed to or because your friends are or because your parents are forcing you to. Go because you want to be there. Any motivation other than your dreams and your goals will be a stumbling block to your success. It's okay to come to college with an undecided major, to search out options and find what you are looking for, but don't spend too much time in indecision. Indecision leads to apathy. Don't come to this school if you aren't ready to fight for what you want.


Any one who doesn't like beautiful scenery or a green campus!


We are a school where if you have something to say, then you have the means to say it. We have weeks devoted to certain causes such as AIDS and Martin Luther King where events are held in the quad to create awareness. If you are a person who isn't comfortable with great adversity like people willing to share their political, cultural, or religious views than this school isn't going to be right for you.


There are lots of options for everybody. If they don't have your major (ex. Nursing), you can always get pre-requisites done here and then continue your education at another institution


People with a specific goal in mind should attend this college . The cost of this school is not for someone that does not know what they want to do with thier life , they need to have a set goal.


I think the only type of person that would not feel welcome at Oregon State University is one that prefers a smaller classroom size. Most of my lectures have 100 - 250 people on average, but there are labs and recitations that typically have 20 - 30 students, which help a lot. Also, T.A.'s and professors have office hours to provide extra help, and most are willing to meet with you if you are unable to make it during the allotted times. Other than that, it is a very diverse campus racially and according to interests as well.


People who are artistic and focused on pursuing art, people who are liberal, people who are gay. I'm interested in pursuing art, liberal, and I prefer not to put myself in a box when expressing my sexuality. Most people at Oregon State are conservative, like to put people in boxes, etc.


I don't think that this school is a bad choice for anyone unless you don't like the beavers and are a duck fan. That is the only reason I can come up with.


Someone that doesnt care about the people that they attend with. Everyone on campus loves to meet new people you must be like that. Also you should know what it is that you want to do. Its easy to find your self switching majors a million times because of how easy the school makes it.


Students that have strong studying skills and di good in high school.


Students who are not academically focused and ready to commit to an internship and in class research.


People that can't handle the rain, aren't serious about school, aren't friendly, or don't like Oregon. People that only want a very small school atmosphere. If you don't know what you want to do and are coming from out of state it is expensive.


A person who likes big city life, has a very passionate interest in the arts fields, and is uncomfortable with agriculture.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school are people that are not serious about earning a degree. There is a big social part of this school but academics are more important and if your not serious about working in your classes then this is not the place for you. This school has a strict academic rules.If you dont pass your classes then you will be put on academic probabtion first and if you continue to party and not study then you will be put on academic suspension. So it would be a waist of money. time.


I would not attend this school if I were a person looking for small class sizes with a more intimate one on one with professors. Until you get up to the 300 and 400 level classes most of your class sizes are in the 100's. A lot of people find it much harder to learn when put into large auditorium size classes. I would just reccommend to those that are looking for those smaller classes to look elsewhere first.


A person that wants to get a leg up on people at other schools becuase the teachers here are some of the best around and so we are able to get a lot of help from them.


Anyone who is only interested in parties and sun.


I think that for a person who is a little more socially reserved, it might be hard to adjust to OSU. It is a big, friendly campus but I can be extremely overwhelming in size and activity from time to time. Also, much of the campus life involves being social. However, I think OSU is a great school and if a person was looking to succeed and liked a wide variety of scholastic and social activities, it is the place to be.


Really liberal people.


Someone who's looking for a school in a big city or is looking for a huge nightlife. The city where it is located is a college town but there isn't too much shopping or nightclubs. This school is not for someone who doesn't have school spirit.


I would as a person who is interseted in getting a solid education, wants to have fun and also experience the college life.


People who do not have a good idea of what they want to do and don't have the modivation to do it.


People who enjoy nature and are environmentally concerned. Students who are interested in hands on learning.


I would say if you're a liberal arts major, then perhaps this isn't the best school for you. U of O is more into that stuff, here at OSU its really about the sciences and the engineering. On the other hand if you're looking into Greek life, OSU has got a great one, U of O, not so much.


No idea, so many people come here, that few would feel out of place here.


People that don't want to learn or work hard.


Someone who shouldn't attend this school would is someone who doesn't enjoy a more rural environment. There isn't a lot of stuff to do on the weekends, so you have to be creative. Also, the weather can be unpredictable and pretty rainy in the fall and winter months, so one should be prepared for it.


People who aren't focused enough on learning won't do well at this school. You need to be willing to carry the work load.


The type of person that should avoid OSU is someone who feels that they are entitled to a grade just because they show up. It depends on your area of study, but most areas require you to being groups and discuss your studies.


Someone who is very career focused should attend this school. OSU is known for being a party college, so in order to succeed one should be able to handle his or her own corse load and be able to ignore the party scene (for the most part). Also, the person should be ready for a small town atmosphere, since Corvallis can be a po-dunk town.


Someone who is only going to school because their parents are paying for it, or it is expected. If a person isn't motivated, they shouldn't attend this school or any school. Otherwise, if an individual is humble, they can get everything they need from this school, they just simply have to put out some effort to get it. If an individual's ego tells them that they need to attend a private university in order to feel special, I recommend they don't attend this school because again, they won't be motivated to do well.


I think that Oregon State is a good college for anybody to attend. It is very welcoming to all types of people.


I personally think that anyone should attend OSU. It's a great school. The people are really friendly and just great people to get to know.


Someone who likes to party and will fit in well in a fraternity or sorority. Also, this person should love the cold and rain, as they will be walking in it to and from class almost every day. Someone with a science, engineering, or business major would do very well, or someone who was interested in agriculture. They should enjoy staying in cramped quarters with a stranger, using communal bathrooms, and shouldn't be worried about their weight (because the food isn't very good for you). Also, an unnatural love of ugg boots for the girls is a must.