Oregon State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The SJW administration, the leftist professors, and the socialist students. All very pushy. All very weak spirited.


The most frustrating thing about the school is the location, while the campus and Corvallis as a town is gorgeous, the campus is about an hour away from a large shopping center. This means a lot of online shopping or spending gas to go to Salem or Eugene, neither of which is good for a students budget.


The student population has grown almost exponentially in the past decade, and the campus and city haven't responded quite accordingly. Housing on- or off-campus is incredibly hard to find, and sometimes it seems that the university runs more like a business than an educational hub.


The most frusrating thing about Oregon State is trying to get information. There are so many different departments that it is very difficult to get a straight answer from anyone.


The most frustrating thing about Oregon State is the fact that tuitíon is so expensive, especially out of state, and they don't offer very many scholarships to help with the cost. Most of my schooling will be paid with loans because financial aid didn't cover very much of the tution cost.


The most frustrating thing about Oregon State is how expensive it is to get a degree.


I believe the most frustrating thing about my school deals with it's approach toward freshman level baccalaureate core classes. All introductory classes are designed to fit as many students as possible into an auditorium to learn an important subject and, while it is unavoidable, student's must adapt their learning styles to fit the needs of the environment. This is a very poor design and often leads to student's inability to learn and therefore drop-out of school before they have transitioned into smaller, more personal classrooms that treat them like the individual they are.


Nothing really. The school is very accomodating. I don't have anything that frustrates me.


The most frustrating thing about Oregon State University is their class egistration system. I disagree with that fact that students with less credits have to register last because it is difficult for them to get into competetive classes that they need to graduate. Being restricted from registering term after term allows others students to get further ahead while others keep falling behind.


The most frustrating thing about Oregon State is the large majority of graduate students who are required to teach classes for undergraduate students. While these graduate students are usually quite intelligent and well spoken, it can be frustrating to take a class from someone who is clearly not an expert. When attending college and spending exoribitant amounts of money on tuition, it can be frustrating when you realize your instructor is a first year Ph.D. student who is still struggling to understand the stubject which they are teaching.


Despite the fact that there are many religious groups on campus, being a Christian was difficult. The idea of Creation was scoffed at by many professors, and beliefs were made into jokes. Trying to find a Christian group to affiliate with was also difficult because I didn't agree with extreme fundamentalism either; in fact many of the Christians I talked to just seemed ignorant. I had to battle an inner conflict but it made me into a stronger person than I ever was before college. Growing up can be frustrating but it's my greatest achievement so far.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the lack of enthusiatic professors teaching 100 level classes.


The most frustrating thing about OSU is the large class size for many classes in the 300 level and lower. At a time when people are mentally developing and forming opinions, lively debate or at least interaction with peers and the professor, is integral to that process [of development]. Large class size obliterates this possibility by keeping students separate from each other and the professor, and thusly confining their education to the perception of a single mind instead of multiple minds.


Most students are very social their first couple years of college so it is more difficult for transfer students to get involved socially.


The amount of liberal values demonstrated. It becomes a little trying when you're a conservative trying to express your values, and people tend to shut you up.


Some of the most frustrating things that I have encounterd was when I go to office hours and the professor is not there. It gets frustrating because there has been cases when I needed help with the homework or just understanding the material that when I got to meet with the professor they are not there. Sometimes that affects my grade in the class because I did not understand the material.


The most frustrating part of my school is paying for tuition. Since I pay for everything myself I have had t o struggle to work out a system of payment. This will lead to a large amount of debt when I graduate. With this knowledge I have created a budget for my future repayments and I now know how I will repay my student loans.


The most frustrating thing about Oregon State University the lack of personal student teacher relations because the classes are too bigs. This isn't a problem for learning the content, but more if a recommendation from a teacher is needed for internships and such.


Some of the lectures are too big, but those lectures usually have a smaller lab or recitation section whice makes them better.


The most frusterating part about my school is being unable to communicate with the professors in every class. There are times that Teacher Assitants will teach the class. This can be frusterating because for me personally, I would much rather have a trained and certified professor teaching me because they are experienced. With that experience, usually means that they are more likely to "birng the class to life".


The wheather is not the most desirable at certain points in the year.


Signing up for classes can be the most annoying thing if you dont do it right when you are able to!


The cost of attending for out of state students. It causes me quite a bit of stress throughout the year which puts strain on my grades.


Class size, professor access, and the ablity to get from one class to the next without walking a mile in the rain.


My school has a hard time being welcoming to University of Oregon students during the weekend of the Civil War. I understand there are many school rivalries but I would much rather be see a altruistic good game rather than see hatred for the opponent.


Too many students. Professors concerned more about personal research than teaching. Their open mindedness is very closed off.


Insensitivities to race/culture.


The engineering program is designed to eliminate students even after they're over halfway through the cirriculum.


Many of the colleges are not given the amount of funding they need. Certain departments such as foreign language, philosophy and other colleges are placed in run down buildings and not given proper funding.


Campus is large and can be difficult to make it to classes on time if they are at opposite ends of campus.


Although Oregon State is a very diverse college, being a 47 year old single parent can be frustrating at times. There are fewer women from my background and experience, which leaves me feeling like more a mother to my colleagues than a fellow student. A positive step for the school would be more offerings for students my age with peer groups.


The way that our financial aid is set up is very frustrating. OSU tends to hold onto your money and the office is slow to clear errors. Some of the administrative staff can be, less than sympathetic to your claims.


The financial aid department


That the beavers CAN NOT win a basketball game to save their livers